Every year, British nationals usually make around 3 million visits to Greece. In the past few years, Mykonos has become the best place for a holiday vacation, which is why many Brits wonder how to travel to Mykonos from the UK. If you’re interested in vacationing on this fun party island this summer, then carefully read this article to find all the necessary information.

What Documents Do You Need to Travel to Mykonos From the UK?

You must have the necessary documents to enter the country by air or land. The entire “Brexit” situation left many UK citizens wondering, can I travel to Mykonos, Greece from the UK? or whether they need visas to visit some popular European destinations.

This is a country that is in the Schengen zone, so British people planning on visiting this country do not need a visa. However, remember that you can stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Carefully Go Through UK Gov Entry Requirements

When preparing documents for your Mykonos vacation – it is always the wisest to visit the website of the UK Government and see the latest entry requirements. You will also find helpful information and advice, such as checking your passport validity. Carefully read through all the needs and determine whether your passport is valid for entering the country.

Suitcases at an airport

Carefully gather all your traveling documents before you travel to Greece from the UK

There Are Plenty of Flights From London to Mykonos

One of the most popular options for traveling to Greece from Britain is by plane, and plenty of Brits fly to Mykonos. Numerous daily flights are available from London Heathrow or London City Airport to JMK airport. Whether you are looking for a one-way or roundtrip ticket, you will easily find a place for you on the plane.

The flight is around 3 hours and 45 minutes long, and you will get the chance to enjoy some stunning scenery when flying over the Aegean Sea. This is the shortest possible way to get to your luxury Mykonos villa.

Search for Some Low-Cost Airlines for a Cheaper Travel to Mykonos, Greece, From the UK

If you’re interested in traveling to Mykonos on a budget, you should consider finding low-cost airline tickets. Usually, the price for a roundtrip flight from the UK to The Island of the Winds is around €250, but if you search for a low-cost company, you can pay less than €100. By saving on your ticket plan, you will have more money for the rest of the trip costs and various expenses.

Besides London, Few Other UK Cities Have Direct Flights to Mykonos

Even though London has direct flights to this island on a daily basis, few other cities also currently operate direct flights. Besides London airports, you can search for a flight directly to the island from the following UK airports:

  • Bristol,
  • Manchester,
  • Southampton.

If you can’t find a flight to this Greek island from your city, you can look for flights to some other nearby cities. You can even consider flying to Athens and then reaching your vacation destination. You can fly to Athens from the following UK airports:

  • London Heathrow,
  • London Gatwick,
  • London Stansted,
  • London Luton,
  • Bristol,
  • Birmingham,
  • Manchester,
  • Edinburgh.

If You’re a Fan of the Sea, You Can Also Visit Mykonos by Ferry

If flying directly to The Island of the Winds doesn’t seem like the best option for you, or you’re just interested in experiencing different options, the ferry is quite a popular choice. If you’re trying to get to Mykonos from Athens, a ferry is a cheaper and maybe even more fun option.

It can also be a great way to experience the surrounding Cycladic islands by simply sailing from one ferry port to another. The crystal clear waters, blue sky, and picturesque surroundings are just some of the things this island is famous for, and you will get to experience them all by taking a trip over the sea.

Girl enjoying a trip on a ferry

Ferry is a fun and exciting option that many tourists enjoy

There Are No Special Requirements Regarding the Coronavirus

The Covid traveling restrictions have become one of the most important things to check up on when planning a vacation. Luckily for people planning a holiday on the famous Greek island, Mykonos is on the red list, which means you can easily travel there to enjoy your vacation.

Testing, PLF forms, and quarantining are no longer necessary, so you do not have to worry about them. Since 1st May, travelers coming to Greece no longer have to show proof of vaccination, negative tests, or a certificate. However, if you feel any symptoms during your stay, be responsible and get a PCR test.

A guy informing himself of all important information about COVID

Greece is not on the red list, so you can smoothly visit this country

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