Traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic is really stressful and can even be frightening when traveling to foreign countries and don’t know where to get tested. If you are visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the world, you must be wondering where to get a PCR test in Mykonos? There is no need to worry – with our convenient guide, you’ll find the necessary information, travel peacefully, and have a pleasant vacation.

Mykonos Is One of the Most Beautiful Islands in the World, so Your Summer Here Will Be Truly Memorable

There is no reason to miss out on your long-awaited vacation and exciting trip to Mykonos only because of COVID testing procedures. This is a small island, and organizing everything about your trip shouldn’t be too complicated. You can easily switch locations and go to any place around the island in about 15-20 minutes, especially if you’re accommodated in one of the best luxury Mykonos villas close to the main town – Chora. You’ll need to get tested for COVID before traveling here if you don’t have a vaccination certificate, but organizing that from your starting point is something that you can easily do in your home country, following the required procedure.

We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time in Mykonos because there are really a lot of things to do and see there. Mykonos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, many historical amenities, vivid nightlife, hundreds of lovely restaurants, and much more. Unfortunately, once your vacation comes to an end, you’ll need to get tested again before going back to your home country or some other destination you plan on visiting, so this article will help you learn how to do this.

Street in Mykonos

Once you get testes, you’ll be able to explore all of the many charms this amazing place has to offer

Where to Get a PCR Test in Mykonos – Get Tested at Some of the Convenient Locations or Your Hotel or Private Villa

Luckily, quarantine time is over, and you feel like a bird, ready to fly over the world and visit some breathtaking locations. Now, we don’t say you should stay at home all the time, especially if you follow all the safety precautions, but you should keep in mind that getting tested is mandatory for most countries. If you’re staying longer than 72 hours (which is the PCR test’s validity length), you’ll probably need to repeat the COVID tests before leaving the place you’re visiting – in this case, Mykonos island.

If you’re having trouble finding the right facility, this is the list of diagnostic medical clinics, molecular laboratories, and centers where you can get tested before going to the airport:

  • Mykonian Hygeia,
  • Mykonos Medical,
  • Sea Medical Health Clinic.

You should contact them to check for available testing terms and check the offered testing options – PCR test in Mykonos, antigen, and rapid are some of the options you should consider.

You Can Also Get Tested at Your Private Mykonos Villa With Sea View or in the Comfort of Your Hotel Room or Suite

One of the good ways to save yourself precious time on this magnificent island is to get tested in the comfort of your own villa at a scheduled time. There won’t be any lines or waiting when something is available – certified experts will get to your address and take the test there, and your results will be ready in the shortest possible time. Results that you can show at the airport as proof you’re negative can be ready in 60 minutes if you take a rapid COVID test.

You Can Get a Rapid Test if You Are Traveling With a Large Group or Organizing Events

Drip Hydration can offer you convenient options for testing larger groups of people and help you stay safe. They offer on-site group COVID-19 testing suitable for groups of 10 people and more. This is also one of the recommended options for organizing various kinds of cooperative or private events. This health and therapy company services all of Mykonos and has flexible rates so you can negotiate discounts and other options if you want to make a testing appointment. You can get results back on your email and all the other information on their website.

Person taking a test

Inform yourself about all the available tests, but know that PCR results are valid for 72 hours, the longest out of the current offer

Can You Get Tested at the JMK Mykonos, Greece, Airport? On-Site Testing Unfortunately Isn’t Possible at This Airport

Although it feels very convenient for many travelers to get tested at the airport right before their trip, Mykonos JMK Airport doesn’t offer this kind of service. Although it might feel more time-consuming and stressful, you’ll need to ensure you find another way and place to get tested before your trip, so there’s no need to worry.

If you rely on some previously mentioned options, you’ll get your (hopefully negative) result just on time. In case you start feeling any symptoms before your flight, please be responsible and make sure you get tested after the first symptom is shown. This will prevent putting other people at risk and any other unnecessary complications.

Mask and test

Unfortunately, you can’t get tested at the airport, so you’ll need to make an appointment with some of the local laboratories and medical centers

If Your COVID Test Comes Back Positive, There Is No Better Place to Stay in Quarantine Than Here

In case you don’t feel any symptoms, but your Mykonos PCR test results still come back positive, you’ll need to stay quarantined for some time before you can get tested again. In that case, you’ll be in quarantine on a tropical island, and there is no better and more luxurious place for your isolation.

You can enjoy lovely sea views until you start feeling better and eat various Greek specialties that will instantly boost your immunity in combination with gentle sun and an incredible environment. If you contact Ace Vip for concierge services, we can help you make a testing appointment at one of the many amazing private villas in Mykonos from our offer. Some of them are even suitable for fitting 30+ people, which is phenomenal if you plan on organizing some events.