Visiting Mykonos this summer is one of the best ideas you could’ve thought of – you’re going to have an amazing time. But before this legendary trip can begin, you have to plan it. Besides accommodation, you should figure out who flies to Mykonos so that you can book your flight on time. Our article will help you find the best flight options.

If You Want to Get on a Flight to Mykonos This Summer, You Should Get Familiar With All the Options

Mykonos is one of the best tourist destinations in the entire world – coming here is a true privilege and an experience you will cherish forever. No matter how far away you come from, even the longest trips are worth it.

If you don’t know how to come here from your city, you’ll find the answers if you keep reading. Although air travel isn’t the only way to arrive on Mykonos (let’s not forget the ferry rides from Athens with gorgeous views), it certainly is the best and most comfortable way to come to Mykonos, Greece.

JMK – Mykonos Airport Near Chora Where All the Flights Come to

Mykonos International Airport is located only 4km from Chora, the main town, in the Drafaki area. During the tourist season, there are countless flights to and from JMK – it’s an extremely busy place. The great thing is that it will take you only about 10-15 minutes to get to Chora from here. If you organize your car rental to wait for you when you land, you’ll be in your accommodation quickly after the flight is over.

Computer screen with "departing to Mykonos" written on it

If you decide to fly here, your flight will land at Mykonos airport near Chora

Who Flies to Mykonos Directly – The Best Airlines That Fly to JMK

If you plan on flying directly to Mykonos, your best bet is to find a low-cost airline that has affordable flights. This usually isn’t hard to do – there are more than a few low-cost companies that fly to the island from most major European cities. We recommend going with EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, or Volotea. Of course, more prominent companies also have their flights to this Cycladic island, like Lufthansa, Etihad, and British Airways.

A direct flight isn’t the only solution you have – there’s also an option of flying from Athens. The only issue is the layover, which can sometimes last a few hours. Athens International Airport usually has around 18 flights to Mykonos every day during summer, carried out by Olympic or Aegean Air, for example. Flying from Athens to Mykonos lasts just 35 minutes.

From Which European Cities Can You Fly to Mykonos (Low-Cost and Full Service Airlines)?

Naturally, all major European cities have flights to Athens, so if you choose the option with a layover, you won’t have any issues no matter where you come from. But coming from certain cities means you can skip the layover and come directly to this heavenly island – here is the list of places that have a direct flight to Mykonos:

    • London,
    • Paris,
    • Rome,
    • Vienna,
    • Zurich,
    • Amsterdam,
    • Stockholm,
    • Barcelona,
    • Nice.
Wing of the plane flying over Mykonos

You can come to Mykonos, Greece, with low-cost airlines from most European cities

Who Flies Directly to Mykonos From New York City? Here’s What to Know About Flights From the US

Are there any airlines that fly on the NYC-Mykonos route? Unfortunately, there aren’t any direct flights from the United States. So, if you are a tourist from the US, you will have to fly to one of the European cities and then catch a flight to Mykonos from there.

Or, you can come to Athens first and then fly out to Mykonos. The average price of a trip from Newark is around 650 euros. The further in advance you book it, the cheaper it will be. We suggest purchasing your ticket one to three months in advance for the best price.

An airplane on the runway and Manhattan in the distance

If you are traveling from the US, you will have to layover somewhere in Europe

Flying on a Budget – The Cheapest Options for Flying to Mykonos

Naturally, the price of your trip will mostly depend on where you are coming from and the airlines you consider using. However, if you plan on having a layover in Athens, we can tell you what to expect regarding the Athens-Mykonos flight. You can find tickets with low-cost companies we’ve mentioned above for anywhere between 15 and 120 euros.

So, it seems like you won’t spend much if you buy your ticket on time. A little advice to keep in mind – never leave this purchase for the last minute. Even though there are more than a dozen flights on this route daily, they can often be all booked – it’s a very popular route, especially during high season.

Where to Search for the Flight With the Best Price?

You can find pretty great prices on certain websites – if you know where to look. The best ones are Skyscanner, Kiwi, Kayak, Hotwire, and Momondo. There are many others, but, all in all, most of them will have similar offers. If you’re serious about flying on a budget, you should dig deep – there are a lot of amazing deals to be found.

Old port in Mykonos town photographed from the air

No matter how many hours it takes to come here, it will be definitely worth it

Once You Arrive on the Island, Enjoy Your Stay in a Luxury Mykonos Villa

Now that you know how to come here, all that’s left is to find suitable accommodation where every day will be magical. Although there are many hotels, the best and most authentic Mykonos experience can only be achieved by staying in one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental on the coast. We have a great selection of private villas in Mykonos – you will undoubtedly find the one that suits your taste.

Treat yourself to this luxurious accommodation and ensure that your vacation is filled with relaxation, hedonism, amazing views, and parties. If you’re ready for something even more high-end, be sure to check out our yacht rental service – there’s nothing that can compare to cruising around Mykonos. You’ll have an unforgettable time.