Since the Covid-19 pandemic has started, traveling has been limited all around the world. Still, thanks to the vaccines, things are starting to look up. But will everything be alright in time for your much anticipated Mykonos vacation? Will Mykonos go on red list in the summer of 2022, or will you be able to have the epic trip you’ve been planning all along? Find all the necessary information in our text.

Will It Be Safe to Travel to Greece This Summer?

Coming to Mykonos for a vacation is a dream come true for many. Still, in recent years there has been a significant obstacle known as Coronavirus – restrictions were imposed all around the world, and that includes Greece. Naturally, no matter how much we all want to party in one of the fantastic Mykonos beach clubs, health comes first.

So, what is the situation like right now? According to the most recent data and news, it seems like things are getting better and better, so it’s safe to assume that you will be able to come to Greece during the tourist season and enjoy all the benefits of staying on the Greek islands.

View of the coast and Mykonos town in the distance

The chances are that you’ll be able to visit the most famous Greek island in 2022

Is Mykonos on the Red List Right Now?

There are currently no countries on the red list for the UK, which means you can travel to Greece and, therefore, Mykonos without any issues. Since March 18, 2022, there have been no Coronavirus travel restrictions in the UK, regardless of your vaccination status. You won’t have to worry about testing or quarantining upon returning to the country.

When it comes to Greece, UK citizens have been allowed entrance since May 2021. Starting from March 15, 2022, onwards, you won’t have to fill out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). The UK’s NHS Covid Pass conforms to EU standards. That means you can use it to travel to EU countries (including Greece) in the same way as the EU digital Covid certificate. You won’t need any additional documentation to enter the country.

What Were the Travel Rules Like the Previous Year?

Last year, the rules were a bit more strict, which only shows us that the pandemic is slowing down. In the summer of 2021, Greece was on the UK’s amber list, and you were required to provide a negative test upon your return to the UK, in addition to a mandatory 10-day quarantine for those who weren’t double-vaxxed. The most popular Greek islands, such as Mykonos and Santorini, were in the EU’s dark red zone – thanks to a rise in the number of infections, all travel was advised against.

The wooden arrow with "Mykonos" written on it

Mykonos isn’t on the red list – there are no more restrictions like in 2021

Will Mykonos Go on Red List in 2022 – Should We Expect a Rise in the Number of Cases?

Of course, no one can say what the rules will be like in a few months with absolute certainty – quarantine rules can always change according to the infection trends. It’s always wise to keep up with the news about Coronavirus. Still, with the information we have right now, it’s unlikely that Mykonos (and other popular islands such as Santorini) will go on the red list.

What Are the Entry Rules for Those Traveling From EU Countries?

If you have a European Union Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC), that document alone is enough to get you into Greece. You are not obligated to show anything else, and you don’t need a negative test. The same goes for Schengen countries, as well as 35 other non-EU countries that have joined the EUDCC system (the UK is one of those countries).

A wing of a plane photographed from inside the plane

Mykonos probably won’t go on the red list in 2022 – still, keep up with the news

What Are the Covid Rules for the USA and Canada Citizens?

Tourists from the USA and Canada are required to have one of the following upon their arrival in Greece – a vaccination certificate (valid 9 months after the completion of the basic vaccination, and with no time limit if you have received a booster dose), proof of recovery from SARS-Cov-2 infection (valid for 180 days), a negative PCR test performed up to 72h before arrival, or a negative Rapid Antigen test performed up to 24h before the arrival.

The same conditions apply to Australian citizens. For all countries we haven’t mentioned, citizens are obligated to have a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen, regardless of their vaccination status.

USA passport on a dark surface

US citizens can come to Greece without the need to quarantine upon arrival

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