Although Mykonos, Greece, has an international airport, not everybody prefers flying over sailing. If you have chosen the sailing option for your arrival on this gorgeous island, you should get familiar with everything about the new Mykonos ferry port – where is it and what is it like? We have all the necessary information for you in this article, so just keep reading.

New Mykonos Ferry Port – All the Information You Need

The new port in Mykonos is located in Tourlos, about 2 km north of the center of Chora, Mykonos town. This is the only currently operating port on the island, where all the ferries and cruise ships arrive or depart from. If you’ll come to the island by sea, this has to be your first stop on Mykonos. From there, you can go to Chora or your accommodation and begin the dreamy vacation on The Island of the Winds.

How to Get to Chora, Mykonos Town, From the New Ferry Port?

It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the town from the new port. Considering that you will likely have plenty of luggage with you, that isn’t the best idea. A much wiser option is catching a Sea Bus that connects the new port with the old one, located only 5 minutes from the center of Chora.

There are also local buses you can rely on to get you to the Fabrika station in town, and taxis as well. However, they wouldn’t be our first choice. Taxi transport on the island isn’t so good (there are just about 30 vehicles for the whole Mykonos). The best solution to getting to the town, or any other location on the island, is to book a car rental service.

If you contact us for assistance, we can arrange for the vehicle to wait for you once you step off the ferry. Be wise – save time and book a car so that you can get the most out of your first day on Mykonos. Public transport is decent, but it isn’t the best way to get to one of the private villas in Mykonos you’ve booked. Plus, keep in mind that there are often strikes in Greece – the annual public transportation strike is on May 1st, so you can’t expect to catch a bus on that day – or ferries, for that matter.

Dock in Mykonos

All ferries arrive at this port in the Tourlos area, located north of the town

Tips to Know – Buying Tickets and Getting Around the Port Area

One of the most important things to know when you travel to Mykonos by ferry is that the port is always crowded during the high season. Countless tourists are coming from Athens, Santorini, and nearby Greek islands, and it can be easy to lose your way. When you add the summer heat to that, it’s clear that the time at the port won’t be so much fun. Still, you’re just passing through there, and if you’re well-organized, you won’t have any issues.

What do we mean by that? Well, for starters, you should arrive at the port at least one hour before your ferry’s departure time. If you need to pick up the ticket you’ve reserved, be sure to do that as soon as you arrive there. Lines at the ticket kiosks can get quite long, and you shouldn’t risk missing your ride.

Buying Tickets Online

Nowadays, you can book and buy an electronic ticket for most ferries, so there won’t be a need for waiting in lines. However, if you don’t buy the ticket in advance, you will have to do just that. This can happen with last-minute travel, but let us warn you that most ferries tend to sell out during high season – be sure to book your seat. It would be best to purchase tickets at least 2-3 months in advance.

Aerial view of the new port in Mykonos

Ports on Greek islands can often be crowded during the high season

How Often Can You Catch a Ferry to Athens and Nearby Islands?

There are at least four ferries per day that travel to Athens, Greece, during summer. They dock in two different ports, Piraeus and Rafina. If you want to continue your vacation by staying in Athens, be sure to head to Piraeus because it’s closer to the city center. For those headed for the Athens airport, docking in Rafina is a better way to go.

Mykonos Can Be Your First Stop on a Greek Island-Hopping Adventure

After exploring the beauties of Mykonos, Santorini is an excellent place to continue the Greek adventure. There are at least three ferries per day that connect the ports in Mykonos and Santorini, and the rides usually last 2-3 hours. When it comes to day trips, another convenient option is Delos, but if you’re heading to Crete, you have two direct rides to Heraklion every day to choose from.

Also, you can easily get to other Cycladic islands such as Paros, Naxos, Siros, Milos, Tinos, and Ios. If you’re wondering how to get from Mykonos airport to ferry port, there is actually a direct bus line connecting these two, the ride is a short one, and it doesn’t last longer than 15 minutes.

Ferry on the coast of Mykonos

Travel to other Greek destinations from the Tourlos area of Mykonos

There Are Actually Two Ports on Mykonos, but the Old One Is No Longer in Use

The beautiful old port of Mykonos is located just a few minutes from the center of the town, and it is one of the most scenic places you must visit during your vacation. It will certainly be a lovely place for pictures. The old port was the only port on Mykonos until 15 years ago, but today, it isn’t functional, at least for larger ships. Still, it can be used for small boats or private ones (like yachts for rent).

View of the old port in Mykonos

Just look how beautiful this place is – it’s a spot you must visit during your stay

When You Arrive in Mykonos, Head to Your Luxury Villa and Begin the Best Vacation Ever

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