Planning a lavish vacation in Greece takes some time and effort if you want your itinerary to be perfect. Let’s say you’re flying to Athens, but where do you go after that? There are so many beautiful islands around. Which is closer to Athens – Mykonos or Santorini? Which one should you visit first? Let’s find out.

When It Comes Cyclades, Which Is Closer to Athens – Mykonos or Santorini?

Greece is filled with breathtaking places, gorgeous islands, and beaches you can’t help but fall in love with. The most beautiful island group is definitely the Cyclades, and these two are by far the most popular islands in the group of over twenty of them. Each of them honors the traditional Greek culture, offers amazing beaches, delicious Greek cuisine, and has gorgeous traditional architecture that consists of white stone houses.

Think About Location When You’re Choosing Your Summer Destination in Greece

While you can’t go wrong with either one of them, deciding where to go on vacation isn’t easy. There are a lot of things you need to consider, from the number of days you will stay to the budget you will have and things you want to see or do, and which beach you want to go to.

However, the number one factor you should let guide you towards a decision is how far away is the destination you’re eyeing, what is the best way to get there, and will the trip be a hassle or will you be comfortable the whole time. Figure out the travel plans for both destinations and compare them – the duration and cost of flights and accommodations and make your decision.

Mykonos Is Much Closer Than Santorini

If you’re looking for something to help you make your decision on where to go, here is a helpful piece of information – Mykonos is almost two times closer to Athens than Santorini. The distance between Santorini and the capital of Greece is 300 km or 186 miles, while The Island of the Winds is only 178 km away or around 100 miles. It might not seem like such a big difference, but just think of it like this – going to Santorini will take almost double the time.

A woman standing next to the pool of a Mykonos villa with a glass of wine

Mykonos is only 100 miles away from Athens

Here’s the Fastest Way to Get to Mykonos and Santorini Beaches

Whether you decide to go to The Island of the Winds or to Santorini, you’ll need to do some research on how to get there. While they are both top-rated tourist attractions, and there are many ways to get there, you still need to do some research to be prepared. No matter which way of transportation you choose, you will most likely have to start in the capital of Greece.

The Best and Fastest Way to Get There Is to Share a Flight With Other Excited Tourists

If you want to get to your dream destination as soon as possible and be as comfortable as you can during your travel, then flying is the best option for you. Mykonos is a big enough island to have its own airport – the Manto Mavrogenous Airport is located just outside of Chora, about 4 km away. There are many flight options you should consider. For starters, there are direct flights from various European cities, but the most popular route includes a layover in the capital of Greece.

The flight from Athens El. Venizelos airport takes about half an hour to 45 minutes, which is the absolute fastest way to get there. On the other hand, a flight to Santorini would take a bit longer, about an hour. The tickets are fairly cheap, and you can find round-trip tickets for around 100 euros, and a one-way ticket can cost as little as 50 euros.

Don’t expect a luxurious first-class experience on the flight – they are short flights where you might get a bottle of water if you’re lucky, but it’s quick, comfortable, and efficient, and you’ll start your vacation feeling rested and fresh, and ready to hit the beach. Once you land, you can call a taxi to take you to one of the private villas in Mykonos. You can also rent a car or hire a private driver if you want to travel in style.

View of a plane wing

A flight only lasts about half an hour

If You Don’t Want to Fly for Such a Short Distance, Catch a Ferry

If you don’t want to increase your carbon footprint unnecessarily, you can always catch one of many ferries that go to both of these Greek islands multiple times per day. The boats are very modern and clean.

Think of it as taking a short cruise admiring the beautiful views of the sea and breathing in the fresh, salty air. If you’re having trouble finding a chart of departures for the ferry boats, feel free to ask your Mykonos concierge to help you out and guide you through.

You Can Always Take the Ferry if They Cancel Your Flight or You Don’t Leave for the Airport in Time

Taking a ferry boat to get you closer to Mykonos villas for rental is a great alternative to flying. If you have a fear of flying, or you didn’t make it in time for your flight, or you simply want to cruise along the Aegean Sea instead of flying, you’ll be glad to know that it takes only two and a half hours to Mykonos if you go on the high-speed ferry.

However, it could take up to six hours if you take the slow one, so keep in mind that the speed of the ferry has a big influence on your quality of travel, and a ticket for the ferry costs anywhere from 30 to 60 euros per person. If you decide to go to Santorini, the trip will take approximately five hours on a high-speed ferry boat, and your ticket will cost roughly around 30 euros. The slower ferry can take up to ten hours.

A ferry boat

Taking a ferry boat is a very fun way of transportation

The Island of the Winds Is the Best Option for Your Summer Vacation, So Book Your Mykonos Villa Near the Beach in Time

Both islands are beautiful and have the best beaches and hotels. They are both great places for you to visit and spend your vacation days. However, a vacation in Mykonos definitely takes the lead. Just think of all the great food you will eat, all the clubs you will party in, and all the beautiful sunsets you will get to see. Contact The Ace VIP and book one of our very best Mykonos luxury villas for your stay. You can also get our Mykonos yacht rental so you can cruise along the Aegean Sea and visit both islands without having to choose where to stay.