One of the fascinating things about Greek islands such as Mykonos and Santorini is the beautiful architecture and incredible designs on every corner. The famous Greek house style with white-washed walls, earthy tones, and turquoise blue details is an ideal setting for a perfect holiday. Imagine how much more you could enjoy your home furnishing if you gave it a touch of Cyclades. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

The Greek House Style Is Having a Revival in the Contemporary Interior Design

Perhaps you have been on vacation on Mykonos and seen the gorgeous interior design of its luxurious hotels and stunning private villas in Mykonos. Or, you’ve seen that beautiful architecture on certain social media since this island is one of the hottest Instagram spots. Those classic Greek-style homes are having a revival and gaining popularity all over the world.

That authentic Mediterranean design has built its way to becoming a common style in the world of contemporary architectural design. If you are already not a fan of this authentic vibe, you will undoubtedly become one.

Refresh Your Home by Decorating It in the Style of Kapsimalis Architects

Besides being an ever-popular style in the architecture of Cycladic islands, their best hotels, and the majority of their popular restaurants, many people are using it as a decorating inspiration for their own homes.

Suppose you want your home to carry the touch of the Greek interior and vibe of a private Mykonos villa, designed according to the ideas of the iconic Kapsimalis architects from Greece. In that case, this article is perfect for you.

Villa Firth in Mykonos

Think about refreshing your house by redecorating it to look more Greek inspired

Tips to Follow for Implementing Interior Design of Greek Houses Into Your Own Home

You may think that it is impossible to make your house look like some of the most beautiful luxury villas in Mykonos. However, there are numerous tricks you can apply to refresh your home and make it more Mediterranean.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovating your entire house in order to make it look like Cycladic homes – you can simply follow some small but useful tips & tricks that could go a long way.

Combine Vintage and Contemporary Details for a Perfect Blend

If you’ve been to Mykonos and explored its lovely towns, you could see that this entire island is a mix of traditional authenticity and contemporary design. This interesting idea can also be implemented in your own home as well.

You can start by clearing up the space and focusing on making your rooms feel more minimalistic with white exposed walls and a clean palette, and then adding vintage decoration. These decorations could be anything like:

  • Blue cushions,
  • Vintage glass vases,
  • Vintage dishes with interesting prints and designs,
  • Sheer pastel or damask curtains,
  • Lots of plants in clay pots,
  • Bohemian chandeliers.

Wooden Decor and Earthy Tones Are a Must in Greek Island Houses

While redecorating your space, we suggest you keep all of your wooden decorations. The basic Greek island style consists of white walls and wooden furniture. If you’ve visited Mykonos, you were able to spot the wooden furniture on every corner – from authentic tavernas to charming local bars and other island buildings.

These wooden details can easily be incorporated into your space as well, and you can also choose some furniture with a more vintage vibe. While arranging furniture and some bigger parts of the furnishing – stick to the basic earth tones. This palette is the best representation of Mediterranean architecture and its buildings.

Bathroom in Villa Larsen on Mykonos

Wooden decoration makes the room feel more stylish and authentic

On Mykonos, You Will Find Some of the Most Exquisite Home Decor Shops

If you are planning to travel to Mykonos, Greece, and spend your vacation there, we suggest you soak in the inspiration and also check out some local shops that sell unique decorative items that can be a nice souvenir and a dash of Mykonos in your room.

Even though Mykonos is famous for its wide shopping offer and high-end stores, it also offers some amazing shops where you can find unique pieces of furniture for your house. We suggest you check out the stores like Chora – Barefoot Luxury Living and Cosset Mykonos. You will definitely find some interesting items for your space here.

Terrace of the villa Larsen

Majority of villas on Mykonos are decorated with the stuff from the local shops

Explore the Internet and Find Inspiration on Social Media

If you haven’t been to Mykonos and you didn’t see this unique architecture with your own eyes, you can still find plenty of inspiration online. Research the internet, look at some gorgeous Mykonos luxury villas and their interiors, and find out more about this unique aesthetic. Hopefully, one day, you will decide to visit this spectacular island because everyone should visit Mykonos at least once in their lifetime.

Scroll Through Pinterest and Dezeen Studio Website

Architecture and interior design magazines are going to be your best friend for finding inspiration and decorating your space. Pinterest is also a useful app because you will be able to look at many interesting interiors and even find some DIY projects and hacks for creating decorative items and refurbishing your space.

We are pretty sure that after looking at those charming and picturesque interiors, you will undoubtedly be tempted to book a flight to Mykonos, Greece, and spend your summer vacation on the most beautiful beaches this island has to offer, and of course, in one of its private villas.

Private Villa Mirren on Mykonos

Villas on Mykonos can be a great inspiration for design and decor

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