Visiting Mykonos is the dream of many international travelers – white, sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, and an entertaining party scene. However, this Greek island isn’t only meant for partygoers and active people – there’s something for everyone, so let’s check out the guide on expectations and reality.

Why Travel to This Greek Island and What to Expect On It?

Who is visiting Mykonos, Greece, and why? It has a reputation for being rowdy and is known for having places where celebrities stay, but not all wild and untamed things happen here. Many families, young couples, and honeymooners choose a town to come here and relax.

Avoiding this destination because you expect it to be too crazy for your taste will be a mistake. Despite having popular resorts and areas, you’ll be able to find lovely, peaceful places to unwind. The expectations are high in terms of craziness and entertainment, but the reality is – this island is rich in history and culture and has a lot to offer.

A view of an area filled with white buildings and houses, and a boat on the sand

People expect this island to be rowdy, but it gets peaceful during the season, too

What Season Is Best for Visiting Mykonos Island, Greece? The Expectations Are True – It’s Summer

Mykonos is one of many islands in the Cyclades in Greece and a popular travel destination. Summers are the best time to visit Greece because the winters are typically quite rainy on the islands. Still, the average temperatures don’t go below 2 degrees Celsius (35 degrees F), so you can come here even when it’s colder.

Most travelers prefer to come between June and September, so the expectation of having the most tourists during this time of year is accurate. However, no matter what time or place you decide to visit, you’ll find room in the most luxurious hotel and Mykonos luxury villas to soak in the atmosphere of Greece for at least a day.

Find the Best Mykonos Villas for Rental and Enjoy Your Stay on the Island

If you want a luxurious holiday, try renting one of our luxury private villas in Mykonos and book an all-inclusive concierge service to guide you and make your time here unforgettable.

Otherwise, if you just need a little bit, like humble accommodations and a quiet town area, to take a stroll and swim, that’s fine. You’ll experience the benefits of relaxing in the Aegean Sea and sun no matter how much you spend.

The video below is a day in the life of a traveler that explored Mykonos town while no one was around.

Expectation – All the Beaches Are Overcrowded

When researching Mykonian beaches, the numerous info you find about them might discourage you a little. But this is, after all, an island, and there are multiple towns and places, each having several swimming areas.

August is the busiest month and can be overwhelming for anyone who doesn’t find sunbathing in large crowds relaxing. We know some people don’t and are painfully aware of their surroundings. For them, peace and quiet are the best way to unwind.

Additionally, just because you can rent a jet ski or a kayak, it doesn’t mean that the beach is expensive. Don’t be fooled by the amenities, and don’t let the number of people discourage you from visiting a specific area – that goes for the least and most visited places.

Reality – There Are Numerous Beaches for Every Taste and Audience

The best family hotels here likely have little adjacent beach areas. If you want to take your children somewhere safe, with shallow water and enough shade, the beach near your family-friendly hotel will be the loveliest spot.

Two very famous relaxing areas are Agios Ioannis and Agia Anna Beach. Agios Ioannis is a narrow beach that doesn’t typically host too many people at once, making it slightly secluded. The waters are clear and shallow, ideal for kids and insecure swimmers.

Agia Anna is a small beach between two trendy swimming areas. Since people choose the other two more, Agia Anna remains less popular, making it more comfortable to lounge and swim. You can also walk from here to other beaches like Paraga and Platis Gialos.

Some freshly made food served on a white table

You can find beautiful relaxing areas in any town on the island

Expectation – You Can Only Eat International Food

One might think that, because of the large volume of foreigners that come to the Cycladic islands each year, there are only the best international restaurants and not much of the local food scene going on.

Sure, you can dine at the Nobu Matsuhisa sushi restaurant, one of the world’s most famous and delicious eateries. Still, there’s nothing quite like a Greek delicacy to make you feel grateful for the day you decided to travel to the cradle of civilization.

Reality – When You Travel to Greece, You’ll Get Greek Delicacies and Things at Every Corner

While you can dine in sushi, French, Italian, and gourmet restaurants, you’ll genuinely experience Greece if you eat in one of the local restaurants that serve the most delicious dishes to come out of the country. If you don’t know what to try, why not get the most traditional foods:

  • Kopanisti – a soft Greek cheese seasoned with pepper,
  • Lazarakia – a sweet sugary croissant,
  • Baklava – one of the most famous desserts of all time.

Expectation – You Can Only Visit Parties and Go Clubbing Here

You can find a comprehensive club guide for this travel destination because it’s a party island. There’s no escaping that fact, and some families might avoid coming here because of these things.

Even if this place has the wildest and most exciting club nights in Greece, that doesn’t mean it’s only for partygoers. It’s big enough to accommodate those that like to live on the wild side and those who prefer a little bit of culture and quiet.

Reality – There Are Various Art Galleries and Family-Friendly Activities

If you prefer a laid-back vacation, don’t come here during the busiest time of the summer. Choose a quieter period, like June or September, instead. These months are still warm and welcoming but not that wild in terms of noise and crowds.

If you’re down to party at night and culturally elevate yourself by day, you can visit the Rarity art gallery with modern art installations and then explore one of the many evening events on the island.

Here are some places to see and things to do during the day outside of your Mykonos villa:

  • The church of Panagia Paraportiani,
  • The Town hall,
  • The Archeological Museum,
  • The Maritime Museum,
  • The Folklore Museum,
  • The Kazárma Building,
  • Alefkántra or “Little Venice” (an 18th-century district),
  • Áno Merá and the Panagia Tourliani (a 16th-century church).

The Biggest Reality – We Rent Fabulous Private Villas in Mykonos for Every Type of Traveler

While you look for the ideal route for exploring this wonderful place in the Cyclades, we at The Ace VIP can ensure you’re settled safely and in luxury. We offer villa rentals, concierge services to guide you around, car and yacht rentals, and other numerous services that can make your dream trip a reality.

We can help you make your itinerary a little more unique and indulgent by offering a car rental or hopping on one of the yacht rentals for a spin around the Aegean Sea.

You now know this travel destination isn’t just for the young, wild, and free. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful and charming getaway trip that they’ll treasure and talk about for years to come.