If you are planning a glamorous summer vacation on one of the most exclusive islands in the world, you must be wondering what the most luxurious hotel in Mykonos is? This island has numerous up-scale locations that attract billionaires and celebrities, so it’s no wonder that competition for the most prestigious and luxurious accommodation is a tough one. We’ll help you find out all about one of the best hotels, not only on Mykonos but worldwide – the legendary Cavo Tagoo.

Mykonos Has Many Up-Scale Hotels – Whether You’re Looking for a Resort, Boutique Hotel, or Suites, You’ll Find it All Here

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to accommodation, the offer is vast and most certainly luxurious. If you want to spend a summer here properly, you might want to consider booking a luxury Mykonos villa or one of the best hotels around here, and Cavo Tagoo is definitely a suitable choice. It has all the necessary amenities you might need, and it can fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

A family of four on Mykonos

Mykonos is home to some of the best luxury hotels in the world

Cavo Tagoo Is the Most Luxurious Hotel in Mykonos

This cosmopolitan hotel is one of the island’s signature brands. Often visited by movie stars, famous singers, influencers, professional athletes, and other celebrities, this place is everything you dream of when you think about a perfect Greek holiday. Located on the northern hills of Mykonos town, this place offers breathtaking sunset views, stylish bedrooms and luxury apartments, a full-service spa, private Mykonos villas, and indulgent dining.

Cavo Tagoo hotel on Mykonos

Cavo Tagoo is one of the most iconic places to stay on this island

The Architecture of Cavo Tagoo Follows the Typical Cycladic Style

Positioned at the northern end of the Old Port, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is a fabulous five-star destination with spacious rooms and many fascinating facilities. It was built recently following the classic Cycladic architecture, so every room and suite has an interesting cave-like interior.

Many suites and private villas have their own pools and jacuzzis with enchanting views of the Aegean Sea. These suites can be perfect for couples who travel here to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary. In general, it’s open for all ages, but there are no special facilities for children, and most of the rooms are designed for two to three guests.

The Famous Zuma Restaurant Is a Part of This Hotel

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and can’t wait to try out incredible recipes and experience glamorous Myconian nightlife, this is the right place for you because the famous Zuma restaurant is located right here. This restaurant is one of the best on the island, and many tourists who aren’t guests of this hotel come to visit it during their summer vacation.

You’ll Also Get to Enjoy a Large Infinity Pool With Spacious Floating Beds Overlooking Mykonos Town

If you ever get bored of your fantastic room, you can always relax by the spacious and outstandingly beautiful infinity pool overlooking the main port and Mykonos town. If you get here during the late afternoon hours, the sunset over the Aegean Sea will take your breath away. Take a sip of your favorite cocktail, and enjoy this memorable moment with style.

Agios Stefanos Beach Is Close to Cavo Tagoo Hotel

If you want to spend your Myconian days chilling at the beach instead of around the hotel’s pool, you don’t have to worry. Cavo Tagoo is close to two of the most popular and beautiful beaches on the island. Agios Stefanos is the closest one, it is just 2 km away. This beach has nice beach clubs, a lifeguard, and other essential amenities.

The Famous Ornos Beach Is Also in Vicinity

The next closest beach is Ornos. Located 5 km away from Cavo Tagoo, Ornos has golden sand and crystal clear water, comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas, and trendy beach clubs – everything you could wish for can be found here.

Ornos beach

Ornos beach is close to this hotel, so you can visit it at any time if you travel to Mykonos and stay here

This Myconian Hotel Is Extremely Popular, So Make Sure to Book Your Room in Advance

If this is your first trip to Mykonos, you’re probably not aware of how crowded it might get during the summer season, especially at places where everyone wants to be, such as Cavo Tagoo. This hotel is open from mid-May to mid-October, and it’s recommended that you check availability and book a room at least three months in advance if you plan to come here during the summer.

Being Mykonos’ most luxurious hotel, it has everything – large and comfortable stylish rooms, an amazing infinity pool, private suites, a lavish spa, incredible concierge service, bars, and even the famous Zuma restaurant as part of it. It is also close to the main town and some stunning beaches, so you’ll definitely have an amazing vacation if you choose to stay here. If you wish to experience a true adventure while you’re there, you can also book a private yacht or even a private helicopter flight to experience the island from a different perspective.