Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Greece, and if it’s the destination of your upcoming trip, you’ll have an amazing travel experience enjoying sand, sea, and clubs all day. Still, there are some decisions to be made before that. Should I rent a car in Mykonos? This is one of the questions you must ask yourself – is renting necessary to get around this island and explore all of its beauties and amenities?

Is Car Rental in Mykonos Necessary?

Although it’s not 100% necessary, a car rental will make it way easier to explore everything this place has to offer. There is a local public transportation network, but relying on the buses can be annoying – why bother with fitting into a schedule when you’re on vacation?

Also, buses connect only the most popular beaches, which means you’ll have trouble getting to some of the less crowded ones. When it comes to a taxi service, that’s a no – there are just a few vehicles for the whole island, and finding an available one is next to impossible.

Renting a Car Is Always a Good Idea When Visiting Mykonos, Greece

Obviously, you won’t need a rental vehicle if you don’t plan to go far from your Mykonos villa. But, where’s the fun in that? Mykonos has a lot to offer, so why miss out on that? Getting around will make your travel experience way more enjoyable, trust us.

Every remote beach will be easily accessible, and driving around the whole island will give you a brand new perspective of the place. Renting is definitely the way to go, and it’s best you book a vehicle in advance, especially if you’re visiting in the high season (late June, July, and August).

Sea and Mykonos town in the distance

Getting around Mykonos is undoubtedly easier when driving a car

Why Should I Rent a Car in Mykonos, Greece?

One of the main reasons you should be renting a car here is to save time. It’s pretty hard to visit everything in just one trip, especially if it isn’t a long one. Let’s say you have just 5 days in Mykonos – you would want to get the best out of each day, right? Well, that might be difficult without driving. You probably won’t spend the whole day on just one beach if you want to check out as many beaches as you can.

So, having a car will be a lifesaver in situations like this. Also, remember that Mykonos is all about hedonism, and waiting for a bus indeed doesn’t fall under that definition – make your trip as comfortable as you can. After all, you’re in Greece – might as well enjoy life to the fullest, don’t you think?

Waves on the coast

Driving will make every beach easily accessible and save you plenty of time

Travel Tips You Need to Know When Renting a Car in Mykonos

We’ve explained that it would be wise to book a vehicle in advance – crowds during the season can mean you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for if you wait until the last minute. Another important tip we must mention is this – remember to get your International Driver’s Permit when in Greece.

Of course, to drive in Greece, you must have a valid license as well. Also, keep in mind that most vehicles in Mykonos aren’t automatics – if you want an automatic, be sure to mention that when booking.

Here are some tips when it comes to parking. Know that the center of Mykonos town is a pedestrian zone. However, finding a parking spot in the rest of the town is possible – it might be a little tricky if there are too many tourists, but it’s nothing unmanageable. Parking around the beaches won’t be an issue.

Narrow street in Mykonos town, with white houses surrounded by pink flowers

One of the essential tips – the center of town is a pedestrian zone

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Wooden arrow with "Mykonos" written on it

Begin your travel journey the second you step on Mykonos – our vehicles can help you

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