Greece is known for its countless beautiful islands that attract tourists from all over the world. One of them that stands apart is Mykonos, a popular party destination and an overall gorgeous place for a Greek vacation. Do you know – where is Mykonos in Greece? If not, you might want to check out the text below to get familiar with the basics of the island. Once you do, we’re sure you will want to choose it for your next trip.

If You’re Planning to Visit Greek Islands Any Time Soon, Mykonos Should Be Your Travel Destination of Choice

Everybody wants to come to the Greek islands, at least once in their lifetime. If you’re lucky enough to manage to do that, the only difficulty you will face is choosing the best island for you. Although the beaches are gorgeous in every corner of the country, that’s not the only criteria you should keep in mind – what about the amenities the place offers?

That’s precisely the reason why you should travel to Mykonos. Not only will you enjoy the Mediterranean sun and crystal clear sea, but you will also have plenty of fun and see many exciting places. Sure, other islands like Santorini or Crete are also great, but if you have to pick just one destination, make sure it’s Mykonos. After all, you can always extend your trip and go on a Greek island-hopping adventure, where Santorini and Crete could be your next stops.

Little Venice on the coast of Mykonos

There are no places more beautiful than this one – you must visit it at least once

Where Is Mykonos in Greece?

So, where exactly is Mykonos located? This heavenly destination is a part of the Cyclades, the group of islands in the Aegean Sea. This sea is east of the continental part of Greece, and it separates it from Turkey. Mykonos is located south-east from Athens, and the distance from the Greek capital is about 135 km by air.

Andros and Tinos are north of Mykonos, while Naxos and Paros are south. All of these islands are considered a part of the Cyclades. Santorini is south of them – about 150 km south from Mykonos. If you continue even further to the south, Crete is 200 km from Santorini.

Map with a blue pin

Mykonos is in the Aegean Sea, just about 135 km from Athens by air

Transportation Options for Arriving on Mykonos

Your travel options include flying and arriving by ferry, and the choice depends on where you’re coming from. Most large European cities have direct flights to Mykonos airport, but if you’re coming from outside Europe, you will have to fly to Athens and then choose between a short 30-minute flight or a ferry ride.

Although ferry rides can last between 2 and a half hours and 5 hours, they are a more exciting way to travel. You might need more time to get to your destination, but you will see many beautiful views. Ferry rides are truly magnificent and an experience you shouldn’t skip.

When Is It Best to Come to Mykonos During the Tourist Season?

When is the right time to visit this part of the Cyclades? You won’t make a mistake whenever you come, but it’s wise to consider what you want your vacation to look like because that can help you figure out when you would get the most out of your trip.

Most tourists come here for world-famous parties in late June, July, and August – the so-called high season. So, if this is your primary reason to visit, now you know when to come here. The rest of the season (which lasts from May to early October) will also be amazing, but it’s more suited for a recreational vacation.

Ferry on the coast of Mykonos

You can fly to Mykonos, but it’s more fun to arrive by ferry from Athens

Discover the Natural Beauties and Luxurious Lifestyle This Island Offers

When someone mentions Mykonos, one of the first associations that come to mind is luxury. Indeed, this place is suited for those who love to enjoy life to the fullest – true hedonists. Extravagant parties are just a part of that allure. Although most people know only about the parties in beach clubs that don’t end until dawn and host an occasional Hollywood celebrity, that’s not all this part of the Cyclades is about.

Chora – The Main Town of The Island of the Winds With Many Interesting Things to Do and Spots to See

One of the best parts about a vacation here is having a chance to get around the main town, Chora. The name simply means “town” in Greek. It is a beautiful old place with unique Cycladic architecture and narrow streets. You can easily get lost walking around the town and just soaking in its beauty and charm. Naturally, you won’t forget to stop by one of the top-rated restaurants in Mykonos for a delicious lunch. Here are some places you must check out while you’re here:

  • Little Venice,
  • The windmills,
  • Armenistis Lighthouse,
  • Panagia Paraportiani,
  • Old port,
  • Manto Mavrogenous Square.

Delos – A Nearby Island You Shouldn’t Overlook When in Mykonos

Sure, you’ll spend your days enjoying the sun on one of many beaches, but we suggest you set aside a day to sail to Delos and see its magical archeological sites that date back to ancient times. Delos is under UNESCO protection – that’s how important it is. The ruins were discovered back in the 30s, and that’s the beginning of the story about how Mykonos became famous – it’s the reason why people came rushing to the area and subsequently discovered the magic of Mykonos.

Ruins on Delos

Delos is an excellent example of what else Mykonos has to offer besides parties

Choose a Luxury Villa to Stay in During Your Mykonos Vacation, and You Will Have the Best Trip Ever

Now that you know how amazing this place is, there’s no doubt you’d want to make it your next destination. You can’t go wrong with Mykonos – everybody has the vacation of their lives here. The only thing that can compromise the trip is lousy accommodation, which can be easily avoided. How? By booking one of the luxury villas that The Ace Vip offers you. We have properties on all famous beaches. Let us ensure you have everything you need – from car rental and other essential services to something more extravagant like yacht rental.