Mykonos weather conditions – Temperature by month

Are you planning your trip to Mykonos for holidays?

Mykonos has both types of weathers hot in summers while cold in winters.

In this article, we will explain the months when the weather conditions are much favourable that one can enjoy the travel.


Weather in April

Mykonos weather in April is warmer, but there is always rainfall that makes it enjoyable for people.

It is a spring season in Mykonos in April, and the temperature remains between 18 C to almost 15 C, which is not too hot and not too cold.

In April, the wet of winters are gone and drier days of spring seasons are welcoming.

April is the best month to visit the beaches and enjoy the water.

Sun remains on the sky for almost 10 to 12 hours so one can experience the outdoor activities as well.

One can also encounter with the windy days if he is traveling to Mykonos in Greece in April season.

However, the water is still cold that it is not favorable for swimming.

Mykonos weather in April leads to the 13 percent decrease in the average rainfalls.


In Mykonos in Greece, one can find out many tourist attractions, but first, you have to check the Mykonos weather forecast to enjoy your vacations and explore each sight.


Mykonos weather October

Have you ever visited Mykonos in October? It is the best time to plan a trip due to perfect weather conditions.

The temperature is cooling down, welcoming more rains, and preparing for the winter season. Average Mykonos weather in October is about 19 C.

However, it can go down to 15 C and goes up to 22 C on some days.

The weather is still warmer, but unlike in April, you can enjoy swimming because the water temperature is far better.

No doubt, that one can consider this month the last chance to enjoy water activities.

At the start of the month chances of rainfall is low but increase as the month moves to end.

As compare to Mykonos weather in April, the sunshine hours will cut off from 12 hours to 9 hours.


Weather in September

Now it is the month of September and the days are still warm. Mykonos weather in September is no pleasant but the hottest days of June, July and August are over.

September is considered the top month to visit Mykonos due to weather conditions.

The average temperature of Mykonos in September is still 23 C, but it could be lower as 17 C and sometimes as high as 27 C.

One can also encounter with odd days when the Mykonos weather in September become more warmer about 30 C.

However, the nights start cooling off in this month. Rainfalls are less with just 4 percent chances of occurrence, so there is no chance that it will disturb your plans.

Sunshine remains for about 10 hours so one can enjoy the rest of things.