Before going on a trip to a certain destination, it’s good to know a few things about getting around the most famous landmarks. For example, when on this unique Greek island, it’s quite useful to know how long to walk from Old Port to Little Venice in Mykonos since these two are some of the most popular spots you will definitely want to visit. This guide will share all the essential information with you, so keep reading.

Wondering How Long to Walk From Old Port to Little Venice in Mykonos? Here’s Everything You Should Know

When visiting or vacationing on Mykonos, it is quite useful to know some basic tips for getting around this island. Before your trip, you can start looking at some of the most famous attractions on the island and figuring out how to get to each one of them. Today we are breaking down the question about the road from Old Port to the famous Venetian neighborhood – one of the most interesting places to see in this gorgeous paradise.

The Road From the Old Port to Little Venice Is Only One Kilometer Long

Since this island isn’t too big, most of the attractions are pretty close to one another. The two mentioned places are actually located in the same part of the island – the main town of Chora. If you take a look at a map of this island, you will see that the Old Port is only one kilometer away from the Venetian neighborhood.

This means it will take you around 13 minutes to walk between these two attractions. Even though getting from one point to the other will be fast and easy, there are a few things to consider.

View of the Old Port in Mykonos

These two gorgeous locations are pretty close to each other

How Can You Get to the Venetian Neighborhood From the Port?

One kilometer-long road doesn’t sound too complicated, and you might think at first that walking this route is the best option. However, a little walk seems more than fine if you are visiting these points for simple sightseeing. On the other hand, if you have just arrived on the coast of Mykonos by a private boat or a yacht, and you have tons of luggage with you – walking from the Old Port might not be a good idea.

The old port and beach

Walking along the coast and gorgeous beach sounds like a great activity

Walking Is a Great Option if You Came Here for a Day Tour of the Town

Most of this specific route is paved with Greek cobblestone, and it might be challenging to carry or drag luggage over it. Plus, you should also think about the time of the day – you might not be willing to walk in the hottest sun with bags.

However, if it is a pleasant morning and you are planning just a daily tour around the town, it is totally fine to take this road. Visiting these two attractions is a must while you are on your vacation in Mykonos, and our suggestion is to walk between these spots. The road goes along the coast and has beautiful seafood restaurants and charming local shops, so it is worth taking it.

In Mykonos, Greece, Arranging a Private Transfer Is Better Than Grabbing a Taxi

If you already know you have too much luggage or are on vacation with family and smaller kids, and you think it is better to take a car, we recommend arranging a private chauffeur rather than getting a cab.

The chauffeur will be waiting for you at the exact time you want, and you will get the estimate in advance. On the other hand, to grab a taxi, you would first have to take a 5-minute walk to a taxi spot near the port, and you will have to pay in cash.

There Aren’t Any Buses on This Route, But There Are Other Options

Since these two locations are so close to each other, buses don’t ride between them. However, sea buses and taxis are operating on this route, and if you’re lucky enough, you might find one to hop on immediately.

Some sea buses usually depart every 30 minutes and have enough space for luggage, baby strollers, and any other equipment you might be carrying with you. Boat taxis are a bit smaller but can fit a few people for a fun ride across the crystal clear waters. They usually cost around 2 euros per person.

The old port

Grabbing a taxi boat once you get to the port is a great idea

There Are Plenty of Things to Do Once You Arrive in Little Venice

Venetian neighborhood is one of the most interesting and charming areas on this island, and the majority of tourists love spending time in this lovely neighborhood. Once you arrive there, you will have plenty of fun things to do and places to see.

Booking accommodation shouldn’t be a problem since there are a few great hotels and Mykonos villas for rental in this area. Of course, there are also many interesting bars and restaurants in the area. The neighborhood starts at Alefkandra Beach and stretches to the peripheral area of Kastro. There are numerous things you can do here, such as:

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