If you plan to visit Greece this summer, definitely put Ano Mera, Mykonos, on your bucket list. This gorgeous village is one of the most exciting places on the island, known for its authentic culture and vibrant history. Even though it’s not the most popular place in Mykonos, it is perfect for people willing to learn more about Greek culture and tradition. If you are planning a vacation in Mykonos, definitely consider spending one day touring around Ano Mera.

What Do You Need to Know About Ano Mera, Mykonos?

Ano Mera is a village on Mykonos, known for being one of the fascinating Mykonos towns. It is the best area to stay in Mykonos if you want to experience Mediterranean culture in its purest and most authentic form. The settlement is located on a hill, around 8 kilometers away from Chora, the main port, and approximately 6.5 kilometers away from the airport.

The architecture of this place is breathtaking, as well as its long history and culture. It is known for being a peaceful village with an iconic Cycladic atmosphere, perfect for authentic arts & culture lovers.

How to Get to Ano Mera Mykonos?

There are many different ways to get to Ano Mera. Since buses aren’t the most dependable way of transportation on Mykonos, most people recommend getting a Mykonos taxi. It is much easier and not too expensive, especially since it’s a 15-minute drive from Mykonos town.

If you’re really interested in going there by bus, you can go to the Fabrika bus station, or contact them, to get information on the bus schedule. You can also opt for a car rental or even book a private chauffeur to drive you there in style.

Panoramic view of Ano Mera

Ano Mera is located in the center of Mykonos island, and there are plenty of ways to get to it

Ano Mera Is a Perfect Place if You Need a Break From Loud Mykonos Beaches

If your main goal on vacation is to enjoy paradise beaches and crystal clear waters and walk on the beautiful golden sand, Ano Mera is not the best option since it’s not located on the seaside. However, if you ever need a day away from the beach while on Mykonos, take a trip to Ano Mera.

It is a calm, beautiful village, perfect if you’re planning to visit Mykonos with your family and kids. It is an excellent part of Mykonos history, and here you will be able to learn more about numerous Greek traditions and customs.

Streets in Ano Mera

Being such a quiet village, Ano Mera is a perfect place to relax

What to Do in Ano Mera Village During the Day?

Ano Mera is a place where plenty of Mykonos attractions are located. It is best to plan to spend one entire day here, as it has plenty of exciting things to do and see. It is worth taking at least one day to explore Ano Mera while on your vacation. The authentic white walls and narrow streets are the perfect Instagram spots. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting things you can do in this beautiful village.

Try Some Local Food and Wine

If you wish to taste some of the best Mykonos foods, you should visit the small authentic villages and their traditional tavernas. Ano Mera is a place that has a wide range of traditional restaurants that have been working for the past decades.

Here you will be able to try the tastiest Mediterranean food, prepared by following the traditional family recipes, in a gorgeous Greek ambiance. Perfect place if you want to experience the authentic Mykonian lifestyle. Some of the most popular tavernas you should consider visiting are

  • Vardaris,
  • Fisherman Giorgos & Marina Taverna,
  • Tsaf,
  • Paprika.

Visit Some of the Most Beautiful Monasteries in Greece

Ano Mera is famous for its gorgeous Greek monasteries, which are more than a few centuries old. Visiting these monasteries will help you learn more about Greek art and culture, which is a priceless experience. Two of the most well-known monasteries are the Panagia Tourliani Monastery and the Monastery of Paleokastro. The monastery’s art collections are vibrant and filled with religious relics and beautiful Byzantine icons. It’s an enriching activity you shouldn’t miss out on.

Book a Wine & Farm Tour in Mykonos Vioma

Vioma Organic Farm is a place to visit on Mykonos, and it is located in the Ano Mera area. If you are up for a memorable experience of tasting authentic wine and organically produced local food, this is the place for you. Here you will be able to learn more about traditional Greek dishes, winemaking, and generally life on Mediterranean farms. It is also a great spot to visit for a day if you have kids because they will enjoy seeing farm animals and spending time with them.

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