If you are a fan of hidden, secret beaches with beautiful golden sand and crystal clear waters, we have a recommendation for you. Panormos Beach Mykonos is a place you should pay a visit to if you are planning a vacation on this beautiful Greek island. Today we are sharing with you everything you need to know about this specific beach, so keep reading to find out why it’s so special.

How to Get to Panormos Beach, Mykonos?

Panormos beach is located approximately 6 kilometers from Mykonos Town, in the northern area. There are a few ways to get to this gorgeous beach, and you can choose the option that fits your preferences. The cheapest one would be to take the bus from the Old Port, which goes every two hours. However, most people prefer to rely on cars, so you can get a taxi in Mykonos, or even better, rent a car.

Sea terrace with a view on Mykonos

Panormos Beach is known for its crystal clear water

What Is Panormos Beach Like?

When it comes to a vacation in Mykonos, everyone can find a piece of land that they will love. Most people who come to Panormos beach want to enjoy the clear water and soft sand where they can relax. It’s nothing like the busy and crowded beaches known for wild partying.

The center of the beach is occupied by shops and an attractive beach restaurant. The atmosphere is very hippy and bohemian, super relaxed and tranquil. There are parts of the beach that are without umbrellas and sunbeds. All in all, it’s a stunning place for a relaxing vacation.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Panormos Beach?

Before you book a flight to Mykonos airport, it’s always important to inform yourself when is the best time to visit it. This mostly depends on your preferences, but when it comes to Panormos Beach, the rule is that it’s best to visit it during a period when the wind is not too strong – which is during May and at the beginning of June. If you’re not a fan of waves, choose a time of the year when the sea is calm and perfect for swimming.

Is the Beach Appropriate for Families and Kids-Friendly?

Since Panormous isn’t known for partying and loud music, it’s mostly visited by sunbathers that love relaxing. It attracts a large number of families with children. The water here is shallow, and the bottom is sandy, without any sharp and slippery rocks – which is perfect for kids.

Kids on vacation in Mykonos

Panormos Beach is a kid-friendly place

What to Do at Mykonos Panormos Beach?

There are a variety of fun things to do in Mykonos, especially at Panormos Beach. Even though it is mostly a calm beach, not too developed, it has plenty of fun activities you and your friends or family can engage in.

Even if you are an adventurous type, sometimes, just soaking in the landscape and magnificent sea view can be enough to enjoy time on your vacation. However, we do have a few exciting suggestions you might want to think about.

Try Out New Sports or Recreational Water Activities

One of the most popular activities on the Panormos beach is Kadima – which most tourists adore. Kadima is played in a circle with at least two paddles and a small ball. The goal is to volley the ball as long as you can. This sport is popular with the locals on this Greek island, and here there’s plenty of space for it, unlike at some other Mykonos beaches. There is also a volleyball net that everyone can take advantage of. If you’re more of a “water activities” person, you can try out snorkeling.

Enjoy Swimming and Relaxing as a Nudist

Many people associate Panormos Beach with nudism, especially since it has such hippy vibes. However, it is not officially a nudist beach. Nude bathing is tolerable, mostly on the ends of the beach. If that is something you might be willing to try out, this is a perfect place for it.

Try Out Some Delicious Mediterranean Food

Greece is well known for its wonderful and delicious food and dishes you can not try anywhere else in the world. Food in Mykonos is on another level, so while you’re on vacation, make the most of it by eating out in traditional restaurants and tavernas. Here are a couple of restaurants near Panormos that are worth visiting:

  • Kalosta,
  • Principote,
  • Kikis Tavern,
  • Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant.

Visit the Panormos Beach by Jeep Safari Drive Tour

Jeep safari tours are pretty popular on Mykonos, and many people love trying out this activity to explore the secret places of Mykonos islands and hidden paradise beaches. The tour includes driving through the region of Marathi and passing next to the Panormos Beach to the bay of Agios Sostis. So if you’re interested in visiting Panormos beach, this is one of the most fun ways you can do it.

Beach on Mykonos island in Greece

Safari tours are great if you want to explore hidden parts of the island

Are There Any Accommodations Near Panormos Beach?

If you are interested in spending a vacation on this specific breathtaking beach, you’re probably wondering if there are any accommodations near this location. Luckily we offer a great number of luxury Mykonos villas in the Panormos area. All of our villas have magnificent terraces, gorgeous infinity pools, elegant architecture, and decor. Everything you need for your glamorous Greek vacation.

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Woman relaxing in her villa in Panormos

We have a wide range of luxurious villas in the Panormos area

We Are Here to Help You Get the Vacation of Your Dreams

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