If you want to find out if the weather in Mykonos in September is comfortable enough to travel and enjoy the island to the fullest, this is the right place for you. The season doesn’t end so early here, so there are still plenty of things to do, even though it’s not the peak of the season. Let’s see what September has to offer.

The Weather in Mykonos, Greece in September Is Overall Pleasant – The Average Temperature Suits Everyone

Even though this place is known as a party island, there are still plenty of things about it that make it so unique and wonderful. One of many advantages is its climate. This place has a mild Mediterranean climate, meaning that the summers are long, warm, and dry, while the winters are short, mild, and with insignificant amounts of rainfall.

Although the peak of the season here is in mid-July, the tourist season officially starts in April and ends in October, meaning that this month is also a part of the summer season. The weather in Mykonos, Greece, in September is quite pleasant – for some people, even more so than in July and August, making it perfect for everyone to travel. Families and elderly people love traveling during this month.

The Average Temperature in Mykonos, Greece in September

When this month arrives, you know that the hottest days on the island are over for this season, but the fun energy and incredible amenities stay here. The average temperature is about 23°C. High averages stay around 27°C, while the low averages go to approximately 18°C.

It is not unusual to expect that on some days temperature still hits 30°C, especially at the beginning of the month. Although nights are still warm enough, it won’t do harm if you have a light jacket by your side, in case you wonder what to wear during the evening.

Potential Rain Shouldn’t Stop You From Coming to This Greek Island for a Late Summer Holiday

The average rainfall expected during this month increases to 97 mm, which is the highest value since March, but that isn’t something you should worry about. That means that there is only around 4% chance of rain, so it’s highly unlikely that it can somehow ruin your holiday.

You Can Expect About 10 Hours of Sunshine Per Day and Less Wind

Although the average number of sunshine hours per day drops in comparison to the previous months, you can still expect 10 hours of sunshine each day which is pretty sweet. Mykonos weather in September is warm and sunny enough to hit the beach and enjoy sunbathing or water sports. As the peak of the season ends, you can expect less windy conditions, so this can also be one of the many advantages of traveling in September.

The Sea Temperature Is Pleasant

At this time, the sea temperature will still be at around 24°C, before it starts to cool down as the end of the month approaches. In October, it will drop to 22°C, which is still pleasant enough for swimming and diving around some of the most famous beaches.

Beach in Mykonos

Some of the most beautiful beaches will be less crowded, although the sea temperature will remain pleasant enough for swimming

What Is the Best Time to Visit Mykonos? Anytime!

As we already mentioned, Mykonos in September might be perfect for various activities. The thing that makes this month so special is that the weather conditions are still pleasant, it is less windy, and you can experience all of its many beauties without the crowds that can’t be avoided during the busy months such as July and August. But the party scene is still present even in the fall.

This month is especially convenient for those who don’t come here only to party but also want to explore the natural beauties of this place, many amenities, and even surrounding islands by going on island hopping tours. Traveling during September can be suitable for people with young kids for the same reasons – less heated atmosphere and fewer tourists. This period is ideal for participating in water sports and all sorts of beach activities because the water temperature is still nice, and you won’t have to wait in line for hours to rent a jet ski or a kayak.

Woman tanning at the beach

The pleasant temperature and less heated atmosphere will make every day on the beach even more enjoyable

Rent the Best Mykonos Villa and Enjoy a Luxurious Vacation and a Pleasant Weather in Mykonos in September

One of the biggest advantages and many reasons to travel during this period is that the island is less crowded with tourists. This can also be very convenient for your budget. Overpriced hotels will lower their prices during this period, but how to use this in your favor? You can actually book even more luxurious accommodation at the same price. Consider renting one of the most beautiful Mykonos villas on the island and enjoy an even more comfortable environment. You can also consider renting a yacht and sailing around the most incredible beaches and surrounding islands. Renting a private vehicle is also a great option for getting around the island and exploring its many natural beauties.