Most tourists on The Island of the Winds go where the fun is, and that’s either on one of the most popular beaches by day or one of the hottest clubs at night. However, the most popular places aren’t always necessarily the best ones, and these secret beaches in Mykonos are a clear example.

If You Think That Great Nightlife Is All the Island Has to Offer, You Haven’t Seen These Secret Beaches in Mykonos Yet

When you think about a quiet, relaxing summer vacation in Greece by the sea, with a good book in one hand and a frappe in the other, Mykonos doesn’t really come to mind since it’s not really known for being peaceful and quiet. Mykonos nightlife is legendary, and it’s called a party island for a reason.

Most people stay in private villas in Mykonos when they’re looking to have some fun, not to rest. However, there are more things for you to enjoy: many great beaches and hidden gems not many people know about, waiting for you to discover them.

Here Are the 7 Best Beaches That Deserve a Magazine Cover Story

Just try to imagine the most breathtakingly beautiful Greek beach – secluded, surrounded by golden sand and nature, located on the far end of an island. The water is turquoise and crystal clear, completely see-through. It’s not too crowded with tourists, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet. All in all, the perfect place to spend your summer vacation. That’s exactly what all of these seven secret beaches are like – a dream come true.

A beautiful secluded beach with a sunbed

These sandy beaches have turquoise water and the softest sand you can imagine

Fokos Beach Is One of the Most Beautiful Places on This Greek Island

If you want to have the perfect day while doing nothing but sunbathing and building sand castles, look no further than Fokos Beach. It’s located only 12 km northeast of the Old Town, and it’s a popular place among locals.

It’s a very secluded place, so you will need to bring your own umbrella and towels since there are no sunbeds in sight, only blue water. It’s nudist-friendly, so you are guaranteed to get the best tan. And if you get hungry, you can enjoy some delicious Greek food in the nearby taverna.

Mirsini Is a Small, Isolated Beach Right Next to Fokos

About 500 m away from Fokos is Mirsini. It’s another beautiful spot to spend your day, and it’s pretty similar to Fokos, but there are no tavernas there, so you can either walk to the closest one or bring your own food along with the umbrella and sunbeds. And just like the next-door neighbor, it belongs to sandy and nudist-friendly beaches.

Kapari Is South of Chora, While Merchia Is on the North Side

If you’re looking for some more amazing beaches that will be close to your luxury Mykonos villa rental and the center – Chora, Kapari, and Merchia beaches are very near Old Town – Chora, and they’re both secluded and gorgeous. Kapari is only 5 km south of Chora, while Merchia is 12 km away in the northeast direction. Kapari Beach is known for its gorgeous view of the sunset and Delos, but Merchia is not short on scenic views either.

View of the sea and Chora

There are some amazing beaches just a couple of kilometers away from Chora

If You’re Looking for a Fun Day in the Middle of Nowhere, Go to Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is an excellent place if you want true serenity and peace to be alone with your thoughts. It’s almost like a wild beach, since it doesn’t have beach bars or restaurants nearby, so you will have to bring your own snacks and refreshments. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also out of the question.

Agios Sostis is less than 5 km away from Chora, and the reason why tourists haven’t flooded it is that you can only reach it by car, and it’s not very accessible. The condition of the roads is fine, but they can be fairly narrow and unmarked. However, the visit is worth it, so it would be best to rent a car and park it once you get to the top of the hill, then you can walk your way down.

A person handing someone car keys

You will need to rent a car in order to get to Agios Sostis

Ftelia Beach Is a Dream Come True for Windsurfing Lovers

If you’re someone who likes water activities and needs a bit of adrenaline on their holiday, you will love Ftelia Beach since it’s the hottest spot for windsurfing because of the strong winds surrounding the area. This spot is unorganized, secluded, and pretty peaceful, but it’s not ideal for swimming.

People windsurfing

Ftelia is popular for windsurfing

Tigani Is the Perfect Place if you Want to Spend Some Time in Nature, Away from the Noise

Tigani is located close to the Ano Mera village, and it’s the ultimate escape spot. You will feel like you’re all alone on the planet since it does not have many visitors, and all that you will be surrounded by for miles are the waves, stones, and rocks.

If You Want Some Adventure, Go to Tsagari

If you want to escape the luxury and exclusivity this island offers for a few hours, Tsagari is the place for you. It’s a small wild beach surrounded by rocks and stones that can only be accessed by a dirt bike or quad bike, or some other type of 4×4 vehicle that can manage the roads leading to this magical place. If you’re not sure what is the best place to rent a quad, ask your Mykonos concierge for help.

A man on a quad bike

If you want to get to Tsagari, you will need a quad bike

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