Imagine dipping your toes into the sea while you are sipping your favorite cocktail and some great music is playing in the background. Sounds good? That is exactly what you’ll get at Caprice Mykonos Bar. Stunning views of the Aegean sunset, great parties, easygoing atmosphere, great cocktails and eventful party nights are the selling point of this place. It is one of those places that gathers people from all around into one big party that lasts until sunrise. This is a trendsetting bar that embodies the spirit of the Mykonian summer.  

Caprice Mykonos is the Spirit of the Party

For years this place has been featured in many magazines as THE place to go when you visit Mykonos.

This is the spot that has many celebrities under its belt.

Whoever came to Mykonos for a summer vacation at one point or the other ended up in this bar. This place is built on the shore of Little Venice and it incorporates simple, straight lines with signature Mediterranean colors. The staff and the management place a lot of effort on the quality of service, as well as on visual pleasure.  

Signature cocktails

Cocktails in Caprice Mykonos are so well designed visually but do not skip on the taste and the quality of the alcoholic beverages that go into them. We suggest that you try some of the classics, like:

  • Dry Martini
  • Margarita
  • Pina Colada
  • as well as some Caprice cocktail, a staple of the house.

For a great party, the best cocktails and the overall good experience, Caprice Mykonos must be on your list.