There are only a number of places that can accommodate the whole day service since it is hard to have such an extensive menu and offer to meet all the customer needs throughout the day. One of those places is Obati Mykonos.

Since both Greece and Italy are located in the Mediterranean sea, they do have a lot of similar cultural and historical traits but they are also worlds apart when it comes to the cuisine.

This Italian all-day restaurant has a recognizable Mediterranean interior design, warm pastels, washed white, wood and straw details, but the cuisine is the all-around Mediterranean with Italian being the predominant one. The place is perfectly located in the Mykonos town, making it easily accessible. 

What to Order in Obati Mykonos?

You would, of course, have to try the wood-oven pizza when you come to the Italian restaurant, and you can get it anytime you want. The other specialties you shouldn’t skip from the menu are Beef Tagliata, Pomodori Salad, Frisse, Fava Beans, one of many risotto dishes and pasta dishes, as well as, surprisingly, burgers and steaks.

The portions are substantial and the prices are reasonable, so you can eat your heart out without breaking the bank. All the produce and meat, fish and seafood are fresh and locally sourced, so you’ll get some prime ingredients in your meal.

To finish your meal, get some of the traditional Italian desserts like Tiramisu, Panna Cota and sweet Calzone.