What would your perfect relaxation spot look like? Would it be on the perfect sandy beach, isolated enough to be discreet, yet open enough to feel the spirit of Mykonos Summer? If so, Solymar Mykonos Restaurant is the place to go. This is an upscale dining establishment with an authentic design that perfectly embodies vacation on Mykonos. If you want to be where nature embraces the culinary experience, search no more.

Solymar is a Home of Individuality

If you happen to be cruising along the Mykonos coast, navigate your vessel in the Kalo Livadi Beach direction and dock on the private pier of Solymar Mykonos Restaurant. Even from the open sea, you’ll be amazed by how much it is a part of the surroundings. It is mostly created out of natural elements and it looks like it rises from the beach sand. The colors and the wood compliment the atmosphere of the Mykonian summer perfectly. While this is an upscale restaurant the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, and that is perfect for all the connoisseurs from far and wide who come here time and time again.

Named after the Greek words for the Sun and Sea it embodies just that.

The cuisine is impeccable, created by the chefs that perfected their craft to the utmost high standards and the service is pleasant and professional. Besides the fresh Sushi and Fine de Claire Oysters, don’t forget to try some of the signature dishes like Sun-dried Bonito fish fillet, Crispy Black pork belly and spit-roasted beef fillet. Once you finish your dinner, you can shop for some fashionable and stylish designer items in the Solymar Mykonos Beach Boutique. Enjoy the whole experience.