Mykonos is mainly known as a party island with luxurious beach clubs and lots of fun on every corner. But it also has its romantic side. The secluded romantic getaways in Mykonos attract many love birds looking to spend quality time with their partners. If you wish to find some interesting ideas and inspiration on how to organize a romantic trip to this lovely island, keep reading.

#1 Spend a Few Romantic Nights in the Palladium Boutique Hotel

When planning a vacation on Mykonos with your partner, you should probably consider staying away from busy party hotels and finding something more tranquil. Palladium Boutique hotel is known for its exclusive setting, surrounded by breathtaking nature.

The hotel will provide you with maximum privacy, and you and your partner will be able to have a relaxing and calming stay. The hotel provides all the luxurious amenities you could possibly need for the most fabulous stay, including a gorgeous pool, rejuvenating spa, and the finest cuisine.

This Hotel Is Located Between Mykonos Town and Some of the Best Beaches on the Island

What can be better than enjoying the sun and crystal clear waters with your loved one? The fabulous thing about Palladium Boutique Hotel is that it’s located close to some of the best beaches, Platys Gialos and Psarou Beach. Also, the main town is not too far, so if you wish to go have dinner in a local restaurant, that’s easily doable.

At Platys Gialos Beach, you and your partner can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, have drinks at nearby beach bars, and simply spend some lovely time together. The beach is popular among families and young couples, and it’s less likely to get super crowded.


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#2 Book a Honeymoon Suite in The Famous Mykonos Grand Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is one of the best hotels on the entire island, which has been a popular destination for many couples. It is the place to go if you wish to have the most incredible honeymoon experience. Because it is a secluded hotel, its rooms are well protected from the usually noisy crowds, which makes it perfect for romantic getaways in Mykonos.

Enjoy the Exquisite View of the Aegean Sea From One of the Exclusive Suites in This Resort

The view of the turquoise horizon is what makes this place a true gem. The resort offers luxurious rooms and suites with gorgeous pools and astonishing views over the Aegean Sea, which are a perfect idea if you’re searching for an out-of-this-world experience.

Simply imagine waking up with your partner and enjoying breakfast by the pool overlooking the unreal beauty of the Cyclades. What more could you ask for?

#3 Book a Private Yacht and Leave the Town for an Exciting and Romantic Cruise Around the Cyclades

If you are interested in getting away from the crowded main town and experiencing something incredible and unique – a private yacht can provide it to you. When renting a boat for a weekly cruise, you will get the chance to fully commit to your partner and spend some amazing alone time.

The staff will be there to handle all your requests, the private chef will cook for you for a fine restaurant experience, and your only job will be to enjoy each other’s company. Most luxurious yachts have an incredibly equipped interior and are as convenient as any five-star hotel room. Sailing around the Cyclades is a breathtaking experience and definitely something you, as a couple, will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Private yacht sailing around Mykonos

A weekly cruise over the Cyclades will be an experience that you and your partner will cherish forever

#4 If Hotels Are Not Your Thing – You Can Rent a Luxurious Mykonos Villa for the Best Vacation Ever

When it comes to the perfect blend of luxury and privacyluxury villas in Mykonos are unparalleled. You and your partner can rent an entire villa and experience luxury on another level.

Some of these Mykonos villas for rental have the most incredible design and architecture and are the true epitome of luxury. Most of these private villas in Mykonos come with all the needed luxurious amenities such as:

  • Private pool,
  • Jacuzzi,
  • Fully equipped gym,
  • Daily maid service,
  • Home stereo system,
  • Personal parking,
  • Full security system.

Renting a Luxury Villa Close to the Beach Is an Experience You Will Never Forget

These estates are all situated in some of the best areas on the island and are close to the most beautiful beaches and popular beach clubs. Some of them are even super close to Chora, so whenever you feel like going out and attending some evening events or visiting some of the best restaurants, you can easily get there in no time.

The views these estates have over the Aegean Sea are priceless and are something that will make your honeymoon holiday unforgettable. If you really wish to do something special for your partner this summer, booking one of Mykonos luxury villas might be the greatest idea ever.

Couple in their private Mykonos villa

A luxury villa is an ideal choice for a secluded romantic getaway

Let The Ace VIP Team Assist You With Organizing Secluded Romantic Getaways in Mykonos

If you feel as if you need some assistance with your travel plans and romantic vacation, The Ace VIP team will gladly be at your service. We offer our services to people who wish to have the most unforgettable holiday in Greece and spend their summer days like true hedonists. Whatever your plan for the summer is, we can surely help you make it happen.

Whether you wish to rent a private villa, book a luxurious private yacht, or simply hire a concierge who will help you with organizing your itinerary, our team will be there to assist you. Whenever you wish to, simply contact us via email, and we will be more than happy to call you back. We will introduce you to our services and show you why we are the best in the business.