When it comes to visiting foreign countries, it’s always a good idea to experience the tastes of their traditional cuisine. Besides eating in restaurants, you shouldn’t skip eating like the locals and testing the Greek street food in Mykonos. Trust us, you’ll want to come back for more, so here are the spots you shouldn’t skip when on the streets of Mykonos.

Why You Must Try Out Greek Street Food in Mykonos?

This well-known place is famous for luxury, glamour, and hedonism. However, this place is not all about glam and glitter, and it has a unique, authentic, and modest side. When wanting to taste some traditional Mykonian meals, many decide to eat at some of the island’s best restaurants, with Michelin-star chefs and outstanding service.

On the other hand, a significant number of people love indulging in local meals on the streets of Chora. The street food at this destination has an exquisite charm to it and is an experience you must not skip while on your vacation on Mykonos.

Plus, street food is way less expensive than the one in restaurants, and it is easier than cooking by yourself, so it’s an excellent choice for people traveling on a budget. If you’re planning to travel to this party destination, make sure you include visiting some of these beautiful street spots on your list of things to do on your vacation.

Gyros on a wooden plate

On the streets of this island, you can find some of the tastiest Greek dishes

Visit Pita Wrap & Pizza and Try Out the Best Traditional Pita Wrap on the Streets of Chora

Located in the Yacht Marina, Pita Wrap & Pizza is an authentic spot with the tastiest meals you can find. They specialize in preparing traditional meals such as souvlaki and pita, but here you can also taste proper Italian pizza. Most visitors state that these guys have the tastiest pita wrap on the entire island.

Pita wrap is a traditional dish made from fresh, grilled, and finely chopped meat filets, organic vegetables, and yogurt sauce wrapped in crispy dough. This delicious homemade pita will most definitely delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more. The great thing is that they also have some vegan meals on the menu for people willing to try authentic meals even though they are on a restrictive diet.

You Must Not Forget to Try the Signature Greek Souvlaki at Cantina

Cantina is an exciting spot located in Tourlos, the busiest area on the island. This special place will provide you with a memorable culinary experience like never before. Their famous souvlaki, a national dish, is a homemade dish consisting of chopped meats marinated with the most aromatic flavors and arranged on a skewer.

The ingredients used in this place are all organic and fresh, grown on local farms. Besides the mindblowing souvlaki, this place also offers some more incredible meals such as:

  • Burgers,
  • Various meat portions,
  • Falafel and zucchini balls,
  • Kebabs,
  • Various salads,
  • Authentic sandwiches.

Cantina Mykonos Can Deliver Your Meal to Any Beach or Town on the Island

Experiencing these amazing meals on the streets of Chora is a memorable experience. Still, sometimes you may want to eat from the comfort of your own Mykonos villa or on some beautiful beach.

Cantina delivers meals to every corner of the island, so you can taste these amazing souvlakis no matter where you are. You can find their number on their website or Instagram profile and call them to order during delivery hours. Trust us – you will love them!

Try Some Unique Greek Donuts at The Dr. Loukoumas Spot

The Dr. Loukoumas street food spot is a unique and fun place in the heart of Mykonos, where all your problems can be solved with sweet food. This place is most famous for its signature Greek dessert called loukoumades. They are most similar to donuts, just smaller and much tastier.

This spot attracts many tourists with its unique menu that has some very witty dessert names. Everyone that visits this place gets pleasantly surprised by how tasty these little loukoumades are. The staff is known for being super friendly and polite and eager to serve their customers with a remedy in the form of little sweet donuts.

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Family and Friends to Local – The Best BBQ Restaurant on the Island

Greeks are generally big meat lovers and love preparing it in the most interesting ways possible. Local is a spot well known among visitors for the tastiest, first-class BBQ. Their tastiest meat is combined with the traditionally made pita, various vegetables, and authentic sauces. Every product that is used in their kitchen and served to the guests comes from local farms and producers from around the Greek coast.

You can sit in their beautiful ambiance to try their delicious meals with a glass of traditional wine or get it delivered to your hotel room or private Mykonos villa. While on your holiday, you must not forget to visit this place with your family, friends, and loved ones and try their amazing meat delicacies.


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