How to Get Around in Mykonos?

Are you familiar with that awful fear of getting lost in a foreign country? We can help you avoid this problem if you follow our advice and tips on how to get around in Mykonos, Greece. There are many transportation options available on this small and beautiful island. From rental cars and taxis to buses, you will realize just how simple it is to get from one location to another.

You Can Get Around in Mykonos Town on Foot

Getting around the main town on the island is possible on foot or by scooter. Only a couple of small delivery vans are allowed to enter the town since the government in Greece proclaimed Chora (the main town in Mykonos) a historical and architectural landmark. Modernized traffic is not allowed on the streets.

However, this is actually a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Mykonian attractions a bit more intimately. The narrow and convoluted streets can take you to amazing hidden gems and parts of the town you would never notice while riding buses or driving in a taxi. Go on a long walk or explore the town by riding a scooter.

In case you get disoriented in avenues and alleys, don’t panic. Residents will gladly show you the right direction and help you get safely to one of the luxury villas in Mykonos you are staying in.

Narrow street in Mykonos town
Get around the small and narrow cobbled streets on foot

Do You Want to Travel Around the Island? Then, Go by Bus

Check the timetable of the local buses and go sightseeing wherever you want. In Mykonos Town, you will find two bus stations. Each one is on the opposite side of the town. If you go to the southern station of Fabrica, you can catch a ride to Paraga Beach every hour, Platys Gialos every half hour, and Paradise Beach every half hour.

Additionally, in case you would like to visit the popular beach bars or exciting beach clubs in Paradise and Platys Gialos late in the evening, you can get on a night bus every hour.

At the old port, one will find a northern station. From there, you can catch a ride to Elia and Ano Mera every hour from 11 AM to 7 PM. You can depart from here to Kalafatis and Panormos and enjoy an entire day on some of the most beautiful beaches.

Make sure that you read the departure times that are on notice boards at the stations so that you know when there is a ride back. What is extremely important to know is that tourists can count on more buses during the high season, but there is not a bus that will take you from one station to the other. One has to go on a 20-minute walk to get from the southern station to the northern and vice versa.

Additional Friendly Travel Reminder – Here Is How You Can Purchase a Ticket

Are you already picturing yourself indulging in water sports activities on a beach in Platys Gialos, Panormos, or Kalafatis? A quick ride can get you anywhere you’d like, but first, you have to buy a ticket. Buy one before boarding the buses or from the driver once you get in.

Another option is to purchase a ticket at kiosks, vending machines, tourist shops, and mini-markets. Bear in mind that there are no return tickets. You will need another ticket for the return trip.

Drivers would need to see and validate your ticket, so remember to have one in your hand while boarding the vehicle. Don’t throw the ticket away since it might happen that another person comes by to inspect the ticket again.

Girl riding a bus
Get to the bus station at the old port ferry quay or at the southern bus station

Getting Around the Island Effortlessly by Taxi

Do you need a ride from the port after leaving a luxurious yacht to get to one of Mykonos villas for rental you booked? Or perhaps you don’t fancy walking from your villa to the best international restaurant?

It’s possible to go by taxi. During the high season, there are about 30 taxis on the island. One stand is located next to the southern bus station, while the other is located behind the Cosmote building.

There are notice boards where you can read what kind of rates you can expect for each destination since the taxis use meters. If you want to call a taxi, it might be a bit more expensive. Bear in mind that in the evening, when most tourists are out and about, it is quite difficult to get a ride.

Planning on Relaxing on a Secluded Mykonos Beach and Enjoying Water Sports Activities? Then, Go by Water Taxi

Small fishing boats that are used for tourist transport, generally referred to as water taxis, can take you to mesmerizing southern beaches. Catch a boat ride from Ornos Beach every hour from 10 AM to 1 PM and visit beaches such as

  • Paranga,
  • Paradise,
  • Agrari,
  • Elia,
  • Platys Gialos.

Boat taxis leave every hour from Platys Gialos as well to the same beaches. The first boat ride is at 10:20 AM. The last return from Super Paradise is at 6 PM, while from Elia is at 05:45 PM.

The all-day pass to the beaches is 20 euros, and the return ticket for water taxis is 10 euros. Bear in mind that it is possible for boat rides to get canceled because the island is windy.

Boat in the water
Visiting the most popular beaches is possible if you use water taxi services

Arriving at a Conclusion That You Desire Full Freedom? Then Rent a Car or a Motorbike

Exploring everything that this astonishing tourist destination has to offer can be done if you rent a motorbike or a car. Remote areas and northern beaches where one can freely enjoy jet skiing won’t be out of reach. Car and motorbike rentals are available everywhere you go. They can most easily be found around the southern station.

Fortunately, you can also get a private chauffeur, so you don’t have to worry about finding rental agencies. Just call up your Mykonos concierge, and a rental car will be waiting for you outside the villa.

Get to know the Mykonian roads by watching this helpful video.

Don’t Miss Out on an Opportunity to Explore the Island From a Different Perspective

When you’ve seen every corner of this Mediterranean gem, you might want to get to know it from a different perspective, and yacht and boat tours are the best way to do it. You can choose to get Mykonos yacht rental services and cruise around the most beautiful beaches.

But, if you want to have a look at the island from a bird’s perspective, that’s also possible, just ask your concierge in Mykonos to book you a private jet or a helicopter ride.

Yacht in Mykonos
With The Ace Vip, you don’t just get Mykonos luxury villas but luxury yachts as well

Now That You Know How to Get Around in Mykonos, Contact The Ace Vip and Pack for a Beautiful Vacation

Are you ready to experience a completely different vacation than ever before? Now that you are equipped with knowledge about all transportation options, you can travel with confidence. Start preparing for the trip by contacting The Ace Vip team. We can provide you with breathtaking private villas in Mykonos, the best rental yachts, and concierge services. Reach out to us, and we will happily share with you all the important information and what is required. We are waiting for your call.