Your summer vacation is slowly approaching, and you still don’t have a clue what to pack on vacation. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. Once you read our packing guide, you’ll be ready to travel stress-free. From a swimsuit to a beach bag and selfie stick, we’ve covered all items that are required for an unforgettable trip you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

First, Pack All Necessary Travel Documents

The COVID-19 pandemic has settled, so tourists from all over the world are flocking to Greece. Vaccine and recovery certificates are no longer necessary. Travelers only require their passports, so make sure that you first put your passport in the carry-on bag. What is more important, one shouldn’t forget ID, confirmation of booking one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental, as well as flight tickets.

Travel insurance is another important travel document you shouldn’t omit. It’s not wise to take any risks. Travel insurance is necessary in case you sustain a financial loss during the trip. Before packing it with the rest of the documents, read the fine print and check what you’ll be covered for.

Here’s How to Keep Travel Documents Safe During Your Trip

We have three travel tips for you that will help you stay safe during your vacation on this extravagant party island. Here’s what you should do with your documentation.

  • It might sound silly, but if you lose one document, it’s best to have proof of its existence. Therefore, make copies of all essential documents while preparing to visit Mykonos.
  • As a precaution, one can leave a copy of any paperwork with a family member or friend at home, who can help you if an issue arises.
  • Once you arrive at one of the private villas in Mykonos, you can leave all documents and valuables in a safety deposit box. If you can’t find one, ask your Mykonos concierge to help you.

What Beach Essentials Should You Start Packing? Don’t Forget Your Beach Bag

You’ll be sunbathing on some of the most pristine Mykonos beaches and enjoying water sports activities as well as the blue Aegean Sea soon. So, what do you need for the beach outing to be perfect? Here’s what items should be packed:

  • Swimsuits,
  • Sunglasses,
  • A beach towel,
  • Hats,
  • Sandals,
  • Sunscreen,
  • A beach bag,
  • A cooler.

There’s no need to bring a beach umbrella. It will just be a hassle to carry it along with other suitcases. You’ll have the opportunity to pay for a spot at the beach with a parasol and sun beds or buy one on the streets of Mykonos.

Umbrellas and sunbeds

It’s best to leave your beach umbrella at home and pack only beach essentials

What Toiletries and Make-up Do You Need for the Trip?

The best solution for essential products you need to bring is to place all those toiletries in a ziplock bag. If you want to save more space, bring only your favorites or products you think you won’t be able to find in Greece.

Once you unpack in one of Mykonos luxury villas, you should go on a shopping spree for particular toiletries you’re missing. Then it is the time to party and relax.

Here is our list of toiletries you will definitely need:

  • Face wash,
  • Toothpaste,
  • Toothbrush,
  • Deodorant,
  • Soap or shower gel,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Lip balm,
  • Shampoo,
  • Perfume.

How to Pack Your Bathroom Essentials and Maximize Space in Your Bag?

Our list of toiletries might seem overwhelming at first, and anyone would be worried about how all of that would fit in the carry-on bag or suitcase. But there are ingenious tips that can help you save space.

First, make sure that you buy travel-sized products. There are small shampoo, toothpaste, and face wash tubes that can fit into any compartment in your suitcase.

Next, one can purchase solid products like solid perfume, shampoo, make-up remover, and facial soaps. These items should be placed in plastic bags.

The last tip is to use refillable containers because they will save a lot of space. You can place a bit of perfume or sunscreen in these spill-proof containers, which are usually small and made out of soft silicone.

Person squeezing sunscreen on a beach

Try investing in items that will help you maximize space in your luggage

Next, Pack Clothes for Summer Vacation

Don’t cram many pieces of clothing into your suitcase because you most definitely won’t get an opportunity to wear everything. It’s best to have at least one or two pieces of a certain type of clothing, besides underwear, of course. Use our list of clothing, so you don’t forget anything.

  • Shorts,
  • Tops,
  • Dresses,
  • Skirts,
  • Pajamas,
  • Socks,
  • Sweaters,
  • Rain jacket.

Also, you don’t carry a lot of shoes in your luggage. Here’s what’s needed:

  • Flip flops,
  • Sandals,
  • Sneakers.

A Packing List Isn’t Complete Without Pieces of Clothing for the Mykonos Evenings

What are you going to wear when out and about in Mykonos town? You should know what to pack for a trip to a party spot. One requires attire for special occasions like dining in the finest Greek restaurants and partying in Mykonos clubs. While your concierge on Mykonos reserves a table at a restaurant, you must find what you’re wearing that evening.

For ladies, lightweight dresses, trendy sandals, and tops that go well with sandals, maxi skirts, and maxi dresses are recommended. For gentlemen, lightweight shirts, summer jeans, and nice trousers are enough to make a perfect outfit.

Woman in a white dress

Don’t forget the best pieces of clothing to bring for parties in Mykonos

The Last Step – Placing Entertainment Items and Electronics in the Suitcase

If you get Mykonos yacht rental or Mykonos villa rental services, you probably plan to spend a lot of time relaxing on your own or with your crew. You’ll need a camera to capture all the stunning sunsets at Little Venice or to take pictures in front of Mykonos windmills. A selfie stick or a tripod is also a must.

A laptop and a portable battery will be necessary if you want to watch Netflix while chilling by the pool. Also, remember headphones.

A camera on a tripod

Don’t forget a camera, so you hold onto the memories from this perfect vacation

Now You Know What to Pack on Vacation – Start Getting Ready

Whether you want to pack for a 5-day trip or a longer stay on Mykonos this ultimate packing list with tips will be of great help. Before taking out a suitcase, make sure to reach out to The Ace VIP team and request one of our Mykonos villas for rent. With us, tourists don’t just get a chance to rent Mykonos villas, they can also enjoy the concierge VIP services of Mykonos, as well as the yacht and jet rentals. If you want to escape to the island of your dreams, prepare your bags, use our tips, and travel to Mykonos.