Nothing spreads faster than gossip, and The Island of the Winds is the most talked about place every summer. It’s also one of the most popular destinations in the world, but what is so special about Mykonos? The entire place sounds like a fever dream, so is it overrated, or is it as spectacular as people make it out to be? Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most popular islands Greece has to offer.

Most People Visit The Island of the Winds for the Best Clubs and Nightlife

If we had to point out one aspect that Mykonos is known for, it would undoubtedly have to be the iconic nightlife. This place is the party center of Europe during the summertime, and countless tourists, celebrities, millionaires, and other jet-setters gather each summer season to celebrate life in style.

You will find the hottest clubs in the world nestled into one little island, with the world’s most famous DJs and artists coming to leave their footprint. There are over 30 nightclubs, so it’s truly a paradise for those who want to dance until sunrise. The fun never stops, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time as soon as you step foot out of your luxury Mykonos villa rental.

Don’t Leave the Island Without Partying in One of the Beach Clubs

While the island has its fair share of famous nightclubs, the real fun happens during the day in one of the legendary beach clubs. It’s a long-held tradition that you go to a beach bar to party during the day, and once the night falls, you simply transition into a nightclub, ensuring a never-ending cycle of fun.

The beachfront is filled with famous beach bars and clubs, which are always crowded during the summer months as they’re the main attraction. It’s a completely new and exclusive party experience – you drink and dance with your friends in an open-air concept, right on the beach, with your feet in the sand, admiring the stunning scenery. What could be better than that? Here are a couple of beach bars and clubs you have to visit during your stay:

  • Nammos,
  • Scorpios,
  • Principote,
  • Super Paradise.

The Restaurant Scene Alone Makes Mykonos Worth Visiting

Everybody knows that one of the best things about this sunny country is the delicious Greek food. From Greek salad and moussaka to fresh fish and seafood, there is no way you won’t love these specialties. The island is filled with amazing, world-renowned restaurants. They are so good that they will make you want to visit this stunning Greek island just so you can try their daily specials. From smaller, authentic tavernas to the most popular fine dining restaurants in the world, it’s a gastronomic experience you can’t miss out on.

Greek food
Try authentic Greek food in the best restaurants

If You’re Looking for the Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece – You’ve Come to the Right Place

Greece is a country well known for its stunning beaches, and some of the best ones are located right here. Each one is beyond gorgeous – with crystal clear, turquoise water and soft, golden sand. You can find a beach perfect for you no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for – there are countless family-friendly beaches, secluded and quiet ones, as well as many party beaches. No matter which one you choose, a great tan and an even better time are guaranteed. Here are some of the best beaches you should pay a visit this summer:

It’s the Perfect Place to Go Shopping – The Island Is Filled With Amazing Shops

Mykonos is a very exclusive place, so it’s only natural that it would be a shopping gold mine. Fashion is incredibly important on Mykonos, and the streets practically look like a Milan runway. That’s why the island is equipped with the world’s most luxurious designer shops to keep up with the trends. And the best part about these shops is that they fit the ambiance – you can see the most pristine fashion brands in classic Cycladic architecture style, which you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s a well-known rule that the money you spend while on vacation doesn’t count, so take a walk and go shopping during your stay. Besides the leading brands, you can also visit local shops that offer amazing clothing pieces at a fraction of the price. It’s a paradise for fashion addicts and shopaholics.

shopping in mykonos fashion stores
There are some fabulous places to go shopping

Go Sightseeing and Take a Photo of the Island’s Gorgeous Scenery

Besides all the glitz and the glamor of partying and shopping, there’s a lot more to do and see during your stay. Mykonos has a rich culture you should really get to know if you ever travel there. There are many tourist attractions and museums you shouldn’t miss out on, so make sure you dedicate a day or two to go sightseeing.

Take a walk along the paved streets of the Old Town of Chora, continue on to visit Little Venice – the most romantic neighborhood, stop by the church of Panagia Paraportiani, see the Armenistis Lighthouse, and of course – make sure you take a photo of the famous windmills. Take advantage of the stunning scenery and architecture this destination has to offer.

view of a street in mykonos 1024x683 1
Take a walk along the gorgeous streets of the Old Town

Now That You Know What Is So Special About Mykonos, Contact Us and Book Your Spot in This Piece of Paradise

If you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime summer vacation, there is no better place to travel to in Greece other than The Island of the Winds. Now that you understand the allure, it’s time to book the summer holiday of your dreams, and if you plan to visit Mykonos – you have to go all out and do it in style. Contact us, and allow The Ace VIP team to take care of all the travel arrangements.

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