Visiting Mykonos is a fantastic trip all on its own, but what if we tell you that you can make this an extraordinary experience simply by adding a dash of luxury? Luxury holidays to Mykonos are among the best things you can do in life, and we are here to help you learn how to plan one such holiday on your own – are you ready?

Planning Luxury Holidays to Mykonos Island On Your Own – Here’s How You Can Do This

If you thought you needed to look into countless deals in order to find the one that will be suitable for your Mykonos trip, you’re mistaken. Organizing a visit to this island on your own is entirely possible – all you need is a bit of dedication and some research. Of course, we are talking about full-on luxury holidays suited for a family or a group of friends.

You wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from one of the best destinations on the planet, right? Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not really hard to plan this – you basically just need one of the fabulous Mykonos villas for rental and comfortable transportation. Trust us – your biggest problem will be choosing among many gorgeous options.

Mykonos Is One of the Most Amazing Destinations in the World – It Surely Doesn’t Lack Luxurious Things to Do and Spots to See

Although this is a small piece of land, it doesn’t lack things to do – rest assured that you will never get bored, even if you’ve been here countless times before and already feel like a local. From sightseeing in Mykonos town to enjoying splendid beaches all over the coast, you’re in for a real treat.

This place is famous for being a mecca for hedonists, and it screams luxury at every corner you look at. Now, let’s see how you can organize a flight to JMK airport and pick the perfect accommodation for the upcoming holiday in Greece.

View of the old port in Mykonos town

Why search for deals when you can organize your own trip to Greece?

Book the First-Class Flight to Athens, and Then Hop On a Private Jet That Will Take You to Mykonos

First, let’s figure out how to get to Mykonos. The options are numerous – but we’re looking for the most luxurious one, remember. Obviously, that would be a comfortable flight, preferably in first class. Still, you might face a little obstacle here – most planes that fly here are those from low-cost companies, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a fancy flight this way.

That’s why we suggest you skip out on direct flights and book yourself a ticket to Athens. The idea is this – when you arrive in Athens, you will catch a short flight to Mykonos – but with a private jet. Charters that fly on this relation are usually not the most comfortable ones, so it is better to travel on a private plane.

Private jet on a runway

Private planes are the way to go – check out the deals The Ace VIP can offer you

Get Yourself the Best Accommodation for a Memorable Holiday – One of the Private Villas in Mykonos

Picking among many great jets will look like a piece of cake compared to choosing the right villa for you and your travel companions. When it comes to travel destinations in Greece, no place can compare to this one in terms of the number of breathtaking luxury Mykonos villasyou will need a lot of time to make this decision.

At First Glance, Hotel Rooms or Suites Seem Easier to Find – But Villas Will Make Your Vacation More Luxurious

Now, you might ask – why not pick one of those popular luxury hotels? It would probably be easier to find a decent hotel room or a suite not far from one of the beautiful beaches, right? Well, it depends on how you look at this – do you want to have a regular trip in an okay hotel, or do you want a 100% luxurious vacation?

If the answer is the latter, we suggest you skip out on those hotels and start looking for the Mykonos villa of your dreams. Imagine how amazing that vacation will be – staying at a lovely private estate on the coast, with a view of an impressive beach. Whether we’re talking about family holidays or party trips with friends, it’s clear that your time on one of the top-rated islands in the world will be fantastic. So, what are you waiting for? Begin the search for the most luxurious accommodation!

From Platis Gialos to Kalafatis, Private Mykonos Villas Are On a Similar Level of Luxury All Around the Coast of This Island

If you don’t have a particular location for your accommodation in mind, you’ll be happy to hear that all destinations here are extraordinary. Basically, whichever villa you decide to go with, you can’t make a mistake – at least if you pick one of our listings.

Private villas can be found all around the coast – from beaches on the northern part to Chora and the south coast. You can rest assured that the view from every villa is outstanding, and the amenities provide an outstanding experience.

Pool and a villa on the coast of Mykonos

Pick a villa with a great view near a beach you like, and your trip will be amazing

The Ace VIP Can Help You Elevate This Travel Experience to the Next Level – Contact Us for More Information

Apart from providing you with amazing luxury Mykonos villas for rental – near the beach or in town, whatever you prefer – The Ace VIP can help you with other aspects of your trip. Our listings aren’t limited to only private villas. We can also help you find the perfect car rental that will be useful for getting around, and you can even reach out to us for yacht rentals – if there is something that says luxury vacation, that would be a beautiful yacht.

The Ace VIP also provides concierge services – anything you need, we are here to make it happen. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – our team would be happy to answer them. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Mykonos soon!