Even if you’ve never been to the Cyclades, you probably know that Mykonos is quite famous for the most iconic windmills in Greece. They are a great part of the island’s history and tradition and one of the symbols of The Island of the Winds. If you’re planning to travel to Greece this summer, here’s everything you need to know about this popular tourist spot.

The Rich History of Mykonos Windmills Made Them the Most Famous Windmills in Greece

If you’re planning a vacation on Mykonos this summer, you better start planning a list of things to do during your stay. Even though it’s currently most known for being a party island, Mykonos has a rich history and lots of exquisite attractions you must not miss out on seeing. Mills are common on most Cycladic islands since they are windy, but the ones here are probably the most famous ones.

These mills are today known as a popular Instagram spot, a place where all the tourists come to gaze into these beautiful architectural constructions and take photos during the sunset. This destination is most famous for them, and they are considered to be a visual symbol of the island.

The Short History of the Iconic Mills

The picturesque mills you see on this island have a long and interesting history behind them. They were originally used for grain production and were an integral part of the life of the local community for centuries. The first ones were constructed sometime during the 16th century, while the island was under the rule of Venetians.

Venetians realized that the fact that the island is windy could be quite useful for agriculture, and since this location was an important part of the trade route, they started constructing these iconic mills. The locals continued to build mills during the coming centuries, and grain production was blooming. During the 20th century, production became less valuable, and now these mills are no longer in use. However, they are still an important part of the island’s identity and have an important role.

Windmill on Mykonos

These iconic mills have a long and rich history

If You Wish to Discover the Five Most Famous Windmills, You Have to Set Your Navigation to Chora

Throughout history, there used to be more mills on this island, but plenty of them were demolished over the previous centuries. There were sixteen mills, but only six of them were reconstructed and are now available to the public eye.

Five of them are located in Chora, the town center, which can easily be reached by public transportation. All you have to do is get to the Fabrika bus station, and from there, you can walk to discover the most famous mills. You can also choose to grab a taxi or come to Chora by renting a private car. Here’s where they are located:

  • Five are located on a hill looking over Little Venice,
  • One is located in the Agricultural Museum at Pano Mili,
  • Other mills are scattered around the island. There is one windmill in Ano Mera, which is open to the public eye, while others are either privatized or not reconstructed.

Five Most Photographed Mills, Looking Over the Little Venice, Are Called Kato Myloi

The five most popular mills you have probably seen on everyone’s photos from their Mykonian holiday is the group collectively called Kato Myloi. These five lower mills are located in a popular spot in the heart of the town center, Chora, known as the best area on the island.

While in Chora, you must visit these mills, which you will easily spot, as they are located on a hill between Alefkandra and Neohori and provide a stunning view of the Aegean Sea. These five cylindrical landmarks are renovated and reconstructed. While in this location, you will notice a sixth mill beside them, which is in ruins and there is not much left of it.

One of the Oldest Greek Windmills Is Located Here

All of these mills have been built in different time periods, but the oldest one dates back to the 18th century. The Geronymos mill at Kato Myloi is the oldest surviving mill and has been in constant use from the 1700s til the 1960s.

Today, it is fully renovated and still contains the inner mechanism for grinding flour. However, it is not open to visitors, but you can freely enjoy its exterior. In its storage area, there are two local shops where you can purchase some authentic souvenirs. Below is a short video where you can learn some interesting facts about these mills.

At Famous Boni’s Mill, You Can Join Museum Tours and Learn More About the Local Agriculture

While the previous five mills are known as tourist attractions, Boni’s windmill is worth visiting if you wish to learn more about the history of Mykonos and the local culture and tradition. The Boni’s mill is an original three-story mill with a red roof and is part of the Agricultural Museum, one of the oldest museums on the island.

This mill has visiting hours during which you can enter and see what the interior looks like. Here, you will be able to learn more about the local’s culture and agricultural activities. The panorama from this location is magnificent, especially the view during the sunset since you can also see the other Cyclades.

Agricultural museum and the Boni's windmill

The famous Boni’s mill is situated in the museum of Agriculture

If You Wish to Experience What It’s Like to Live in One of These Spectacular Mills – Book Your Stay at the Villa Dafoe

Some of the original mills, which are scattered all over the island, have been privatized and turned into private Mykonos villas for rental. Just like that, Villa Dafoe is a luxurious Mykonos villa that used to be a traditional mill. Villa Dafoe should be the perfect choice for people who like to spend their vacation at an exciting and authentic spot rather than some of the best hotels.

This Authentic Villa Is Located Close to the Beach and Is Perfect for Families Who Want to Spend Their Holiday Relaxing

Dafoe mill can accommodate up to four guests in its two spacious and gorgeously designed rooms. The breathtaking interior of this property will provide you with a unique experience of staying in such an iconic place.

The thick walls ensure peace and quiet, even in a busy area such as Chora. You will be only a minute away from all the best bars, the most famous restaurants on the island, and the most stunning beaches. This will definitely be a holiday to remember!

Villa Dafoe on Mykonos

This gorgeous old mill has been turned into a luxurious accommodation

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