Discovering a new and amazing nightclub always seems like discovering a brand-new world. Every tourist searches for a place where they can dance the night away and forget about their worries. Luckily, on Mykonos, you will have plenty of options. Our list of the best nightclubs Mykonos has to offer will help you experience the music and party scene of the island. You won’t have to search wide and far, some are even close to luxury villas in Mykonos you can book.

#1 Scarpa – A Club With the Best View of the Sunset

During the day, Scarpa looks more like an ordinary coffee shop or bar, but when the night falls, it is full of surprises. Located in Little Venice, many tourists head here during the day to enjoy the sea view and sip coffee. As soon as the sun sets, house music takes charge, and a touristy spot turns into a place where people dance until sunrise.

It is one of the best nightclubs in Mykonos. There is an impressive high-tech boot where DJs play their signature music all night long. Another aspect that makes Scarpa one of the greatest clubs is their long cocktail list. Amazing cocktails one has to try are the Tropical Mojito and Woo-Woo.

People dancing in a club

The place where you can go clubbing in Greece until sunrise is Scarpa

#2 Paradise Beach Club – A True Glam Open-Air Spot on a Beach

You might think that a club like Paradise Beach, which is located on the beach with the same name, would welcome guests to their parties only during the day. This is as far from the truth as it can get. At night this beach club turns into a glam dance floor. Ravers come for the true EDM party.

There are dancers dressed in bikinis and celebrity guests at the club every night. The artists whose hits are mostly played here are David Guetta and Avicii. Since it is an open-air club, it is open only from April to the end of October.

Do You Need a Ticket to Party and Drink a Cocktail at Paradise Beach Club, One of the Best Nightclubs in Mykonos?

You won’t need a ticket to get in and enjoy the music, restaurant, and beach. However, you can call your Mykonos concierge and book a VIP booth or tables for you and your friends. Then you will be more at ease since a host will take you to your table as soon as you arrive. You can also use the bottle service, so you don’t have to go back to the bar to get your cocktail.

A man making drinks for guests at a beach

A concierge in Mykonos can reserve a table if you want a good spot in the club

#3 Addiction Club – A Great Place for Fans of Hip-Hop and R&B

Located in the main town, close to many hotels and Mykonos luxury villas, Addiction attracts mostly younger crowds. The parties are held in a neon-lit, jammed, packed space every night. Non-ravers love to come here since there are different types of music played every night.

They primarily focus on hip-hop, reggaeton, R&B, and EDM. When the atmosphere reaches its peak, dancers usually end up dancing on tables, and the performers usually join them. During the happy hour, all cocktails cost just 5 euros.

People drinking and having fun

Go to the Addiction Club to listen to some good music and experience Mykonian nightlife

#4 Skandinavian Bar & Disco Hosts Legendary Parties Since 1978

One of the main meeting points and places on the island is the Skandinavian Bar & Disco. Since 1978 it has set the pace of the Mykonian nightlife scene. It brings culture and excellent vibes to Mykonos town. The interior is just as luxurious and elegant as the exterior. You will see here international DJs, as well as those from Greece, play the greatest summer hits night after night.

It consists of three rooms, and there is an open-air space where you can dance under the stars. Like in all clubs, here one can get bottle service as well – the best solution for those who want to party in style. It’s a perfect place to come after relaxing all day on Platys Gialos, Ftelia, or Super Paradise Beach.

The Skandinavian Bar & Disco in Mykonos Town Organizes Private Events as Well

Are you wondering whether to organize a private event on a yacht rental in Mykonos or in a luxury Mykonos villa with a private pool? There is another option. You can host the event in the Skandinavian Bar & Disco. Whether it’s a wedding party, a company team-building event, or a birthday party, the bar can provide you with everything you need to customize the space and make your vision a reality. Every area is suitable for any type of event so you can have the time of your life.

#5 At54 – Find Inclusive Vibes and Contagious Dance Spirit Here

At54 hosts the most glamorous parties. It is preferred among the LGBTQ community, and it is a safe place where people can dance to great hits until 4 AM. Plus, it has a great view of the port. Here you will find people of all ages dancing to popular contemporary and evergreen tunes.

Expect to hear legendary hits from Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Kylie Minogue. The club’s cool feature is suspended disco balls that make the atmosphere even hotter. You can sip on colorful cocktails while looking at the Mykonos sunset from the club’s terrace. So if you are up for chic decor, go to At54.

Silver disco ball

Leave one of the Mykonos villas for rental and have the time of your life at At54

Start Planning the Trip and Experience the Best Nightclubs Mykonos Has

You don’t have to just read reviews of places and imagine yourself partying with your crew. As soon as this summer, from April to the end of October, you can have fun in Mykonos’ best nightclubs and get a taste of this unique nightlife. Make an itinerary and contact The Ace VIP team to pick one of the best private villas in Mykonos. Apart from accommodation, we can provide you with car rental, Mykonos yacht rental services, jet, and helicopter rentals, as well as concierge VIP services in Mykonos. It’s high time that you experience the hot and vibrant atmosphere of Greece.