Coming to Mykonos is a dream of many. If you’re among the lucky ones who will get to experience this island soon, you’re probably busy making countless plans for the time you will spend on The Island of the Winds. But what activities in Mykonos, Greece, are well worth your precious time? We have a few suggestions – let’s take a look at a few things you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on while in this part of the Cyclades.

There Are So Many Activities in Mykonos Island – How to Organize Your Trip and See Everything?

Outdoor activities on this island are numerous – Mykonos is famous for being one of the most exciting places to visit in Greece, and it will surely bring you a lot of happy memories. Still, even though you probably won’t try to see the entire island in a day, you most likely won’t have a long enough vacation to check out every single interesting place and do everything there is to do at this star destination. So, how will you ensure you don’t miss out on the most important things?

Cover Your Bases – Learn What Is There to Do on Mykonos and Write a Travel Itinerary for an Upcoming Vacation in Greece

The easiest way to make sure you don’t overlook the Mykonos attractions is to simply do a bit of research before you come to Greece. Check out what there is to see here, and note what seems interesting to you. Spoiler alert – everything will seem exciting, which is precisely why people often return to this place a few times.

You most likely won’t be an exception to this rule. Still, you have to narrow down the travel itinerary for the upcoming trip, which is why we’ve listed the 3 most crucial things that will make your stay fabulous.

If You Want to Manage to See Everything, It’s Best to Rent a Car

If you’re wondering how big Mykonos is – it’s not among the larger islands in Greece. However, that doesn’t exactly mean you can walk around the entire coast in a few hours. Some beaches are connected by paths and are close, but not every spot is accessible on foot. Those who really want to be free to get around and check out every beautiful view should consider renting a car – it’s the perfect solution. Feel free to reach out to us if you’ve decided to book a rental.

View of Mykonos town from the air

Learn what you can expect from this place before you arrive

#1 Tour the Best Beaches on the Island (But Know That You’ll Need More Than One Day for This)

Of course, this is the most obvious way to start your to-do list – beach time is essential when you come to any part of the Greek coast, especially when it’s such a beautiful one like this. Mykonos has a lot of amazing spots on the coast, with powder-like golden sand and crystal clear waters.

To visit them all, you will need a few days – and a car, considering that some of them are located on the northern coast (you can’t walk to those spots unless your accommodation is on the north coast).

It’s Crucial to Know Which Beaches Are for Partying and Which Are More Suitable for Relaxing

As you probably know, this is a party island, and most places are suited for party enthusiasts. If dancing on the beach isn’t your preferred outdoor activity on vacation, you should learn which places are the main party spots and which will be better suited for sunbathing and swimming. Don’t worry – there’s something for everyone here. You might as well do it all while you’re here.

View of the beach in Mykonos

Picking the most impressive beach is an impossible task

#2 Cruise to Delos and Rhenia – Private Yacht Tours Are Perfect for This

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Delos while you’re so close to it – this place is simply magical – it will be clear to you the second you step onto the land and see all those ancient ruins. There are many tours you can pick to take you there, but we can tell you which tour is the most fantastic – it’s the one you organize yourself.

Consider renting a luxury yacht that cruises the sea smoothly, providing the comfort you’ve never experienced before. Visiting Rhenia on the same cruise will only add to its appeal – this isle boasts a fabulous coast and lovely sunsets.

Catamaran Sailing at Sunset Is Another Excellent Option

Who says cruises must have a destination? You can simply rent a catamaran and enjoy sailing somewhere off the coast – catching a sunset can be the main goal of those cruises. With a great boat, you will experience the sea and relax – who wouldn’t want to spend hours sunbathing on the deck or swimming?

Ancient ruins on Delos

Why not add a cruise to Delos to your to-do list? You won’t regret it

#3 Explore the Beautiful Mykonos Town

Last but not least on our must-do list is a visit to Chora, Mykonos town. This place holds a lot of significance for the history of Mykonos, and tourists love it. It’s a classic little Cycladic town, with recognizable architecture and plenty of landmarks, shops, and fantastic restaurants. Every single narrow street has a special beauty to it, and the views you will find in this town are out of this world – trust us, you won’t regret coming here.

The Story of This Place Is a Long One – Set Aside Enough Time to Visit Every Important Spot in Town

It might be a small town, but believe it or not, you won’t be able to see everything in one short afternoon. No, if you ask us, this town deserves at least two whole days – this way, you can take time to explore all the spots at a slow pace and truly experience them. Starting from the famous windmills and Little Venice to the beautiful views from the old port, Chora has a lot to offer. We hope you will get the most out of your time here.

View of the old port in Mykonos town

We know you will love this town – it has a unique vibe and charm

Great Travel Plan Won’t Mean Much if You Don’t Have Excellent Accommodation – The Ace VIP Can Help With That

Even the most exciting activity you can think of won’t mean much if you haven’t properly organized your vacation – that is, found the right accommodation. The options are numerous, but renting a luxury Mykonos villa somewhere on the coast is definitely the way to go. The Ace VIP can help you find the right rental – we offer so many different luxury Mykonos villas for rental that you’re bound to find one you’ll love. Hurry to check out our listings and pick the perfect accommodation for your upcoming vacation in Greece.