You must wonder what Mykonos in winter is like. This stunning destination in Greece is a popular summer hot spot, but it’s rarely considered outside of the season. If you’re eager to visit it during the colder months, here are things to expect when you get there.

Yes, Visiting Mykonos in Winter Is Worth It – Here’s Why

The island is safe during the entire year, but how fun is it? We hear stories about it being a lovely destination 365 days a year, but the locals (and most visitors) know that peak season is always between May and September.

If you decide to come here during the colder months, you aren’t just another tourist looking for a wild vacation. You want to appreciate some of the oldest Greek attractions.

Despite not having bars, clubs, and high-end restaurants at the ready, you can still organize a luxurious vacation, book a Mykonos villa and enjoy life here.

The Pros – You’ll Avoid Crowds and Learn Lots of Mykonos-Related Things

If you plan to visit alone, the pros are that you’ll be lucky in avoiding crowds, lines to certain attractions, and expensive meals. In-season prices sometimes get so high that they can spoil a holiday.

While it’s one of Greece’s most expensive islands, off-season prices won’t be a big shock. Feel free to plan your itinerary and things to do on a rainy day without worrying about money.

The Cons – It Could Be Tough to Reach the Island in Winter

Planning a trip to a high-class summer destination in December may prove somewhat tricky. Most islands are summertime destinations and hardly accommodate tourists year-round, and this one’s no exception.

Summer months offer numerous ferry and airplane lines, while you have few chances of getting there in wintertime. Still, it’s possible if you’re willing to make an effort or, better yet – rent a private jet.

Some dark clouds over a Mykonian beach

There may be some clouds over Chora, but it’ll still be lovely to look at

How to Travel Here if You Want to Visit in Winter

Going here during wintertime can be difficult, but not impossible. The best way to travel is by ferry or airplane.

Ferry trips from mainland Greece take around four to five hours, an excellent way to relax at sea and enjoy the breeze. By airplane, you can reach the Mykonian airport (JMK) from Athens (ATH) in just under one hour.

There Are Direct Flights Only from Athens

Despite numerous flights being available during the summer, once the season is over, only one destination offers direct cheap flights – Athens. The capital is directly linked to all of the nation’s islands and is the busiest around summertime. Most flights from ATH to JMK are scheduled for early mornings.

Travel by Ferry From Port Rafina, Also in Athens

Athens has three ferry terminals, Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrio, and Rafina is the only port that operates during winter.

Logically, locals may wish to travel to the mainland around this time, and vice versa, so completely cutting off the island would be silly. Despite that, the traffic is still relatively low and significantly reduced.

An airplane flying over Mykonos

You can fly to the Mykonian airport only from Athens in wintertime

Walk Around the Main Town, Also Known as Chora

There may not be much to do here around wintertime, but you can get to know the area without worrying about large crowds or feeling like you’re in just another tourist spot.

When Chora is stripped of its tourist-friendly mask, it’s just another beautiful town in Greece. This will make you love and appreciate its beauty.

This place has many hidden places to discover, but while in town, you can:

  • Visit the Windmills and Little Venice,
  • Check out the Paraportiani Church,
  • Tour the Archaeological and Maritime Museums,
  • Observe art at the Rarity and Kapopoulos Fine Arts Galleries,
  • Go to the Folklore Museum,
  • Bring your cocktails and watch the sunset from one of the seaside locations.

Eat at a Classic Taverna if You Find One Open

You may not find the best and most attractive restaurants open off-season, but people still have to eat. You will likely encounter some local tavernas open, and what better things to do on a Greek island than to eat traditional Greek dishes?

If you can’t find any tavernas open in Chora, take a drive to one of these locations, which serve authentic Greek food:

  • Limnios Taverna – rated as one of the best restaurants in Agios Stefanos, this dining spot isn’t within walking distance, but if you rent a car, you can get there in under twenty minutes. It’s 7,2 kilometers (3,5 miles) from Chora, on the seaside.
  • Tasos Taverna – this restaurant opened in 1962 and has been serving fresh fish and exciting dishes since; just 8 kilometers (4,9 miles) from Chora, you can be there in under twenty minutes.
  • Kazarma – this waterfront, all-day restaurant, serves incredible seafood and even nicer lamb. It’s located in the Old Port, right by the seaside, and near Panagia Paraportiani.

While the Cons Are That You Can’t Visit Santorini and Delos, You Can Rent a Car and Drive Around

There are many benefits to renting a car on the island. It gives you the freedom to explore the area at your own pace, see all of the hidden coves and beaches, and explore the charming villages and towns in the mountains.

You may not see Santorini or Delos this time, but when you come back, you’ll know all about Mykonian charms.

You might meet some fun and charming people and even learn basic Greek words. This will be an authentic and enjoyable experience for someone attracted to Greek culture, historical places, and beautiful natural landscapes.

Take a Trip to the Old Town Called Ano Mera and Its Monasteries

With a car, you’ll drive around and leave the comfort of Chora. For example, there’s not a much better location than Ano Mera on the island’s northwest side.

Ano Mera is a charming little village with whitewashed houses, narrow streets, and a beautiful church. The drive there is about 20 minutes from Chora. The monasteries there are some of the most see-worthy sights, even if you’re not religious.

Panagia Tourliani is one of the oldest Mykonian churches, with many beautiful paintings and frescoes, and the Paleokastro Monastery is a historically significant site that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Ano Mera, so you can easily find somewhere to stop for a bite to eat, and if you’re looking for a more active day out, you can go hiking in the hills behind the town.

A view of some white buildings in Mykonos from the road

You’ll see a lot more if you rent a car and go down the island’s roads

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