Packing for a summer holiday might seem like a piece of cake at first, but in reality, you should take into consideration some helpful packing tips for travel if you want it all to go smoothly. These tips will surely help you organize your suitcase better and not forget some essentials you can not go without. So make sure you read through these useful tricks and keep them in mind for your next summer holiday.

Everyone Needs to Be Aware of Some Useful Packing Tips for Travel

If you are currently planning a vacation on Mykonos, and you are wondering how and what to pack in the most efficient way – you’ve come to the right place. Packing for a vacation can be a bit stressful, especially if you are packing for a family holiday or you’re worried about forgetting some important things. If you wish to make the process easier and more fun – ensure you use all the best tips we’ve prepared for you.

 Woman sitting next to an open suitcase

Don’t wing it, follow our guidelines, and you’ll be ready to go in no time

#1 Try to Avoid Overpacking Your Suitcase

When packing for fabulous destinations such as Mykonos, you might get overwhelmed by just thinking about your summer outfits. Carrying much more clothing pieces than necessary is a problem almost every other person faces when going on a vacation, but you should try to avoid that mistake. Not only will it be easier for you to carry that luggage, but if you manage to pack well in a carry-on, your flight tickets can cost less than lunch in some of the international restaurants on the island.

Pack Summer Clothes You Like According to Your Itinerary

When planning the best outfits for a vacation, think about which kind of summer activities you would like to do. Figure out your travel itinerary and pack accordingly. This way, you will know exactly what to wear each day, and you will avoid packing clothes that you won’t wear.

For example, if you plan to spend every day relaxing on the gorgeous beaches or by the pool of your Mykonos villa, focus primarily on beach wear. A few summer dresses, shirts, and shorts should be enough for parties. However, if you are planning to attend some nice evening events, you should pack a few formal outfits as well. Remember that you can mix and match some pieces of clothing, so one piece can cover a few outfits.

Woman taking a photo of Mykonos

It’s best to pack only those outfits you know you will be wearing for sure

#2 Use Some Space-Saving Methods for Packing Clothes

If you pack up your clothes properly, you can save some space. Not only will you have more room for adding some useful items, but you will also have better-organized luggage for your vacation. Keep reading to find out some very useful space-saving tips & tricks.

Don’t Fold – Roll the Clothes Before Packing Them Into the Suitcase

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but very helpful, is rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This will not only allow you to bring more items and fit more clothes, but it will also keep your outfits as wrinkle-free as possible. Do a bit of rolling and organize everything nicely and neatly so you can easily unpack.

Compression Travel Bags Can Be Quite Useful

If you are planning to travel to Greece for a longer vacation and stay in a Mykonos villa rental for weeks, or are perhaps traveling with a family and have way too many clothes to pack – we have a solution for you too.

Compression travel bags are one of the best items for people who need to carry more stuff when traveling. No matter how many clothes you have planned to bring to your trip, if you put them into compression bags – they will all surely fit. Just remember that you will also need to use a vacuum before heading to JMK airport.

Bring Cosmetics and Toiletries in Travel-Size Bottles

If you are a skin-care and beauty lover, you probably carry tons of cosmetic products with you wherever you go. Besides that, you also need many different products for tanning, and after-sun skin care, so you might have to bring quite a few bottles.

Many products such as shampoos, toothpaste, and shower gels already come in those small travel-size packages, but you can also buy empty bottles and use them to bring a small amount of your eye cream, moisturizer, and other essentials. Just don’t forget to make sure you place them in a ziplock bag, especially if you’re traveling only with a backpack or carry-on bag.

Woman hugging a yellow suitcase

If you follow these tips, your luggage will be perfectly prepared for a summer adventure

#3 If You’re Flying, Be Careful With What Goes Into Your Carry-on Bag

One of the biggest challenges people face when preparing for flights is what to place in the carry-on bag. Whether you have a huge amount of luggage or not, you must be super careful about what can go with you on the plane. Inform yourself about all the forbidden items you must not carry to the airport and on the plane.

Make sure you have all the travel essentials, such as a passport, visa, driving license, boarding pass, travel insurance, prescribed medication, bank cards, and cash, with you. Besides those necessities, consider carrying some items which could help you fly more conveniently, like:

  • Snacks,
  • Noise-canceling headphones,
  • Electronics and chargers,
  • Books and magazines for entertainment,
  • Neck pillow,
  • Eye mask,
  • Sheet mask,
  • Tissues and wet wipes,
  • Planner for organizing your itinerary.

Before You Pack – Contact The Ace VIP Team

When preparing for a summer vacation, you can do some things on your own, like packing and preparing outfits, but some more serious stuff should be left to professionals. The Ace VIP team will be more than happy to provide you with the best holiday of your life by offering you the finest concierge VIP services on Mykonos. If you are interested in Mykonos villas for rental, we can help you find the best private villas in Mykonos to have the ultimate vacation experience. Contact us today, and let’s start organizing your holiday in Greece.