Before you head to the most iconic Greek island this summer, be sure to check out our list of summer essentials you need to pack for your trip. Don’t stress about the question of what to pack for Mykonos – just keep reading, and you will be ready for every occasion you run into while on your vacation.

What to Pack for Mykonos, Greece – Here Are the Essentials You Need By Your Side During This Vacation

So, what to pack for a trip to Mykonos, Greece, an island famous for its extravagant nightlife and sandy beaches? We can assure you that your Mykonos trip will be magical regardless of what’s inside your suitcase, but a proper packing list can help you avoid situations where you don’t have clothes that fit the occasion. Let’s take a look at what’s necessary for this vacation.

Packing to Travel to Mykonos, Greece – How Much Stuff Do You Need for This Adventure?

Believe it or not, you actually don’t need piles of clothes for traveling to Mykonos, no matter how long your stay is. The fact is that beach attire isn’t complicated, and it’s only logical that you would bring that to Greece. As for the rest, you’ll just need a few things for nightlife and restaurants. You don’t have to bring a huge suitcase – since the weather is warm and there are always Meltemi winds, your clothes can dry pretty quickly, so you can reuse them on this great trip.

 Towels and shoes in a beach basket

What do you need for a great Greek vacation on Mykonos? Let’s find out

Let’s Start the Packing List With the Beach Essentials

We assume you will want to spend plenty of time on a beach – you’re going to Greece, after all. So, it’s only appropriate to start with the beach essentials. Number one on everyone’s packing list would be a good old swimming suit, of course. We’d say it’s wise to bring two or three pairs of swimming suits, just in case – plus, you will want to look stylish, right? One bikini is not going to do the job, and even if you want to travel lightly, it won’t take up much space.

Towels and a pair of flip-flops will also find their place in your beach bag, and let us not forget about sunglasses. Whether you’re visiting during the tourist season or not, it is best to pack a lot of SPF. The Mediterranean climate might be mild at first glance, but it’s really easy to get sunburns. For those with sensitive skin, hats are a must-have for long days on Mykonos beaches.

Bikini and a Towel Won’t Be Enough for the Entire Stay – Be Sure to Bring Some Comfy Clothes for Walks and Lunches

No matter how lovely the beaches are, you will probably want to see Mykonos town (Chora) or at least have lunch in one of the best restaurants on Mykonos, and you can’t do that in a bikini. A good idea would be to bring a thin cover-up that you can put on when you go into a restaurant or a bar.

As for the walks around Chora, we would suggest packing very light, comfy clothes in light colors – think white linen oversized shirts. You’ll also need a good pair of denim shorts (is there even a summer travel occasion when you don’t?) or a bermuda, and a pair of sandals. Just make sure the sandals are comfortable because there is so much to see in Mykonos – you will walk a lot, trust us.

Comfortable sneakers can do as well, but keep in mind that it might be too hot in those. Lastly, for the ladies – short dresses with floral patterns would be a great fit for Mykonos. They would be a good choice for taking a photo in one of the Instagrammable spots.

Denim shorts, sunglasses, and sandals on a white surface

What items are best to have when you travel to Greece? Comfy, light clothes for getting around Mykonos town are crucial

What Should You Bring for the Evenings in Mykonos?

Nightlife is thriving in Mykonos – you probably know that. This means you can expect a lot of crowds in every single Mykonos club or bar, even before the sun sets. So, keep in mind that it will get too hot on the dance floor and bring some light but fancy clothes in which you can dance and enjoy your night. Pick what suits your style, and keep in mind that these clubs are full of A-listers – it would be good to dress for the occasion.

People dancing in a nightclub

Get ready to dance all night and bring clothes that will help you fit in with the glamorous crowds

Don’t Forget to Pack Electronics As Well

You might not lose your phone from your site, but has it ever happened to you that you’ve forgotten the charger at home? This is such a common travel mistake – try to skip it on this Greek vacation. Headphones are essential for traveling, so they should be in your carry-on. Having a laptop on vacation probably isn’t crucial for everybody, but if it is for you, write that down on the list. You never know how forgetful you will be during all the chaos surrounding preparations for the trip.

iPhone, iPad, and AirPods on a white surface

Don’t forget to bring the essential electronics to your Greek trip

You Don’t Need Much for the Perfect Vacation – But Luxury Accommodation Is Something You Absolutely Do

As you can see, it’s not so hard to figure out what to put on your packing list for Mykonos, Greece. Great summer is ahead of you, and we know you will have the best time on The Island of the Winds. Still, you need one more thing to make the dream vacation in Greece come true, and that’s not something that can be brought in a suitcase. We are talking about a luxury Mykonos villa – and The Ace VIP can get you the best one. Our Mykonos villas for rental are among the top-rated ones, and we can promise you a fantastic stay, whichever one you choose. What are you waiting for? Reach out today, and let us help you get the vacation of a lifetime.