The sunkissed beach, breathtaking sunsets, mesmerizing hotels, and Greek villas in Mykonos are what a perfect summer vacation is all about. But what about tasty culinary creations that can embellish your Instagram feed? Well, you’d have to know what top luxury restaurants Mykonos offers so you can snap a few pics of stunning food. Now if you are ready for a gastronomic adventure, we’ll show you where you can get some high-end fine dining experience.

One of the Best Places on the Island Where You Can Eat Mediterranean Cuisine Is Interni

Why does our list feature Interni in the first spot? Well, it’s simple, the ambiance and food resemble the symbols of Greece. The white-washed buildings, open sky setting, luxurious decor, and beautiful plants are what Greece and Interni represent.

It’s a greatly praised gourmet spot where you can treat yourself to upscale Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. The chef, Christos Fotos, strives to blend modern with traditional techniques and Greek products to create an exceptional dining experience. Some of the dishes you can find on their menu are grilled meats, meze dishes, fresh seafood, and pasta.

Interni restaurant in Mykonos

After preparing for a night out in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, have dinner at Interni

Interni Is the Hidden Gem of Mykonos Town

Interni is situated at the perfect address. Not only is Interni located on Matogianni Street, the most stunning street in Greece, but it is also set in a beautiful garden. The elegance of the decor and the party atmosphere of this place makes it a perfect spot for important events and celebrations. After all, the vibrant atmosphere is a vital draw of Interni.

Therefore, if you’ve booked one of the Mykonos villas for rental in order to celebrate your birthday on the island or an engagement, then the wise choice is to reserve a table at this restaurant in Mykonos town and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

At the Heart of Chora, You’ll Find Koursaros – Another Top of the Line Restaurant

If you are looking for a place that serves high-end seafood, you should go to the fish n’ sushi fusion restaurant – Koursaros. It offers attentive service, a sophisticated atmosphere, and an extensive menu with sushi, fresh fish, and numerous other specialties.

For about 20 years, Koursaros has been a front-runner when it comes to the gastronomic scene of The Island of the Winds. This is why many diners praise Koursaros as the best place where you can try sushi.

Apart from delectable seafood, the bar features innovative and delicious cocktails and various drinks that contain staples of the island. Every drink is prepared with attentiveness to serve guests something thrilling and exclusive.

Sushi on a plate

If you travel to Greece and you end up craving sushi, Koursaros is a place to go

What Are the Best Dishes From the Menu of Koursaros Restaurant?

There are numerous specialties at Koursaros. The prices for their dishes range from 5 euros to 150 euros, and some of the best you can try while vacationing in one of the nearby Mykonos luxury villas are:

  • Frenched rack of lamb in thyme-flavored sauce & eggplant puree,
  • Black Angus beef tartar with pickled cucumber & chili dressing,
  • Crayfish (no shell) tempura with spicy mayo,
  • “Taramosalata” (fish roe dip salad) accompanied with toasted pita bread,
  • Grilled calamari (squid) with bouillabaisse glaze, potato chips & tomato tartar.

Under the Mykonian Windmills, You Can Dine at One of the Best Luxury Restaurants – Sea Satin

Exquisite entertainment and dining at Sea Satin have to be experienced. The location of this extraordinary restaurant is impeccable as well. Just under the Mykonian windmills and opposite Little Venice, you can find Sea Satin, a place that offers a perfect view of the Mykonian sunset and the sea.

It’s often praised as a cosmopolitan place where you will find a combination of luxury and simplicity. They serve Greek cuisine with a focus on seafood dishes. You can try masterfully grilled shrimps, clams, lobsters, and shells. The plates of food are usually decorated eccentrically, so they would be a treat for all senses. The chefs boast about using local ingredients and aromatic herbs.

Make Reservations in Advance if You’d Like to Dine and Spend More Time at the Beach

Sea Satin is a unique place where guests come to enjoy a fine dining experience. But for anyone to have the opportunity to try their homemade fish roe salad or “loukoumades” (a famous dessert), one must make a reservation in advance.

Rely on your concierge in Mykonos to reserve a table at this prestigious place. In that way, you will have more time to spend at the beach or in one of the luxury Mykonos villas without the fear that there will not be a free table for you.

Tables at Sea Satin restaurant

From hair salon booking to table reservations, a Mykonos concierge can arrange everything

One of the Best Fine-Dining Restaurants You Will Like Is Definitely Efisia Greek Fine Dining

Many tourists are left in awe of Efisia Greek Fine Dining restaurant since the combination of a luxurious atmosphere and the restaurant’s menu is simply breathtaking. It offers Relais & Châteaux cuisine. You can have a gourmet culinary experience under the stars.

The unique Mediterranean flavors are at the heart of chef Ilias Maslaris’s menu. Enjoy marinated fresh fish carpaccio and tartare, Mykonian lamb, veal cheeks, butter-poached lobster, and various desserts. Don’t forget to embellish every meal with the best Greek wine from their wine list.

You cannot miss an opportunity to reserve a table at Efisia Greek Fine Dining and try some of their specialties.

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