Before you book the flight to this party island, you better plan out which spots you should visit and how to get around them. Today we will help you with one of the most important things to know, and that is – how far Little Venice is from Matoyianni street in Mykonos and how to visit these lovely spots. These neighborhoods are incredibly beautiful and should be included in your summer trip itinerary.

Before Arriving to Mykonos, Greece – Plan a Tour Around the Popular Spots in Chora

When on vacation in Mykonos, one of the things you must do is tour Chora and explore its beautiful streets. Chora is sort of the heart of this small paradise, an area where all the best restaurants and most famous attractions are located.

Since there are so many beautiful landmarks and spots to visit in Chora, you should plan out your tour well before you actually travel. It will be much easier to get around the town once you know some basic information about where the attractions are located and how close they are to one another.

Streets in Mykonos Town

Inform yourself about the gorgeous spots in Chora, so you can organize your own tours

How Far Is Little Venice From Matoyianni Street in Mykonos?

Little Venice and Matoyanni street are one of those famous attractions you must visit while on your vacation. The Venetian neighborhood is famous for being an integral part of the island’s history and for its charming architecture and a great number of excellent seafood restaurants.

Matoyanni street, on the other hand, is one of the most popular streets among tourists who love shopping. This street is full of various local shops and boutiques, and you’ll find it in every Mykonos shopping guide. If you are interested in visiting both of these amazing spots during one of your tours around the island, this article will be of great use to you.

Little Venice Is Only a Few Minutes Away From the Matoyianni Street in Mykonos

When in Chora, you should consider visiting these two phenomenal locations in one day since they are only minutes away from each other. To be more precise, it will take you around 4 minutes to walk 350 meters between these two locations. Obviously, taking a car is completely unnecessary, since it is such a short route and the road is very beautiful.

Little Venice in Chora

Little Venice and Matoyianni street are located in the same area

You Should Walk to These Spots During Your Day Tour of Exploring Chora

As we’ve previously mentioned, taking a car ride or grabbing a taxi to get from the Venetian neighborhood to the famous Matoyianni street is entirely unnecessary. Taking a short walk is the best way to see these two spots, and you can also include some other popular attractions in the tour as well.

Since many famous landmarks such as local museums and galleries and the iconic windmills are close to these two locations, consider visiting all of them in one day. If you have more time, you can even spend two or three days exploring this part of the island since it is totally worth it.

During This Short Tour You Will You Will Pass Some Very Charming Spots

While walking through the picturesque cobblestone streets and admiring the whitewashed buildings, you will surely enjoy this beautiful tour. Since plenty of smaller streets will take you from the Venetian neighborhood to the Matoyianni, you can take whichever road you like the most. The shortest route goes from the Town Hall through Kalogera street, which passes by locations such as:

  • Agios Ioannis Church,
  • Skepi Town Houses,
  • Municipal Gallery,
  • Koursaros restaurant,
  • Rarity Gallery,
  • DIOR Village.

If shopping is your cardio, this is the place to be. Although a simple walk wouldn’t take much time, if you plan to go around the shops you could spend even hours here, so keep that in mind when planning your tour.

Woman shopping on Mykonos

Besides exploring the attractions, you can also do some incredible shopping here

Matoyianni Street Offers a Wide Range of Fun Activities

From Kalogera street, you will enter Matoyianni, which stretches all the way to Enoplon Dynameon street. This street is listed among some of the most beautiful streets in the world. The white surroundings, colorful windows, and flowers all over the window shops make this gorgeous street one of the biggest attractions on the island.

Once you get to Matoyianni, you can enjoy shopping and perhaps grab lunch at some of the best Greek restaurants or refresh yourself with cold drinks in one of the popular bars. There are numerous things to do around this street, and you will want to spend more time here than anywhere else.

Numerous Attractions You Should Include in Your Trip Itinerary Are Located Around Matoyianni

After you finish exploring Matoyianni, we suggest you continue your trip by revealing some beautiful spots nearby. For example, consider taking a walk to the nearby church of Panachra and introducing yourself to traditional Greek architecture. HOFA gallery is just around the corner from Enoplon Dynameon street, and it’s a must-see among lovers of art & culture.

Walking down Kalogera street and passing by the lovely YASEMI souvenir shop, you will arrive at the site of the iconic windmills in the center of the town. You can plan your itinerary and write down all the spots you wish to see or perhaps decide to wander around the cobblestone streets spontaneously. You will undoubtedly enjoy both versions.

Street in Chora, Mykonos

You should spend one day exploring the streets of Chora and its attractions

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