Most people willing to travel to this little party island in Greece want to know all about the hottest partying spots that are worth visiting. If you are interested in fantastic beaches and great entertainment, you are probably thinking, what are the beach clubs like in Mykonos, Greece, and are they worth the hype? This article is a perfect guide to all the essential things you need to know about these unique party hubs.

If You Like Partying Vacations – You Have to Visit the Beach Clubs on This Paradise Island

If you are one of those people who enjoy vacationing on party islands where there’s always something fun going on, then Mykonos is the perfect place to travel to. It is famous for great nightlife, incredible entertainment, stunning venues, and private villas in Mykonos with a pool – ideal for parties.

In the past few years, thanks to the local beach clubs and many other fascinating attractions, this little paradise in Greece became known as a top-class tourist destination attracting thousands of people from all over the world. If you like partying from dusk till dawn on some of the most beautiful beaches – we suggest you book a flight to Mykonos immediately.

When Is the Best Time to Visit This Paradise if You’re Planning to Party?

These clubs obviously are not open during the entire year, as this is mostly a summer destination. Most clubs, including nightclubs and bars in town, open during the late spring and work till the end of the season. Every club works at its own pace, but most of them are already open at the beginning of the season in late April or May and work until the last weeks of October.

However, the season’s peak is during the summer months, in July and August, when this destination is packed with tourists. These are the months when the parties are the best and when the whole island turns into one big summer festival. If you’re thinking about what is the best time to visit this destination for partying, we highly recommend you book your stay during July or August.

Psarou Beach on Mykonos

The best time to visit this destination is during the summer months, and the season’s peek

What Are the Beach Clubs Like on Mykonos When It Comes to the Atmosphere?

Everyone who has ever attended some of the parties and evening events held in these hotspots can tell you that that was probably one of the greatest party experiences of their lives. During the season’s peak, each club is packed with people from all over the world, and everyone is there with one goal – to have the best time ever. Partying at these places is probably one of the most fun things you can do, and it is really an experience of a lifetime.

The Music in Each Beach Club and Bar on Mykonos Is Usually Electronic

How much you will enjoy the parties and evening events in these spots usually depends on what kind of music you are into. Almost every club and bar on Mykonos mainly plays electronic music, including different types and genres. The summer months are when lots of world-known DJs come to perform, and the atmosphere is very festival-like.

DJ playing on Mykonos

Almost every club on the island plays electronic music and hosts DJs

Prices Can Vary From Club to Club, But Most of Them Are Quite Expensive

Many think that Mykonos is expensive because it is famous as a holiday spot for the rich and famous. That is all true. Many celebrities stay here in fabulous Mykonos luxury villas and spend insane amounts of money on a night out. Even though it is possible to enjoy a summer vacation on a budget, the hottest spots are quite known for being pricey and might not be for everyone.

In some of the most famous spots, you should prepare to spend anywhere from €200 and €300 per day in a place such as Scorpios or Nammos. The cocktails start at €25, and sun loungers around €150. However, the prices depend on which club you are going to, and if you are looking for something more affordable, it is possible to find it.

Red cocktail in a glass with some lemon and ice

Prices of cocktails can be quite high, so be prepared for that

What Are Some of the Best Spots You Should Consider Visiting?

This beautiful place has many different clubbing spots on the seaside, with different settings and prices. Our advice is to research some of the best ones, check them out online, and figure out which one you should put on your trip itinerary in order to make reservations on time. Some of the most famous ones you should consider visiting:

These Clubs Are Not Only for Partying but Also Offer Other Super Fun Activities

If you thought that only the ones who love partying should attend these places, that is not true. This small island is hospitable to all of its guests and offers various activities for everyone’s taste. Besides having great music, almost every seashore club on the island is also a zone for relaxation and fun during the day.

You can choose whether you want to lie down by the pool and sunbathe, perhaps indulge in some water activities, or maybe try some popular local food in a local Greek restaurant on the seaside. You will undoubtedly enjoy vacationing here, regardless of your preferences, because this destination is perfect for everyone.

Restaurant on the beach

Besides great parties, these spots also offer incredible dining areas with amazing food

The Ace VIP Team Is Here to Help You Organize a Vacation You’ll Remember

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