Ever heard of the famous Agios Ioannis Beach, Mykonos? This is one of the most attractive beaches on this breathtaking island, so it’s no wonder it is extremely popular. Considering the fact this place has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and that this one is high on the list, you should definitely find out how to visit it this summer by following our guide.

Why Is Agios Ioannis Beach Famous?

This is one of the most popular beaches on the island because of its unique beauty and many interesting things related to it. It is located in a small village with the same name, and it was actually named after a small chapel that’s proudly standing right above the gorgeous Aegean shore. Beach and the chapel both offer an amazing view of neighboring Delos island – one of the most popular archeological sites around the Cyclades.

Beach with sand writing

This beach offers tranquility and amazing views

How to Get to Agios Ioannis Beach Mykonos, Greece?

One of the best things about this place is that it is actually very close to the main town. So close that you can get here on foot if you like to walk. It is just about 4 km away – but if you find this too much for walking, there is no need to worry – there are other ways to get there in no time.

First of all, there is a bus that’s departing from the most popular town station – Fabrika. The bus departs from there and stops first at Ornos and then at Agios Ioannis – just a short walk from the beach. The other way to get there is by car, and this won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Also, since it is so close to Ornos Beach, if you happen to be there, you should know that you’re just a short walk away from Agios Ioannis.

Getting Around the Island Is Simple and Always Interesting

It won’t be complicated to get around the island because it is not very big. You can easily find public bus lines that can take you to every popular location on the island. Apart from public transportation, getting a taxi might be a smart option. However, since there are not many taxis, renting a private car or getting a driver that can take you around the island are also viable options.

Another popular way to get around the island and explore its magical bays and hidden beaches is by sailing on your private yacht. You can rent a yacht with The Ace Vip services and enjoy many benefits this exclusive way of transportation has to offer.

Taxi at Mykonos

You can easily get here by taxi or public bus

Agios Ioannis Is Considered to Be One of the Most Beautiful Beaches

This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the southwest part of the coast. Recognizable for its clear water and soft white sand, this place is perfect for relaxation and offers interesting options for various activities. It is one of the favorites among families because, unlike some other beaches around here, it is usually very quiet and peaceful.

Apart from amazing water, you can also enjoy a charming sunset and the view of neighboring Delos and have delicious drinks at popular beach bars. This beach is just at the right distance from the town, so it doesn’t get overcrowded, but it’s still close enough to easily reach it if you need a pleasant and relaxing getaway.

You Can Book Sunbeds in Advance

Although it’s not very crowded, it won’t be so easy to find available sunbeds here during the peak of the season – around July and August, so you should consider booking your place under the sun online. One of the most trendy bars and restaurants around here is Hippie Fish. You can go on their website and book two sunbeds and an umbrella in the first row for about 100 euros.

Another option is BeachDibs.com, where you can book yourself sunbeds on various beaches they have on their offer. This beach is super organized, but there aren’t many available sunbeds, and it’s not a very large beach in general, which is a part of its magic and exclusivity. Even though this part of the coast has some rocks, the clear water surrounding it makes this area perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Girl waiting for a taxi

Agios Ioannis is just 4 km away from Mykonos town

Mykonos Has Plenty of Exciting Places to Explore

Although Mykonos initially became famous for its exciting nightlife and popular beach bars, these are only some of the things Mykonos has to offer. This island is full of things to do and discover, including:

You can consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to visit this magical place – no matter what time of the year you come here, there will be plenty of interesting attractions on Mykonos waiting for you. This place is not only suitable for young singles looking for a good party atmosphere. It is also a good destination for families or a beautiful location where you can celebrate a honeymoon or engagement.

Sea and the beach

You’ll have a lot of fun exploring this exciting area

Consider Getting Accommodation Close to Agios Ioannis, if You Plan to Visit It Frequently

Staying in this area can be a perfect solution for those who want to stay close to town and still be able to visit this beach frequently by having their own piece of heaven nearby Agios Ioannis. This area is home to many popular hotels, but renting a private Mykonos villa with an infinity pool can make your stay even more comfortable. The Ace Vip has a large offer of private villas in Mykonos suitable for all types of vacations, even close to Agios Ioannis, so don’t hesitate to reach out so we can start planning your stay.