Even though it might not seem like it at first, Mykonos is a perfect vacation destination for everyone, not just the youngsters who like wild parties. This place is so diverse that it has something for every tourist to enjoy. Numerous kid-friendly activities in Mykonos attract a great number of families every year, and their little ones love spending their summer days exploring this mesmerizing paradise. Here’s everything you need to know about fun kid activities in Mykonos, Greece.

Planning a Family Vacation Soon? You Should Hear All About the Kids-Friendly Activities in Mykonos

Even though it is famous for being a party island, mostly attracting younger people who love enjoying beach clubs and the high-end lifestyle in Greece, Mykonos offers so much more. This place is also a great vacation spot for families since it is so diverse, and everyone can find a corner of the island that fits their preferences.

This place has everything from crowded beaches with great beach bars to more secluded ones with a lot more privacy. So if you are wondering if vacationing on Mykonos in Greece is a good idea when you have children, this article will help you solve that dilemma immediately.

Family on Mykonos

You and your children will undoubtedly love your vacation on the Mykonian coast

#1 There’s a Great Number of Kid-Friendly Beaches You Should Visit With Your Little Ones

Even though the majority of people who never traveled to this unique place associate its beautiful beaches with parties and drinking, there are numerous beaches that are mostly visited by families with children. Some of the best beaches for families with children are:

  • Platys Gialosbest beach on the island for children. The shallow, crystal-clear waters are perfect for kids, and the usually strong winds rarely reach this part of the coast.
  • Agios Ioannis – besides being known for its romantic vibe, this beach is also great for children and teens. It has a part with fine sand where youngsters can enjoy building sand castles and other activities.
  • Kalo Livadi – one of the longest beaches here, it is considered a great spot for families with children who don’t mind being close to a bit of a party atmosphere. It is a vibrant beach with plenty of bars and great restaurants on it.

Take Your Kids on a Little Snorkeling Adventure on the Beach

It is a well-known fact that most children love indulging in water activities, such as diving and snorkeling. There are numerous great family beaches where you can take your children and let them explore the gorgeous underwater. It can be a fun activity for the entire family.

Man with the child on a beach in Mykonos

You and your children will undoubtedly love your vacation on the Mykonian coast

#2 Visit the Main Town (Chora) and Let Your Children Explore the Beautiful Streets

The main town of Mykonos – Chora, is home to some of the island’s biggest attractions. Here you and your family can enjoy some of the most beautiful spots this place has to offer. Your little ones will undoubtedly enjoy wandering around the whitewashed streets and the colorful local shops.

Visit a Popular Museum or Gallery in Chora

For parents who like to make their vacation time a bit more educational for their children, our advice is to visit some of the most interesting museums and galleries. People find the Archeological Museum in Chora to be the most interesting one, and it is quite fun for kids too.

In this museum, your children can learn about the island’s history and incredible Greek mythology, which will surely be super interesting to them. You can also take them to the Maritime Museum or some of the contemporary art galleries.

Have a Tour Around the Little Venice and Famous Mykonos Windmills

Little Venice is considered to be one of the most charming neighborhoods. The colorful houses are a popular attraction and a famous Instagram spot where you can take some of the most beautiful holiday pictures of your loved ones.

After having lunch at some popular seafood restaurants, we recommend you take a walk to the nearby hills where famous windmills are situated. The windmills will undoubtedly make a huge impression on your youngsters, and you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful sunset views.

Kids in Mykonos

Your youngsters will love strolling around the narrow streets of Chora

#3 Introduce Your Children to the Story of Petros and Try to Take a Photo With the Local Pelican

It is a well-known fact that one of the island’s most famous symbols is the pelican bird. The pelican Petros is integral to the island’s culture and has rightfully become a popular mascot. You should tell your kids the interesting story of Petros the pelican. If your children are fans of animals, you can take them to the main harbor to see the local pelicans.

There are plenty of pelicans strolling around the streets of the island’s neighborhoods, and you will find that they don’t mind posing for photos. As a matter of fact, they quite enjoy being so popular among tourists. In the video below, you can see how friendly these pelicans are with the locals and tourists.

#4 One of the Most Exciting Things Is Renting a Yacht and Cruising Around the Gorgeous Greek Islands Nearby

Private yachts can be a great place for family vacations. Most yachts are super children-friendly and have all the facilities and amenities that you could require when you have small children. Renting a yacht can be a great idea, since parents can have a relaxing holiday while children enjoy their own activities, like watching tv or playing games.

The boat staff and personal chef will be there to take care of the food and drinks, and you will be able to indulge in some hedonistic moments. The yacht tour around the nearby Cycladic islands will be an amazing experience that your children will cherish forever.

Family on a yacht

Cruising around the nearby islands will be a perfect activity for children

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