If you’re planning on visiting Mykonos any time soon to enjoy its amazing weather and magnificent views, we suggest you immediately start writing a list of beaches to visit. One of the first ones on your list should be Kalo Livadi Beach Mykonos, and this article will reveal why. Keep reading to find out more about this paradise beach with a real Mykonos party atmosphere.

How to Get to Kalo Livadi Beach Mykonos, Greece?

This famous beach is located between two also well-known beaches, Elia and Kalafatis. It is approximately 10 km from Mykonos Town in the southeast direction. There are a few ways of getting here, and probably the easiest one would be to catch a public bus from the Old Port bus station in Chora.

If you’re not a fan of buses, you can opt for a Mykonos taxi or maybe even a car rental. Keep in mind that the water taxi doesn’t go to this beach. If you choose to drive to Kalo Livadi, it will take you around 25 minutes from the Old Port terminal, but there are always parking spots available by the beach.

Kalo Livadi Beach in Mykonos Greece

It is quite simple to get to Kalo Livadi Beach

What Is Kalo Livadi Beach Like?

Kalo Livadi is a very cosmopolitan beach known for its party atmosphere during the summer season. It attracts all different kinds of sunbathers, from younger people willing to have fun, and families as well, who choose to relax and enjoy the warm days by the sea. There is enough sandy space for everyone.

You can rent a kayak or paddleboat to enjoy the waters in a more adventurous way. The beach is equipped with all the necessary amenities like toilets, showers, and loungers for relaxing on warm summer days.

Is Kalo Livadi Beach Kids-Friendly?

Even though it’s known for partying by the sea, Kalo Livadi Beach is considered to be great for families as well. Kids love playing in the sand, and there are parts where it’s not necessary to rent beach furniture, so you can use your own equipment. One of the characteristics of this beach is the shallow waters, perfect for kids so they can play in the water safely.

Father with his daughter, holding hands on the beach

If you’re here on a family vacation, don’t skip Kalo Livadi

What Activities Are Available on This Beach?

Being such a diverse beach, Kalo Livadi has many activities suitable for different people. There are plenty of fun things to do, and we will share some interesting things you should put on your “what to do in Mykonos” list. From enjoying water activities to visiting the traditional white Cycladic chapel, there is something for everyone.

Rent a Kayak on Kalo Livadi Beach and Enjoy Water Sports

Kalo Livadi is usually the last port of call for the boats that are traveling between the south coast beaches. It has less buzz than its cosmopolitan neighbors, but it’s a great place if you’re a fan of kayaking. There are plenty of lifeguards around, so it’s not a problem for younger kids to enjoy splashing in the shallows.

Spend a Relaxing Afternoon at the Nearby Lohan Beach House on Mykonos

If you’re trying to find a place in Mykonos for partying, definitely go to the Lohan Beach House Mykonos. Here you can soak up the radiant sun and take in the luster of the crystal clear turquoise sea of Kalo Livadi. It’s a great place to enjoy a cocktail or two and try delicious meals.

This Mykonos beach club provides an exquisite range of different spectacular dishes, and you can enjoy your meal while listening to some great music. It also offers a chance to melt your stress away in their wellness sector by enjoying a relaxing massage. This house is the perfect place for people that love splurging on a luxurious vacation. Plus, it’s a great Instagram spot for the best vacation pics.

Where to Stay in Vicinity of Kalo Livadi Beach?

If you’re looking for a place to stay close to this paradise beach in the area surrounding Kalo Livadi, you can find many interesting options because some of the best hotels in Mykonos are located nearby. Most hotels around this beach are very close to the shoreline and have pools, wellness studios, and everything else you could need for a perfect vacation.

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For people who love splurging on their vacations, luxury Mykonos villas are the perfect option. We have plenty of gorgeous villas around Kalo Livadi Beach, and all of the villas we offer have magnificent views, gorgeous pools, and a mesmerizing Mediterranean vibe you will love. The villas have everything you need to enjoy your summer days. You can even hire a private chef on Mykonos to prepare meals for you and your friends or family.

Explore the Island With Our Mykonos Yacht Rental

If you’re up for a more dynamic vacation and you wouldn’t like to stay in one place the entire vacation, Mykonos yacht rental is the best choice for you. With our yachts, you can enjoy the Kalo Livadi Beach but also many other beautiful parts of this stunning island. Besides luxury accommodation, we can offer various types of yachts, making sure everyone on board gets a pleasant experience.

Yacht in the middle of the sea in Mykonos

Yachts are a great choice for people willing to have a dynamic vacation

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