It’s no secret that Greece is one of those destinations that ensure an unforgettable travel experience, full of wonderful beaches and remarkable views. If you’re planning your vacation here, you’re probably wondering – How many days should I spend here? Is 5 days enough for Mykonos? Here’s our ultimate travel itinerary for the trip.

Here’s How to Spend Your 5 Days on This Island in the Best Way Possible

Who wouldn’t want to stay in their Mykonos villa with a private pool for a month or two? But, unfortunately, most of the time, that’s just not possible. If you’ve got a few days to explore one of the most exciting destinations Greece has to offer, the best thing to do is to follow our comprehensive travel itinerary to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Although they have everything you might need for a perfect vacation, you might want to leave one of the private villas in Mykonos to explore everything this island has to offer. Here’s where you should go.

Map with a pin pointing at Greece

Not sure how to plan your journey? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Day 1: Get Settled and Head Straight to the Beach

So, you’ve just got to the island’s airport, and you’re probably feeling a bit jet-lagged. You’ll have enough time to check out the famous attractions, so why don’t you just chill at the beach today? Even if you’re ready to start partying right away, head to your hotel or Mykonos villa rental to pack up your beach bag. Here, beaches are meant not only for lounging around.

Spend Your First Day Exploring Some of the Best Beaches Greece Has to Offer

As we’ve just mentioned, the first thing on your travel itinerary should definitely be checking out the beaches on the island. You can get to most of them by bus or a taxi, or if you want to take a road trip and explore, consider renting a car. Of course, the best way to experience the beauty of this Greek island is to get a yacht rental Mykonos is known for – afterward, you’ll never want to leave this place.

Sea with yacht rental Mykonos

There’s not quite like exploring the sea on a yacht

Day 2: Take a Trip to the Archaeological Site of Delos

You might be tempted to head out to the town center right away on the second day of your itinerary, but it might be a more rewarding experience when you get a proper introduction to the rich history of this place. Besides, a guided tour of Delos will take only a couple of hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to visit a few places or some of the best restaurants.

Your Travel Adventure Won’t Be Complete Without a Visit to This UNESCO World Heritage Site

A guided tour of Delos is a good way to learn as much about Greek mythology as possible, and it will surely come in handy once you visit the Archaeological Museum. The supposed place of birth of the God Apollo and his sister Artemis, the isle of Delos offers you a glimpse of some of the most beautiful classical ruins in Greece:

  • The Terrace of the Lions,
  • The Temple of the Delians dedicated to Apollo,
  • The Minoan Fountain,
  • The House of Dionysus,
  • The Ancient Theatre of Delos.

Finish the Second Day of Your Travel Itinerary With a Sunset on a Secluded Beach

There’s nothing like ending your exciting adventure for today by watching the sun go down in a quiet, hidden place. So, head to one of the less crowded beaches, such as Ftelia Beach or maybe Fokos Beach, and enjoy a peaceful time to prepare for the rest – there are a lot of things to do tomorrow.

View of the sunset on a beach

Wherever you find yourself at the moment, the view of the sunset is amazing

Day 3: Explore Chora for an Authentic Greek Experience

You’ve probably seen a glimpse or two by now, but now it’s time to spend your whole day roaming the narrow streets of Mykonos town, simply known as Chora. Start with some traditional Greek pastry at a local bakery and get your morning coffee – there are a lot of places to visit.

Start With the Windmills and the Panagia Paraportiani Church

There’s a big chance you’ve already noticed them, but they’re even more fascinating up close – we’re talking about the famous windmills. Most of them are from the 16th century, when this place was under Venetian rule. Aside from the most recognizable ones, the so-called “Lower Windmills” or the Kato Myloi, you should also check out Boni’s Windmill because it’s open to the public.

Spend Your Afternoon Shopping and Enjoying the Tastes of Mykonos in Little Venice

On the opposite side of the five windmills, there is a picturesque area with houses built right above the sea, and it’s called Little Venice. It’s one of the most lively parts of town, perfect for a shopping spree or grabbing a bite of authentic Greek food. When the sun goes down, you will be in the perfect place because Little Venice is known for having some of the best bars on the island.

View of Little Venice

You’ll fall in love with the charm of Little Venice

Day 4: Travel to the Old Village of Ano Mera and Explore Some More

There is a beautiful village called Ano Mera, only a 15-minute drive from the main town, and it’s a perfect place to experience Greece in the most authentic way possible. You’ll see more of the island’s windmills, have a chance to try more food, and visit the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, full of amazing frescoes from the 16th century.

You’ve Been Here for Days, but There Are More Beaches to Explore

When you’re done with the village of Ano Mera, you’re already at the heart of the island, so why not explore the other side as well? Head to a beach you haven’t seen yet, or maybe take a sunset cruise around the place or try some watersports. After all, you’re leaving tomorrow – so make the most of it while you’re here. Check out this video to help you weigh out your options:

Day 5: Visit Museums and Other Places You’ve Missed During Your Stay

If you pack on time and prepare to leave one of Mykonos villas for rental, the last hours of your trip should be spent checking out places you might have heard about from a tour guide or a local but haven’t had the chance to visit.

Also, consider visiting museums such as the Archaeological Museum to get the full picture of everything you’ve seen until now, and pick up a few souvenirs while you’re at it. Besides being a great gift for your loved ones, the souvenirs will be a way to remember your adventure forever.

Terrace of the lions

You’ll see some of the excavated sculptures of Delos in the Archaeological Museum

Is 5 Days Enough for Mykonos? Absolutely, and Best of All – You Can Always Come Back Again

A significant part of having a memorable experience is to have the right accommodation, so let the concierge Mykonos services help you with everything. From the best luxury villas Mykonos has to offer to the unforgettable experience of cruising around on a Mykonos yacht rental, you will never want to leave this place. But don’t worry! Leaving only means you can come back again.