Mykonos offers countless fun and interesting activities to its tourists. When you find yourself here, you will never want to leave, as there is so much to see and do. One of the best ideas for spending a day on this island is booking a Mykonos sunset cruise. But where will you find the best tour available? You’re in the right place – we can help you with that.

Although there are many tours around Mykonos that you can enjoy during your stay on this fantastic island, one of the better options is definitely a sunset cruise. You will get to experience this place from a different point of view and see it in different colors – it’s truly an experience to remember. Keep reading to learn where to go and what to see.

Mykonos Sunset Cruise Is the Perfect Way to Soak in the Beauty of The Island of the Winds

There’s no denying that Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The queen of Cycladic islands and a tourists’ favorite for many years now, this place boasts beautiful land and an even more stunning coast, with sea views that will take your breath away. Watching the sunset from the beach is one thing – however, experiencing it while sailing around the coast is a completely different activity.

If you have enough days to get around the island and check out all the tourist attractions, adding a sunset cruise to your travel itinerary for the end of the vacation will be a lovely way to finish this extraordinary trip – which will undoubtedly turn out to be one of the best vacations you’ll ever have.

You Can Have a Fantastic Cruising Experience Even if Your Cruise Is One-Day Max – All You Need Is One Great Sunset

You might think that it takes a few days for a great cruise. That might be the case if you were going for an island-hopping adventure, but for a regular sunset cruise, one day is more than enough. Start the sailing experience in the morning and end it with a fabulous sunset. This will make for an amazing day in Mykonos that everybody on board will love, regardless of their age.

Sunset from the yacht near the coast of Mykonos

View from a yacht will make your dreams come true – it’s an entirely new experience

Views Will Be Magnificent, You Can Be Sure of That

Do we even need to tell you about the views that surround this island? Since you’re planning to catch the sunsets, it’s clear that you’ll be sailing on the west coast. That will allow you to catch the view of Delos and Rhenia. These are two tiny nearby islands that are uninhabited but are perfect for a short trip.

You can stop by Delos, but this place requires at least a whole day for exploring – there are many magnificent ancient ruins to see, so it might be better to leave the small isle of Delos for a separate trip. Rhenia, on the other hand, is perfect for a beach day, and it could be a nice stop for sunset cruises. Spend a few hours here swimming or just relaxing on the sand, and then continue sailing to see more of Greek nature.

Ruins on Delos

Delos is a great stop for all Mykonos-related cruises, and so is Rhenia

There Are Many Cruises You Can Book, But a Private Tour Is Undoubtedly the Best Option

You can contact many different companies that organize Mykonos cruises, but we want to make sure you have the best trip. That’s why we always suggest private tours – they will ensure you have the most pleasant time on a yacht and enjoy hours at sea with your chosen travel companions.

Plus, when we’re talking about private tours, you don’t have to worry about getting to the yacht on time – it will be waiting for you. You also get to choose from where the trip starts, whether it’s an old or a new port in town, or somewhere closer to your accommodation.

Enjoy the Comfort and Privacy of Our Stunning Yachts With Your Guests

The best way to get yourself the yacht experience of a lifetime is to contact The Ace Vip for a luxury yacht rental. We have some of the best models out there, and we will provide you with a perfect yacht for your trip. You and your guests will be able to relax in a private setting – it’s a great way to spend time, whether you want to have a party or just chill and look at the sea.

Yacht near the coast of Mykonos

Our yachts are the most luxurious ones on the coast of Mykonos – come and see

Watch the Day End From a Beautiful Luxury Yacht With Drinks and Delicious Food

What better thing to upgrade your yacht time than great drinks? Bring some refreshing ones on board to help you cool while sitting in the hot Mediterranean sun – you won’t regret it. Of course, you’ll need food since these cruises last a while.

Imagine how lovely it will be to taste extraordinary Greek and Mediterranean cuisine from the comfort of your fancy yacht. To make the experience even more authentic, you can also add some Mykonos traditional food to the mix – why not? These little details are what truly makes the trip amazing.

Book Our Private Chef to Make Sure Your Mykonos Cruise Is Enhanced With Spectacular Food

When you contact us for a yacht rental, you can also book the services of our private chef and get yourself the meal you deserve. We only work with the best professionals, and we guarantee you a satisfactory experience. Our chefs will work with you to curate your desired menu and make every meal an absolute perfection. They have been a part of many tours organized by us, and they’ve proved their talent over and over again.

Champagne glasses on a glass bar on the yacht near Mykonos

Drinks and food should be a part of the trip – spend hours at sea in the luxury

After the Tour Is Over, Head to Your Luxury Villa for a Rest or Partying – The Options Are Endless

You will probably be sad that the yacht time is over, but don’t worry – new adventures await you. That’s the essence of Mykonos. There is always the next fun thing to do, and things get especially great if you get to experience them from one of beautiful private villas in Mykonos. The Ace Vip has many great luxury Mykonos villas near the popular beaches – all you have to do is reach out to us, and we will help you get the Mykonos villa of your dreams. Let’s work together on organizing your fantastic Mykonos vacation – we know you will be happy with the results.