If you’re not the type that likes lounging around the beach all day and wants to try out new things and stay active even while on vacation, have you thought about golfing in Mykonos? It’s the perfect way for you to spend the day – gather your friends and family, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs, breathe in the fresh air, and try to hit a few holes.

If You Want a Little Break from the Sea and the Beach – Resort to Golfing in Mykonos

Mykonos is known for being one of the most visited summer destinations in the entire world, with over half a million people fighting for a chance to travel to this stunning Greek island each year. Besides having some of the best beaches in Greece, the most delicious, authentic Greek cuisine, and the most gorgeous Mykonos villas for rental, this destination is so loved because there are a million fun things to do at any given moment. If you’re looking to blow off some steam and experience wild nightlife, there is no better place to be – you can choose between countless famous nightclubs or amazing beach bars.

However, this party island has a lot more up its sleeve – there are many fun activities you can do with your friends and family during the day – from wine tastings, sightseeing, water sports, and amazing day trips to cooking classes – the possibilities are endless. However, there is one special activity many people love and can’t miss out on even while on summer vacation in paradise – golfing. It’s the perfect way to spend a sunny day breathing in the fresh air, having a few delicious drinks, and organizing a friendly competition with your loved ones.

The Best Gold Club in Mykonos, Greece, Is Located in the Old Town of Chora

The Old Town of Chora is well known for being the most beautiful, romantic, and vibrant part of the island. It’s filled with gorgeous paved streets that hold the most amazing local and designer shops, cafes, the best restaurants, the most beautiful Greek villas Mykonos has to offer, many famous attractions, fascinating museums, and so much more. However, another interesting thing the center of the Old Town of Chora holds is a great private golf club for true golfers to enjoy during their stay on one of the most popular Greek islands.

What makes this club so special is the fact that it’s the only one the island has to offer, and it looks like it came out of a Western movie. So, if you’re looking to score a hole-in-one and spend an amazing day out in nature with your friends and family, running around the course with your favorite driver in hand, definitely have your concierge book the field in the private golf club in the Old Town. It’s located right next to the Old Port, just outside of Little Venice, only a short, 10-minute walk away from the famous windmills and the church of Panagia Paraportiani.

Make a day of it! Besides the golf course, have your concierge book you a table reservation in one of the great restaurants near the club, as you’ll probably be in the mood for a nice lunch break after such a fun game of golf. Narcissus restaurant is an excellent choice just a few minutes away from the course, or you could head straight towards Zuma, have some delicious Greek food and human contact, and dance away into the sunset.

A street in the Old Town
The golf course is located in the Old Town

Have You Ever Tried Beach Golf?

If you happen to stumble upon the Island of the Winds after the end of the season, once the weather gets a little colder, or even right in the middle of winter, you’ll notice that some of the hottest summer activities and spots are long gone. However, there is one extremely fun activity that is reserved for the colder months, and we’re willing to bet you’ve never tried it – beach golf. Even though the name suggests it falls into the category of summer season activities, it’s a winter sport.

The great thing about Mykonos Greece golfing is that it’s not exclusively reserved for a grass field. Beach golf is exactly what it sounds like – you take an iron (putters and drivers are off-limits), you head to the beach, and try to get a hole-in-one. The reason why this sport can’t be played during the summer is that Mykonos takes pride in having the most gorgeous beaches people love, and a bunch of people running around and hitting a ball would disrupt that. So, the beach course opens around November.

One thing worth noting is that beach golf shouldn’t be taken as seriously as the original kind – drinks are encouraged, the dress code is casual, and there aren’t as many strict rules, just try not to get the ball in the water. In case you do, you have 5 minutes to retrieve it, and you owe your teammates and competitors a round of drinks and an additional stroke.

View of Kalo Livadi beach
Become a member of the beach golfers community during the winter months

Book Your Spot on the Island of the Winds and Spend Your Vacation on the Golf Courses

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