If you consider yourself a gourmet and love trying new recipes and learning about various cuisines, Mykonos cooking class should be on your summer bucket list. Mykonos is the perfect holiday destination with the most amazing traditional homemade food that everyone should try. If you are up for a fun holiday this year, and enjoying delicious meals and incredible wines on the most beautiful paradise beaches, then let us introduce you to Mykonos, the Greek island of your dreams.

Mykonos Cooking Class Is an Exciting Way to Learn More About Traditional Greek Food

Even though Mykonos is mainly known for being a party island with gorgeous views, and paradise beaches, it has to offer so much more than that. Greece is known for its incredible traditional food, produced on local farms by residents who follow and nurture generations-old traditions. Local cuisine is one of the biggest Mykonos attractions, which has been charming tourists for many decades.

However, many people wish to learn more about these fantastic dishes besides just tasting them. Luckily, residents on Mykonos are super generous and more than happy to share their knowledge and family heirlooms with tourists from around the world. So if you are interested in learning more about Greek cuisine and have the time, definitely put a cooking class or one of many wine tours on your Mykonos to-do list. Later, when you get back home from Greece, you can surprise everyone with your new skills.

What Can You Learn in a Mykonian Cooking Class?

In these cooking classes, you will discover the secrets of traditional Mykonian cuisine. You will be able to pick up some priceless cooking tips from the best chefs on this incredible island. You will learn how to create traditional meals according to old recipes, which you won’t be able to learn anywhere else.

You will get the chance to taste the most incredible Mykonos food and enjoy beautiful, home-produced wine. All that in the most beautiful, picturesque ambiance you haven’t experienced in your life. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Traditional Greek food

In these classes, you will be able to try out some of the most incredible dishes

Visit Some of the Most Popular Places That Offer Lessons on Cooking at Mykonian Farms

The farms we’re about to introduce you to are some of the most popular ones, but there are plenty of other exciting places where you can get similar experiences. You can decide where to book a class depending on which Mykonos area you are staying in.

Mykonian Spiti & Farms Is a Perfect Place for an All-Day Tour

Mykonian Spiti & Farms is one of the most captivating places on this island and one of the best places where you should eat while in Mykonos. Here you will be introduced to the traditional Mykonos lifestyle and food culture. This place is run by people willing to preserve their culture and ethics in the best way possible and share it with people from all over the world.

Here you will be able to work with authentic Mykonian products, learn some unique methods and techniques, and generally learn about the Greek art of cooking. The knowledge you could earn here is priceless. The class lasts for 6 hours, and you can choose between a day class and an evening one. You will be able to enjoy it all at the gorgeous farm restaurant in Mediterranean style – which is exactly what makes Mykonos worth visiting, unique experiences you’ll cherish forever.

Join Rizes Farmstead’s Tour That Includes Preparing and Tasting Greek Food

If you are staying in Ano Mera, visit Rizes Farmstead. It is set up with an authentic Greek atmosphere. You can go on a private guided tour, learn Mykonian recipes, and try bread making! Worth visiting if you are up for an escape from the ordinary holidays.

A guided tour is included in the cooking workshop, and participants will get the opportunity to collect all the fresh ingredients by themselves and then enjoy preparing a meal in an open-air kitchen. Besides cooking, they offer plenty of other tours and activities, including:

  • Visiting traditional houses,
  • Folklore exhibitions,
  • Cheese workshops,
  • Vineyard tours,
  • Visiting a chapel,
  • Feeding domestic animals.

Cooking Classes Are Kid-Friendly Which Makes Them a Perfect Family Activity

If you are planning a family vacation, a cooking class is definitely a must-do on Mykonos, Greece. It is an experience your kids will love, as they will be able to play around all day with cute animals on farms and enjoy spending some time in nature. There are also workshops on these farms where your kids can learn and develop new skills. It can be an excellent activity for the entire family, and kids will make some great memories they would later share with their friends back home.

Girl holding a bundle of salad leaves

Kids will love playing with fresh ingredients and create some unforgettable memories on their vacation in Greece

How Much Does a Mykonos Cooking Class Cost?

When planning your Mykonos trip costs, you’ll probably wonder how much money to leave for such an experience. The classes start from around €120 per person and then build up depending on what type of activities you are willing to include on your tour. The most expensive VIP options are around €400 per person.

Keep in mind that such workshops usually last several hours or half a day. Luckily for families, most places don’t charge a fee for smaller kids, while the older children can get a discounted price.

Greek food served on a wooden plate

Spice up your holiday with something different this summer and join a cooking workshop

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