Mykonos is one of the most beautiful and exciting islands in the Aegean Sea, and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Lots of people plan on vacationing in this little paradise, and everyone wonders what the best time to go to Greece and visit this unique party island is. This article will give you a few tips to keep in mind when planning the time of your summer holiday.

The Best Time to Go to Greece Depends on What Kind of Vacation You Are Willing to Have

Mykonos is famous for being such a versatile destination, with various options to choose from to personalize your vacation according to your preferences. It is quite a well-known fact that this place is hospitable towards all of its guests, and everyone here always feels welcome.

If you are trying to choose the ideal time to book your summer flight to the JMK airport, we suggest you think about what kind of holiday you are willing to have this summer. Are you up for partying at the hottest clubs or having a relaxed Greek holiday away from the crowds?

Beach club on Mykonos

Depending on the type of trip you wish to have – choose when to book your stay

If You Want to Have the Best Party Vacation in Greece – Visit Mykonos During the Season’s Peak

This place is well known for being the hottest party island in Greece and Europe, and the majority of its visitors come here to spend some memorable moments at the wildest parties. The weather is great, days are always sunny during these months, and the crystal clear waters are warm and ideal for swimming.

During This Time, Entire Mykonos Becomes One Big Party Festival

July and August are known for being the months of the party season when all the most famous performers and festival DJs are on the island. From day parties at the most prominent beach clubs to the most extravagant Mykonos nightclubs and glamorous evening events – summer is the time when the party atmosphere is in full bloom.

However, when planning when to travel, keep in mind that these months are also more expensive, and the prices in the best hotels and resorts go pretty high. Booking everything for your travel months in advance could help you get the most affordable deals.

People partying on Mykonos

During the season’s peek, Mykonos turns into a huge party festival

Families With Kids Usually Choose the Beginning of the Summer Season to Visit This Greek Island

This destination is also quite popular among families that have kids, as it also has a completely kid-friendly side. Families love coming here during the beginning of the season, which is the end of May and the beginning of June. The weather in June is perfect for all sorts of activities, from swimming on the gorgeous beaches to indulging in some water sports.

The weather is not too hot, which is perfect for people vacationing with babies or smaller children. The only slightly problematic thing with the weather could be the fact that Mykonos is windy, but the majority of tourists who travel here still find it quite pleasant.

Avoid the Crowds and Visit the Best Spots on This Greek Island

Parents are usually not fans of too crowded places, and neither are the kids. If you are already planning a family vacation, it’s better to choose the beginning of the season, as it is not too crowded. You and your kids will be able to enjoy your time exploring famous attractions and beautiful streets of Chora, tasting authentic local food, and visiting popular museums and galleries.

There are numerous activities to keep your children entertained on this island, and they will undoubtedly love it. You can consider staying at some great family hotels or, even better, in your own private Mykonos villa with a pool.

Woman with her kid on Mykonos

For people with kids, June is the perfect time to go on a vacation

September Is the Perfect Time to Travel to This Island for a Relaxing Holiday

September weather is still perfect for a summer vacation, and most people who visit Mykonos during this month are interested in having a tranquil and relaxing holiday. Associating September with fall weather and rainfall is a common thought, but on this side of the Greek Mediterranean, September is also a summer month. The days and nights are warm, and the chances of rainfall are minimal.

During September, there aren’t many wild parties. The majority of families with kids don’t travel then because of school, but senior citizens love this month for their summer vacation. The sea temperatures are perfect for swimming and relaxing on the most beautiful beaches.

September Is the Perfect Month for a Yacht Cruise Around the Nearby Islands of Greece

Yacht tours are fun for those who like a more dynamic holiday. Booking a private yacht and hopping around nearby islands, exploring their coast, and relaxing on the deck is a dream vacation of many. September is the perfect time for such an activity and will undoubtedly be the best decision you could make. Some of the islands in Greece you could include on your itinerary list are:

  • Delos,
  • Rhenia,
  • Tragonisi,
  • Santorini,
  • Paros,
  • Naxos.

The Off-Season in Greece Still Has Great Weather and Is More Suitable for Travelers on a Budget

It is quite a known fact that this destination can be quite expensive, as it is famous among high-end travelers. However, that does not mean you should not visit this island if you are not rich & famous. If you are willing to visit Mykonos on a budget, we suggest you book your holiday off-season in April, May, or October.

During those months, you can find more affordable flight tickets to Mykonos, and the accommodation in some of the best hotels and private villas in Mykonos is also much more affordable. The prices in the best Greek restaurants and popular local bars are usually the same throughout the year, but you can find some spots with affordable prices. It is completely doable to spend a nice vacation here on a budget.

Women relaxing on the beach

Off-season months can be ideal for a trip on a budget

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