From listening to podcasts to learning some basic Greek, there are different activities that would cure your boredom on a long flight. If you don’t want to simply play games on your phone, read a book or watch movies, follow our tips on what to do on a long plane ride and prepare to have a fantastic time in Mykonos. There is no need to wait until you get to your Mykonos villa to start planning what you’d like to do.

Long-Haul Flights Are Perfect for Reading Guidebooks About Mykonos

Do you know anything about the destination you will travel to apart from what your Mykonos villa rental looks like? If the answer is no, then you have to do something about this. This is one of the gorgeous Cycladic islands that offers an exciting nightlife scene and sandy beaches. With its magnificent Mykonos windmills, cute narrow streets with whitewashed houses, and exquisite Greek restaurants, it is a true hedonic paradise.

The best way to prepare for your vacation is by reading different guidebooks online about where everything is located. Find out more about how to get around on the island, read about interesting sights and things such as Little Venice as well as Mykonos town, available accommodation such as private villas in Mykonos, transportation options, the finest bars and restaurants, and much more.

Aerial view of Chora

It’s best to already know where everything is located before you arrive on the island

Read Guidebooks and Travel Guide Articles to Prepare to Have One of the Best Holidays Ever

What’s the point of reading a guidebook or articles about Mykonos if you don’t remember where all the Instagrammable sports are? Type in your phone or write down a list on a piece of paper of all the Mykonian attractions you’d like to visit. You can even make a plan for what you’ll do each day of your vacation.

If you are indecisive, we can help you with our list of attractions and sights. Here are our top picks of the places you shouldn’t miss out on when you travel to Mykonos:

If you’d like to get an authentic feel of what these places might look like, it would be ideal to check out YouTube videos that showcase the beauty of the island. We recommend watching the video below since it contains the most important spots.

Watch Videos About the Greek Language on Your Phone and Learn Basic Phrases

Even though the English language can be heard everywhere on the island, you might still run into locals that won’t be able to converse with you easily. So if you want to make sure that you are understood by the Greeks or if you simply want to be more familiar with the Greek language, you should watch videos and learn simple phrases while on your long-haul flight.

Longer flights don’t have to be a waste of time, there are numerous videos for beginners that feature the most common phrases that will help you prepare for your stay. You’ll be surprised how much a kind word in Greek can benefit you. You might even get discounts and meet interesting people.

Don’t Play Games, Install Language Learning Apps Instead

While flying, you’ll see that some people prefer reading a book while others play video games. Some type of entertainment is always needed. But you should use that time wisely. After learning Greek from YouTube videos, you can switch to language-learning apps that would help you activate the language. They are designed like a game, so you will get to write, listen, and repeat new phrases in a foreign language. The best apps you can use are Duolingo, DuoCards, Learn Greek – Speak Greek, and Xeropan: Learn languages.

Person on a plane reading

Among the best tips for a long flight is to familiarize yourself with the Greek language

Find Out Interesting Things and Facts About Mykonos by Listening to Podcasts

Podcasts are the solution for all restless passengers on a long-haul flight who want to relax and enjoy the view of the clouds but also be productive at the same time. An ideal way to kill two birds with one stone is by listening to podcasts. For example, Mykonos vs. Santorini episode by Greece Travel Secrets Podcast on Spotify is a good idea if you’re interested in visiting Santorini from Mykonos. Additionally, you will learn more about the nearby islands so you can plan where to sail with your Mykonos yacht rental.

Instead of Podcasts, You Can Listen to Relaxing Greek Music

If you don’t want anyone talking in your ear during the travel, we recommend searching for soothing Greek music that will help you relax and enjoy the trip. Sit back, relax and picture yourself sunbathing on a yacht rental on Mykonos while a private chef is serving you traditional Greek dishes.

Headphones on a yellow background

Podcasts and Greek music are a good introduction to a summer vacation

Spark up a Conversation With Another Passenger if You Don’t Know What to Want to Do on a Long Plane Ride

It might seem strange to spark up a conversation out of the blue with a random passenger during flights. However, there might be other people that don’t know what to do on a 12-hour flight. After a couple of hours, you can ask someone if they are traveling to the same destination and whether it’s their first time vacationing on the island.

If you run into people who regularly travel to Mykonos, you can get tips and tricks on what to do once you arrive and things to avoid. They might even give you recommendations for the best Mykonos luxury villas with a private pool, secluded beaches, and the finest international restaurants.

 People sitting on a plane

A good way to spend time on boring flights is by talking with other passengers

Now When You Know What to Do on a Long Plane Ride, Make Sure You Book One of the Luxury Villas on Mykonos on Time

With our tips, you will know how to stay comfortable and what things to do on a long-haul flight to Mykonos. Don’t forget that The Ace VIP team can provide you with more than just entertainment tips and tricks for surviving long flights. We can make sure that you spend the most amazing time on the island in one of our Mykonos villas for rental. Apart from this, we can provide you with Mykonos concierge services, private jets, yachts, as well as private chauffeurs. Reach out to our team on time and spend an unforgettable summer on the most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea.