If you’re not the type of person that likes to have boring holidays, then you will love the concept of a picnic at the beach in Mykonos, Greece. It’s one of the best things to do on a gorgeous sunny day, and it will leave you with wonderful memories to look back on. So, here are some picnic at the beach ideas for Mykonos you will enjoy.

When Creating Your Travel Itinerary, Make Sure to Include a Picnic at the Beach in Mykonos, Greece

A perfect summer vacation in one of Mykonos villas for rental has to have three things – lots of rest, lots of fun, and even more good food. It’s the trifecta of any fantastic holiday. Of course, some gorgeous scenery wouldn’t hurt. Luckily, The Island of the Winds is known for being one of the prettiest Greek islands.

So, why not pack up some delicious snacks and drinks and head to one of the beautiful beaches this place has to offer? You can spend hours talking, laughing, and simply enjoying life with your closest ones.

Mykonos, Greece Is Not Just a Party Island, There Are Lots of Things to Do – You Just Have to Plan Your Trip Accordingly

There is a common misconception that Mykonos is just a party island with nothing else to offer than some beach clubs like Scorpios. While The Island of the Winds does have legendary nightlife and some of the craziest parties in the world, there’s a lot more it has to offer.

The best thing about this summer destination is how versatile it is – anyone can visit Mykonos and have an amazing time. So if you’re not exactly a party animal and you’re looking for some relaxing time, chilling by the pool in luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, private parties, and beach trips with your entourage, or you are in for a treat.

View of Mykonos

Mykonos is very versatile and a perfect vacation spot for anyone

Picture Your Perfect Picnic Set Up at the Beach in Mykonos and Start Planning

This place is filled with countless fun activities, but a picnic on the sand while overlooking the view of the sunset is something everyone should experience. Not only is it a wonderful summer activity, but it’s also free.

The first step is to plan everything out. Of course, you can just grab a blanket or a towel and a sandwich and head down to the beach, but if you want to make the experience a bit more special, you need to put some thought into it.

A picnic at the beach

Put some effort into it and make the experience extra special

Selecting the Right Beach Is Crucial for a Successful Picnic

Before you start packing your basket, you need to find some beaches suitable for picnics. What you need is a beautiful, quiet, and secluded spot, and luckily for you, Mykonos is filled with them.

However, you can’t just walk up to the beach closest to your luxury Mykonos villa rental because there is a big possibility that you will stumble across a party or a big crowd. So, do a bit of research on secluded beaches that are quiet, and offer a bit of privacy.

Some of the most beautiful secret beaches may be a bit far away or hard to reach, so it might be best to rent a car. You can always ask your concierge in Mykonos for some recommendations and guidance, but here are our top picks when it comes to gorgeous, secluded beaches that would be perfect for a getaway:

  • Mirsini,
  • Fokos,
  • Agios Sostis,
  • Kapari,
  • Tigani.

Delicious Food and Great Drinks Are Mandatory

There is one very important thing that can either make or break your picnic experience – refreshments. There are two options when it comes to preparing the food for the beach, you can make a simple spread of finger food and small appetizers, or you can go all out and plan out a full fine-dining experience.

Since you’re on a Greek island, local cuisine is only appropriate. You can make the food yourself, or you can get takeout from some of the best restaurants. And of course, don’t forget about the drinks. Sparkling wine is always a great choice, and it wouldn’t be a picnic in Greece if you didn’t bring a bottle of ouzo. Bring whatever you like, just make sure the glasses are never empty.

People drinking champagne on a beach

Sparkling wine is an excellent beverage choice

Make Sure to Bring All the Picnic Essentials

Besides food and drinks, there are a few more things you need for a successful gathering. For starters, you need a picnic basket and blanket. Of course, your everyday beach bag and towel will do just fine in a pinch.

Once you pack the refreshments, you can move on to other beach essentials. If you’re going in the middle of the day, make sure to bring some SPF. Otherwise, you will have some sunburns you’ll need to treat the day after.

Include Some Entertainment as Well

As if laying in the golden sand, eating, and listening to the sound of the waves wasn’t perfect enough, you can think about adding an extra touch and bringing some entertainment with you as well. Bring a speaker and play your favorite songs, and make sure to include some Greek music in the playlist.

Cards and board games are always welcome, and they guarantee a fun time and lots of laughter, especially if you’re going with a big group of friends. If you want to be more active, think of some beach games you can all play together.

Two cards in the sand

Cards are a great source of entertainment

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The Island of the Winds truly is a dreamy place and one of the best destinations in the world for your summer holiday. It’s also extremely popular, with over half a million tourists visiting each year, so if you want to spend your summer in paradise – contact us at The Ace VIP and make all the travel arrangements in time.

Rent one of our gorgeous Mykonos luxury villas and have a Mykonos concierge ready to turn all your wishes into reality. If you’re looking for a more luxurious way to spend your day other than a picnic, treat yourself to a day on a Mykonos yacht rental and experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea.