Suppose you have already planned your summer vacation, booked flights, found your ideal Mykonos villa, and planned out the trip itinerary. Now, all there’s left to do is pack for your holiday. If you are wondering what beach essentials you should pack for your holiday in Greece, this article will be of great help to you. Follow our tips, and you will be perfectly prepared to hit the most popular beaches on the island.

We Have Plenty of Tips for Preparing Your Beach Essentials for Vacation in Mykonos

Whenever you are planning your summer vacation, you need to carefully think about which beach bag essentials you must prepare. While vacationing on Mykonos, you will surely spend most of your time on the seashore, so your summertime essentials need to be perfectly prepared.

Since you surely don’t want anything missing while you are enjoying your holiday time. Carefully read through this article, prepare a list and ensure that you have properly packed these top few vacation necessities everyone needs when traveling to this popular Greek island.

Clothes in a beach bag

Packing properly is the key to a great summer vacation

#1 Looking Fabulous on Mykonos Is a Must, so Remember To Pack Some Trendy Beach Outfits and Sunglasses

Mykonos is famous for being the elite party island where numerous celebrities and other A-listers travel during the hottest months. During the season, Mykonos becomes a fashion metropolis, and on every corner, you can spot numerous stylish people dressed in incredible outfits.

If you wish to indulge in this dress-up activity and look fabulous every day of your holiday, ensure you pack up some unique beachwear pieces. When planning Mykonos outfits, choose something that will make you feel good but also stand out even in the most crowded beach bars. Carefully pack up some cute summer pieces like:

  • Swimwear,
  • Bikinis,
  • Dresses,
  • Kaftans,
  • Shorts,
  • Tunic tops,
  • Scarves,
  • Hats.

Choose clothes that are comfortable for warmer days but also unique and stylish. Since Mykonos has some incredible shops and designer boutiques, you will undoubtedly also buy some cool outfits while vacationing.

Don’t Forget a Cute Beach Bag and Some Cool Sunglasses

Since you are going to have to pack some necessities for the shore, you should get a bigger bag for carrying during the day. When purchasing a perfect summer vacation bag, ensure that it is bigger, has several compartments, is comfortable for carrying, and looks cute with summery outfits. Also, don’t forget to pack up some cute sunglasses that will elevate every single look. Plus, they will keep your eyes relaxed from the bright sun.

Bring the Right Shoes for the Beach and Walking Around Town

When it comes to packing for Mykonos – shoes can be the trickiest part. You want to make sure your shoes or sandals are comfortable for walking around the pebble-stone streets and sandy beaches. In local shops on Mykonos, you can find some authentic Greek shoes that are perfect for these kinds of activities and also look super cute.

Woman in a beach outfit

When on Mykonos, you have to have fabulous-looking beach outfits

#2 Sunscreen Is a Must if You Want To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Yes, we all love sunbathing and enjoying tanning on the seashore, but the sun isn’t always such a kind friend to our skin. If you want to keep your skiing healthy and glowy, sunscreens and SPF are crucial. Don’t even think about going outside in the Mediterranean sun without protecting your skin with some SPF. Plus, if you get some sunburns, it could potentially ruin your entire summer vacation, so be smart with this one.

Woman sunbathing on the beach

There is nothing trendier than keeping your skin healthy and protected

#3 Bring Your Own Towel When Hitting the Popular Beaches

Mykonos beaches are pretty well equipped, especially those around some of the best hotels. However, bringing your own towel is a smart idea that you should keep in mind. It is more hygienic, and you can carry more than one, just in case. Towels are super useful when you are on the seashore and are definitely one of the necessities you must not forget about.

Kindle, a hat, and sunglasses on towels

Bringing a few extra towels never hurt anyone

#4 Bring a Separate Case for Your Electronics to Keep Them Safe

Carrying electronics everywhere you go, including the seaside, has become a normal thing for many people nowadays. Whether you need your phone or tablet for work, entertainment, or perhaps to take some pics at the popular Instagram spotskeeping them safe is crucial.

Since you don’t want your electronics to get wet or messed up from the sand, you should have a separate bag for them to keep them protected. Numerous shops sell these little waterproof bags that are perfect for keeping your phone in the best condition.

Portable Charger Is Going to Be a Lifesaver on the Beach

Posting too many stories on Instagram and taking photos can easily drain your battery. One of the worst-case scenarios on your vacation is your phone dying and you not having a charger nearby. This is exactly why portable chargers should be one of your vacation essentials, just to make sure that your phone is ready to take cool pics and post on social media at any moment.

Phone and a tablet

Your electronics should be safe and protected in a waterproof case

#5 Staying Hydrated Is a Must – So Always Bring Your Water Bottle With You

Water should always be essential in your bag, especially when you are going to the beach. Since you are probably going to spend each day outside of your accommodation, exploring famous attractions and enjoying fun activities on the beach, you must have water by your side. Summer days in Mykonos are not extremely hot, but you still have to keep yourself hydrated more than usual.

Keep the Water Cool by Bringing Your Own Thermos

There’s nothing better than refreshing, cooler water on a hot summer day. However, when carrying your water bottle with you, there are big chances that it’s going to get really warm. This is why it’s super useful to carry your personal thermos – it is going to keep the liquids at a lower temperature, allowing you to stay refreshed the entire time.

Woman drinking water on the beach

Bring your own water bottle wherever you go

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