The Island of the Winds has become one of the most popular destinations because it is such a beautiful and picturesque summer spot. If you plan to travel to this island, keep in mind that you should smartly pack your Mykonos outfits so that you can indulge in the environment and adapt to the Greek atmosphere. This place is the epitome of fashion and style, after all. We have some tips and tricks for styling looks for your fabulous summer getaway.

Your Mykonos Outfits Should Fit the Mediterranean Vibe

When packing for a vacation on Mykonos, don’t overpack, but smartly pick out a few versatile fashion pieces that will make you feel comfy and allow you to enjoy your holiday. Think about what people living on the Mediterranean coast usually wear daily during warmer months. Pick natural materials, cotton, and linen pieces, which will feel nice on your skin even during high temperatures.

The wardrobe palette should harmoniously fit the white and blue houses and the beauty of the ambiance that Mykonos is famous for. You can go for more earthy tones and add more colorful details to make the fashion look more vibrant. Forget about the high heels, and bring some comfortable slippers and sandals to make walking over the cobblestone streets more manageable and safer.

Woman watching a sunset

Go for some comfortable summery looks that will allow you to enjoy your vacation

The Beachwear Should Be Simple and Elegant

When it comes to taking a walk to the beach from your Mykonos villa, picking an outfit is pretty simple. All you need is a cute bikini, summer hat, and some cover-ups, in case you want to visit some of the best restaurants. Most people visiting beach clubs enjoy the party in a bikini and other swimsuits, but it’s always wise to wear a tunic or a beach scarf over it. Don’t forget some cute sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun and make you look fabulous.

Woman lying on the beach

Bring more than one bikini because you’ll need it

For Exploring the Town – Style a Simple Dress With Some Cute Accessories

You must see plenty of attractions on the island, so exploring the town should be on your travel itinerary. Because it gets super hot in Greece during the day, you want to style your outfit as simply as possible. Wear a lovely dress, and build the whole look around it. Choose a white or some summery color dress, and style it with some cute accessories.

Keep in Mind That the Items You Wear Should Be Appropriate and Convenient

The outfit shouldn’t be too flashy, so choose something that’s going to represent the careless island lifestyle. Add a pair of earrings or a simple golden necklace, cute sunglasses, and a crochet bag. Your style should be elegant and comfortable for discovering the streets of Chora and visiting popular spots.

Don’t forget to wear a hat to protect yourself from the harsh sun. If you’re planning on visiting some churches on the island which are a crucial part of Mykonos history, wear a maxi dress and a cover-up. It’s important to respect the Greek tradition while keeping yourself comfortable.

Woman looking at the view of Mykonos town

Dresses, hats, and comfortable sandals should be your go-to combination for every occasion

Your Mykonos Party Outfits Should Be Fun and Quirky

Fashion for island parties might be completely different from the party dress codes you are generally used to. You should plan your outfit according to the place you’re going to. For some evening events and enjoying time with your friends at some of the best bars on the island, you can wear a simple, elegant outfit and nothing too extravagant.

This island is all about enjoying the good music and being carefree, so wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Because it’s super hot, there’s no point in overdoing your hair and makeup, but you can style your outfit quirkier and more glitzy. Sparkles, feathers, and sequins are all allowed, and our advice is to go for shorter dresses. Everything mini is always the best idea for a night out in the town and partying in Mykonos clubs.

Girl at a party on Mykonos

Your party outfit should be glitzy and fun

Follow Some Cool Pinterest Boards to Get Inspiration for Your Looks

It’s always a good idea to get inspiration from social media before you start planning your packing list for the trip. Most of the fashion and beauty influencers that travel to this famous island are on this app, and you can take a look at what they have been wearing to some of the best beach bars, private parties in Mykonos villas, and other popular places. Looking through these posts, you might get a closer idea of what your outfits should look like.

Find Out What Are the Biggest Summer Trends This Year

If you wish to be super stylish this summer, check out what are some of the biggest trends this year in Europe. Many trendsetters stay here, so pay close attention to their clothes to get inspired and arrive in style. Look at what influencers and celebrities are wearing on popular Instagram spots, and figure out what to bring on your holiday to look cool and fashionable.

People enjoying drinks on a yacht

Influencers on Instagram can always be a good source of inspiration for fashion outfits

What Should Guys Know About Dressing on a Summer Vacation – We Have a Few Recommendations for You

For guys who love staying super fashionable during their holiday in Greece, we have some advice as well. Generally, you should keep in mind some of the rules that we have already mentioned above. Try to make your fashion outfits as comfortable as you can, and wear looks appropriate to the Greek vibe. Here are some general guidelines you can follow when planning what to wear.

  • Choose trousers over denim jeans,
  • Pick out some linen and cotton shirts for every day,
  • Flip-flops and sandals will be more convenient than sneakers,
  • Leave expensive watches and jewelry at home when going to the beach,
  • Bring a hat to keep you protected from the sun,
  • A swimsuit and a shirt are the perfect combo for visiting beach clubs.

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