Mykonos is well known for its amazing traditional food, and when eating at local restaurants, you will most likely be offered some of the most delicious and authentic Greek appetisers to open up your appetite and prepare for some truly delicious dishes. So what are the small appetisers eaten in Mykonos, Greece, that you must not miss out on while on your vacation? Here’s the full guide.

Mostra Is One of the Most Popular Small Appetisers Eaten in Mykonos, Greece

One of the most traditional and tastiest small appetisers eaten in Greece is Mostra. Mostra is a typical island food and is served in almost every traditional restaurant and local tavernas that this island is famous for.

This dish consists of double-baked bread locally called rusk, kopanisti cheese, organic tomatoes, olive oil, olives, and some typical Mediterranean seasoning, such as oregano. This starter has a refreshing taste and is just the perfect snack to order off the menu on hot summer days.

Greek salad served in a restaurant

Mostra is quite similar to the traditional salad

Mydia Is a Traditional Appetiser You Must Try While on Your Greek Vacation

Mydia is a famous starter, usually served in seafood restaurants and local fish tavernas (also known as psarotaverna) that you most definitely need to visit. This appetiser consists of fresh mussels, which are prepared by being steamed in red wine along with some traditional herbs and seasoning. This red sauce is prepared along the entire Mediterranean coast, but the one in Greece is crème de la crème.

You Should Try This Delicacy at Some of the Best Restaurants in Mykonos Town

Mydia is best when prepared by true professionals who have been practicing cooking the finest seafood dishes for many years. If you’re interested in trying this unique delicacy, you should do it in some of the best restaurants in Chora.

Locals will gladly guide you to some of the greatest spots. There you will be served Mydia with some authentic white wine, creating a true rhapsody of tastes. Here are some of the finest  seafood restaurants in Chora:

  • Roca Restaurant,
  • Captain’s
  • Niko’s Taverna,
  • Vegera,
  • Kastro’s.

When in Greece, You Must Eat Taramasalata

Most people who come to Greece are eager to try the most famous Tzatziki salad. However, Taramasalata is less known worldwide but pretty popular in Greece. It is definitely something you should eat on the island since locals are known for preparing the finest Taramasalata.

This specialty is prepared with mashed potatoes or bread combined with lemon juice, fish roe, and olive oil. It is traditionally served as an appetiser or a meze dish. It is often accompanied by olives, cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes when served. It has a deliciously refreshing taste which you will adore!

Various Greek foods

Taramasalata goes well with almost every traditional Greek food

Tuna Tartar Is One Food You Must Not Miss Out On

Raw seafood dishes are quite typical on the island and can be found almost on every restaurant menu. Especially since this island’s cuisine loves having modern takes on some traditional dishes. Tuna tartar is made with chopped sushi-grade tuna mixed with traditional Mediterranean tastes – tomatoes, onions, olives, herbs, and some mustard to create a creamy texture.

It is often served with cucumber and avocado and is a perfect meal to start off your lunch with. Different chefs have different takes on the recipe. However, the Greek style is always the finest choice, and most people find it the tastiest.

Try One of the Best Tuna Tartare in Elia Beach Resort

Elia Beach resort is one of the best hotels on the island and has one of the most popular beach clubs on the gorgeous Elia Beach. Their main beach bar has a fine selection of different food and prepares one of the finest tuna tartare on the entire island.

Their tuna tartare is created in a specific way, combined with mango and wasabi mayonnaise. Trying this fine meal with a view of one of the most beautiful beaches will be a truly unforgettable experience.

The Gorgeous Bakaliaro Is a True Greek Masterpiece

Bakaliaro is a cod fish fried in beer batter. This dish has a unique taste to it and is usually served as a meze dish. In most restaurants, you will be served Bakaliaros accompanied by thick sauce with gar.

This dish has been a great part of Greek tradition and the island’s history, as this dish is usually served on important dates and national holidays. If you decide to visit some local tavernas around the island, don’t forget to try this unique starter.

Fresh fish on ice

Greek restaurants always have the finest seafood dishes

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