Summertime is all about having fun, no matter where you are. If you are wondering what kind of interesting beach games you and your friends and family can play during your summer vacation in Greece – we have some cool suggestions for you. Keep reading to find out what are the most fun beach games to play on the beach with your loved ones.

Mykonos Has the Best Beaches for All Sorts of Beach Games

If you were wondering whether Mykonos is the right island for such activities, the answer is an absolute yes! Mykonos has some of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand and great space for various activities.

You can choose to go to some of the popular beaches with the best beach clubs and bars, or perhaps some more secluded ones with fewer people and more room for fun group activities. This island has beaches for everyone’s taste, especially for those who would like to try out some of the best beach games.

Elia Beach on Mykonos

Elia is one of the largest beaches, so there you’ll surely find a good spot for some sporty activities

Show Your Little Ones a Fun Game to Play on the Seaside

If you are on a family vacation with kids, then you must be prepared to provide them with entertainment at all times, in or out of your Mykonos villa with a private pool. The best thing to do is to show your kids some interesting activities they can do and trigger their imagination so they can enjoy the vacation on Mykonos to the fullest.

The most important thing about these activities is that they should be completely safe and not require much equipment. Your beach bag will probably already be full of all the family beach essentials, so the last thing you need is more toys to carry around.

Interesting Games Kids Like to Play in the Beach Sand

There are countless exciting activities that can help you and your little ones have fun together as a family next to the water and grow skills and appreciation for the natural environment. If you are already outside of your Mykonos villa rental, get the most out of your surroundings. Some of the fun activities you might want to try are:

  • Seaside frisbee golf – create a terrain by setting up multiple targets using sticks or rocks. Give your kids a frisbee and tell them to throw it as close to the target as possible.
  • Seaside ball race – inflatable balls are often hard for playing toss and catch, but you can use them differently. For example, each kid should sit on top of the ball and try to race each other to the finish line you set up for them.
  • Draw and guess – this well-known game can be played by simply drawing in the sand with your finger or stick. Or perhaps, creating shapes by using little rocks. It will boost your kids’ creativity.
  • Seaside bowling – is a joyful game that you can simply set up if you have some spare plastic bottles. Put the bottles in formation and let the kids toss bowls and compete who can get a strike.

There Are Numerous Beach Games for Adults

If you are on a party vacation with your friends and wish to play something during your stay – you should read about these activities. Besides getting your daily dose of entertainment in the best clubs and partying in luxury Mykonos villas for rental, you can also have great fun at the seaside. Although you are probably familiar with most ball and card activities, you might want to spice them up a little bit just to have more amusement.

Build Teams and Upgrade Those Typical Ball Sports

If you think that playing spikeball, paddleball, or volleyball in the sand is a bit old-fashioned and boring – you should think about upgrading them a bit. Activities like these on the sand can be pretty entertaining since they are a great way to meet new people in case you miss a few members. You can also come up with awards for winners or combine ball activities with drinking, but if you do so, stay away from the water.

Have you ever tried the game called footvolley? It is a new sport that combines football and volleyball and it is played without hands. It might sound silly, but it can be quite amusing to try it, you just need a ball, a volleyball net or a small table. Footvolley can be played at the beach or in one of the Mykonos luxury villas you’re renting, all you need is a few friends, a ball, a table, and a good mood.

Friends playing a game at the beach, close to the water

You can enjoy lots of different activities on the beach with your friends

There Are Many Different Toss and Catch the Ball Games for Two Players

If you are on a honeymoon vacation or perhaps a romantic getaway with your loved one – try some of these activities, which are perfect for two players. Besides the basic ball game, such as tossing and catching, you might wish to try out some more challenging activities in the water or sand, such as:

  • Jazzminton,
  • Bat and ball,
  • Squap (pop and catch game).

These can all be some very exciting games to entertain you and your partner, and they can also be a great way to work out that will help you stay active on your holiday. We are sure you will like it!

Couple on the beach

You and your partner should try out some of these interesting games

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