Mykonos is well known for being a top summer destination and attracting tourists worldwide each year. Even though people usually come here during the peak of the summer season, a getaway to Mykonos in autumn can also be pretty mesmerizing and memorable. If you are looking for some reasons to visit this island during the fall season, we’ve got some really good ones to share with you today.

Even Though Its a Famous Summer Destination, There Are Numerous Reasons Why You Should Visit Mykonos in Autumn

Once the season starts in Mykonos, thousands of tourists book flights to the JMK airport in order to have the best vacation of their life. Usually, people who vacation in Mykonos during the summer months are there for wild parties and fun evening events.

However, others believe this destination is much more enjoyable at the end of the season and during the fall months. There’s not a single reason why we should believe otherwise. When you’re going to plan your holiday depends only on your needs and preferences.

Who Usually Visits Mykonos, Greece, During the Fall?

While the peak of the season in The Island of the Winds is usually reserved for the ones who love partying and being spotted in the best beach clubs, fall is more popular among individuals who like a more laid-back holiday.

During the fall, this destination is visited by tourists who like more quiet holidays and wish to avoid hectic months. If you’re planning a relaxing holiday with family and friends or perhaps a vacation for seniors, this is the perfect time for it.

Woman relaxing in a pool

During fall months, this destination is mostly visited by tourists who wish to relax

#1 The Weather During the Fall Months Is Still Perfect for a Vacation

You may first think that holidays in July or August are perfect because the weather is warmer and sunnier. However, when it comes to weather in Greece, the difference between the summer and the beginning of fall is not so drastic.

There is nothing to fear with autumn weather on the Aegean islands since the average high temperature in September is around 25°C, while the low averages go to approximately 18°C. Those fall temperatures are still perfect for relaxing on beautiful beaches and swimming in crystal clear waters. Plus, you will avoid the intense heat.

The Chances of Rain on the Island Shouldn’t Scare You Either

People often associate fall weather with heavy rains and cloudy skies, but here in the Mediterranean, it is not like that. There are only 4% chances of rain during September, and the weather in October is quite similar, which means that you probably won’t experience a rainy day, and you will be able to enjoy the beach every day.

Mykonos town

Weather in Mykonos is perfect during fall months

#2 You Will Still Be Able to Do All the Summer Activities During Your Stay

Whichever island activities you have planned out to do during your summer holiday, you can also do them during fall. All the island’s attractions, beaches, famous museums and galleries, all the best restaurants, and various shops in town are still open and working during the fall months.

You can even go on a day trip to Delos. No matter what activities you wish to indulge in, whether it is a yachting tour or perhaps trying out some water activities on the beach, it will all be available to you as if it was the peak of the season.

Have a Trip to Some Local Vineyards to Experience the Season of Grape Harvest

If you are already visiting this destination during the fall, you might consider experiencing what the locals do during these months. The local organic farms and wineries run by Greek families are busy harvesting, and some of them offer tours and events you might be interested in. Some of the most popular organic farms and vineyards on the island are:

  • Mykonian Spiti & Farms,
  • RIZES Folklore Farmstead,
  • Vioma Organic Farm and Vineyard.

You can tour those local estates to try out some delicious wines and traditional local food or perhaps apply for a cooking class. Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and perhaps barefoot grape stomping in the traditional Mykonian way.

Wine and grapes

Fall is the perfect time to visit some Greek vineyards

#3 You Can Get the Best Prices for Accommodation in a Hotel or a Private Mykonos Villa

This place during fall is not only fun but also more affordable. If you are planning to spend your vacation on a budget, you might want to consider choosing the time of the year which is cheaper.

During these months, prices for accommodation in some of the best hotels and even private villas in Mykonos are usually lower than during the peak of the summer. Do your research and figure out when you can book better deals to save some money.

You Can Also Get Some of the Best Flight Offers to JMK

Besides accommodation prices going down, flight tickets are also more affordable during the fall months. You can purchase some very cheap airline tickets to travel to JMK airport in Greece during September and October, especially if you choose to fly with certain low-cost airlines.

Since these months are less crowded, there are also fewer chances that you’ll experience flight delays or lose luggage. Vacationing during the fall can be cheaper and also more sound.

Man and woman at the airport

You will have a much more sound trip during fall

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